Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I don't think her cat is a jerk but my friend Maeve thinks otherwise. Her cat Frank is indeed a real character
and does get into things (like the time he decided to take a nap on my briefcase). You can find him anywhere at any time all over her apartment. I guess we should say his apartment. After too many times of Frank almost literally pinging off the walls Maeve decided to write a children's book called My Cat is a Jerk
(with portions of proceeds going to an animal shelter).  Maeve, a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, is one of the most creative people I know and her book is so much fun!

Because the readers of Ageless are kind and we like fun ....I am asking you to please hit this link My Cat is a Jerk! and take a look at what she is doing. You'll get to see the real Frank. These guys are just impostors. Look at this one giving us the finger....

Maeve has a great campaign going on Indiegogo to raise money so she can print 100 of her books and pay the illustrators.
I promise you will appreciate this. And in this case a little kindness goes a long way! Frank might even get some special treats! So, hit the link now https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/my-cat-is-a-jerk-children-s-book/x/6648366 and be part of this adorable project!  Or just take a peek at the soon-to-be famous....FRANK the CAT!

You can also check Maeve out at the Daily Grommet. She just won their top prize for her new product.
Here is the link to her website for the product she designed!!!!  http://incrementstudios.com/

Before my friend is on the cover of  Entrepreneur you can say you heard about her first here at Ageless with Aunty....we are always in the know.
This little Kitty says Frank is not a jerk, I am!

Hit the link to find out if he's right....

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Holding Baby Nathaniel is sheer joy and love

I wear a bracelet that says Sat Nam....which means TRUTH.
I write memoir....which is TRUTH.

I spend time at the Ashram, Abbey, Church, and Meditation Circles...
which is seeking and experiencing TRUTH.

I simply LIVE the TRUTH.
This is who I am and what I am about.
You can experience harmony when you live by and with The Truth!

So, when a friend sent me today's Message from the Universe by Mike Dooley
I had to share it with you:
Nothing heals, helps, cures, mends, builds, clears, stabilizes, fixes, balances, restores, corrects, inspires, enables, empowers, enlightens or tickles, better than the truth.

Ask for it by name,
    The Universe

I wanted to put a picture with these profound words so I decided to share the most recent snapshot. This one was taken just a few days ago. I was holding and bonding with my friend's baby. Babies are pure unadulterated truