Saturday, August 23, 2014


Tibetan Nuns during a ceremony...

Paying Attention with one of the nuns
When one seeks wisdom and tries to see things more clearly with more compassion for themselves and others, only then will we stand a much better chance of ultimately improving the whole wide world!
As always it starts with you.
Don't wait for your friends, your family, or your neighbors to practice more kindness, more awareness, spread more love and become more peaceful.
Have faith, and some comfort knowing that the universe supports you in your endeavors to make yourself AND it better...
A wise person will not necessarily transcend the problem...they will resolve and dissolve it. But you must face it first. And, generally speaking it's usually not as bad as you think.
Here at Ageless with Aunty we suggest you *Pay Attention* to how you are ACTUALLY living. Is someone or something trying to teach you something?
Stubbornness and Ego must be left at the door for us to truly create a happier world. Opening your heart right now is a good place to start.
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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Arriving in the nick of time...
I couldn’t be late! I had two tickets to the Jazz Festival in Newport Rhode Island to see my friend the Amazing Grace Kelly perform. Everything was all set. My pal Lorri and I left Boston at nine-thirty in the morning. We filled the car up with snacks, sunscreen, beach chairs, and two tall iced green teas (Thai Flower to be exact). Everything was perfect. We hit Newport in plenty of time and even commented on how easily it was all flowing.
We decided to park at the site of the festival rather than take the usual boat ride over to the event since we had a little extra to carry. We got right into the parking lot without too much trouble. WE were chatting and I was texting (she drove) and not paying all that much attention to our parking spot. Once we got out of the car we had half an hour till show time. Then we looked up in the distance and saw a long line of people. Then we looked further out and saw an old school bus. The line was longer than one bright orange bus would fill and surely there would be a long wait for the next bus. I heard someone say we were over a mile away from the actual front gate. It seemed like a logistical nightmare. And one I had yet to encounter in all my years attending this marvelous event.
with Grace Kelly in Boston
All I could think was I just can’t miss Grace Kelly perform. Lorri agreed and started to panic. We realized that this lot we had been directed to was way the heck out of the way and we would surely be late! But then my friend started to smile and looked at me and said, “I know you will get us in there somehow.” I agreed. She added, “You always figure something out.” She had a point. Besides, this was a jazz fest we had to be cool.
I told Lorri to “wait here a moment,” and I started to walk around the bend. Just then I noticed a man with a rickshaw, well, it was actually a Pedi cab. I immediately started to envision him biking us over to the event from the little cab hitched onto the back of his green bicycle! I raced over and asked...
“Can you please get us to the Festival immediately? I have to see my friend perform. I have a friend in the show!”
“Jump in” was all the tall, thin, athletic guy said. I ran back to Lorri, with the guy peddling beside me, grabbed our things and packed ourselves in. As she was being hoisted up Lorri kept saying “This is your karma. Only you could have manifested this.”
This dude started peddling so fast we literally had to hold on to our hats and we flew past all the patrons, and flew past the buses. We soared up a hill, and down another. WE screeched with delight. It was exuberant. We stood a good chance to catch Grace.  
Without missing a beat we arrived at the front gate with time to spare. We gave him all our cash, our peanuts too, jumped out and said good-bye. With precision synchronicity we sauntered over to the Harbor Stage just as Grace picked up her sax. She was terrific. To make it all the more special she was performing alongside her mentor Lee Konitz who had opened the now revered festival sixty years ago!!! Getting caught up in the moment, the man standing next to me filled up with tears.
The Newport Jazz Festival 2014 was incredible. We saw so many talented Jazz acts and musicians, each performance better than the last. We met up with friends and followed their recommendations and heard some phenomenal music from the Ron Carter Trio and the Django Project (with three of the four super talented musicians from Paris) and Peter Beets flying in from Holland to join them! Later Bobby McFerrin carried us away with a stellar performance. There was even a proposal of marriage during the Ron Carter Trio's elegant rendition of "My Funny Valentine".
If my friend and I hadn’t thought positive and believed we would find our way we might still be stuck waiting for some old bus. So, when things don’t go your way don’t give up. Smile, Pause, and look for a Pedi-cab. It also helps when you have friends who believe in you! 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Kicking the Habit

I wanted to feel better and had recently become sensitive to caffeine. Furthermore, every article I was reading regarding a health issue I was concerned about said to eliminate caffeine. Wait a minute…how would this coffee lover do that? So, instead of saying I would do it, I simply did it. I knew that I would feel better and be more relaxed without coffee in my system every day. So, I kicked the caffeine habit just like that. I am so happy and feel so good. 

This feat is a lot easier than you might think. I had some help from a guy named Peet. I discovered Peets’ Water Processed Decaf and it’s truly fantastic. When you get superior coffee, like from Peet’s, or Beanstock, you can trust it’s the best. When the decaffeination process is done with water rather than harsh chemicals it becomes safe to drink. The best part is it tastes exactly like regular coffee. I am amazed at how good my new brew is. We all know about coffee addiction. It’s real. Imagine having your coffee without any jitters, anxiety, headaches, and raised blood pressure.
Mr. Smiley after his Decaf

Without the caffeine in my diet I sleep better, and have lowered my blood pressure. That in itself is no easy task. It feels more like a miracle. And my mother is happy too (for some reason she didn't like me having caffeine).

So, I want my readers to know that if you give up regular coffee and switch to decaf you don’t ever have to give up the taste of fine coffee! With these extraordinary water processed decafs I feel like I have the best of both worlds…. And, let’s face it…how often does that happen!

See Peets

I suggest Mocca-Java Decaf, Water-process decaffeination makes this rich, ancient blend of Java and Ethiopian Mocca a discerning decaf. It’s fabulous! And I was told it was organic.

Or try Beanstock Coffee Roasters:
And get their Sumatra Organic Decaf~ heavenly is the only way to describe it!

Here’s to your health…….

Monday, July 21, 2014


with Jud Wilmont
Are you looking for something exciting, or something different to do this summer….well, how about taking a director to lunch?
If you are like me you love to support the arts. Take movies for instance, many of us are intrigued by filmmaking.  I happen to know someone whose son made a film. I went to a local screening of the film and was enthralled by its mystique. The story is called Return to the Mountain. This is a journey of a father who travels to China for the first time to join his son and to find the origins of Taiji Quan also known as Tai Chi. Along the way we get to see  some fascinating backdrops and learn some of the history behind this ancient Mind, Body, Spirit exercise.
Our late great Aunty
doing Qigong (three years ago today)
This film is a fabulous quest. I would love everyone to have a chance to see it (not to mention consider practicing Tai Chi or Qi Gong as well). I was so excited about it all, especially since I recently started doing Qi gong again, that I asked the director to lunch.  He accepted. We talked about films, music, and food, what it’s like to live in China. I told him I would be glad to help him promote the film. And I am…
With any luck this film will be shown at some film festivals next year and maybe eventually television too. Keep your eye out for Return to the Mountain A Taiji Journey.
If you have any desire to get behind the scenes of filmmaking, and, or, would enjoy an opportunity to talk with directors, screenwriters and actors,  get yourself to your nearest film festival. Its all about promoting and connecting. And if you are so inclined and feel you can help promote the film in any way….well then take your director to lunch! Directors are people too. They love coffee….really strong and well-brewed. At least when they are in the states.
And, if you don’t know any directors to dine with you can still help promote your favorite films the old fashioned way… just go see the movie and then tell all your friends. There is always the possibility of taking a gaffer to brunch or a First AD to tea… 
To see clips of the movie (hold/hit control and then the link)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Literally my path...
Do you ever find yourself wondering if all your hard work and efforts to make good positive changes in your life and to heal any pain are working and paying off…
Well, I am here to let you know that they are!
 After hearing this from others I can tell you that it has happened to me as well. So, that is why I like to say, And Suddenly Boom!
 Several years ago when I experienced tremendous adversity and subsequently some troubling family issues, it affected me so badly I reached an emotional low. I realized there were three things I could do. I could do nothing and most likely nothing would change. I could continue feeling awful and crying to all my friends focusing on the negative and end up feeling worse.  Or, I could take the high road and literally rise above it. I could  put on a pair of what I call spiritual stilts, and with patience I could rise above all the negativity around me with the hopes of renewing my spirit and psyche.  I choose the latter. This may not have all been completely conscious but I knew there had to be a better way. I could not stay down for long.
A few months later, in June of 2006 I embarked on a glorious path that I am still on. I started with an intro to Meditation which has evolved into a daily sitting and group practice. I got involved with Kundalini Yoga where they instill in you how radiant and beautiful we are within and how infinite possibilities abound in every moment.  I continued Deepening my own Faith where the focus is on forgiveness. I prayed. I spent more time in nature. I aligned myself with positive, loving, and kind people like Aunty. Each and everything I did was from a place of healing and evolving, and transcending. These are not just words but these were things I envisioned for myself and knew were possible for me if I stayed on this path. Each day I put one stilt in front of the other. Many good things started to happen. This blog bloomed during that time. Trusted friendships were made and sealed. That’s also when I started listening to Snatum Kaur! Her voice alone can heal a village.
All the while every now and again I would still let other people's behavior bring me down and I would ask myself is all this working on myself working? But, I continued on the blooming green path because it was so tranquil and peaceful and full of promise. Even though (given all the hurt I was dealing with) at times there were patches that felt more like a bumpy dirt road. It wasn’t always easy. And, with only the truth to hold on to I traveled on and miraculously little by little (and I can only say this now) Suddenly Boom! All of a sudden (it seems all of a sudden but it was a several years all of sudden) things started to get better. I woke up one day and realized how strong I really was and the more inward I would go the more peace I would get and the more clarity on things I would find. It’s miraculous.  With continued and devoted work most of the pain and hurt dissolves and simply floats out of you. When you practice things like Qigong which I still do, you can’t hold on to any negative energy for long. When you stay positive and stay in the light you end up lighter, in a better place, and state of mind, and much more empowered then you were when you started.  You can forgive and move on. You can even get to a place when serious healing has taken place and pray for those who harmed or hurt you.  Possibly even become friends again! And, there is more Good News...
 The energy and focus we give things has a cumulative effect. And that is what is most amazing here! That’s why each time we do or even think the right thing, and come from a place of loving kindness,  over time it will yield you an abundance of right thingness to wake up to. And, if you ask me, That’s Bliss! Forgiveness and Love is what Aunty taught me over and over and over again….and how she lived until her last breath.
She died peacefully I might add, carried over by angels
and surrounded by LOVE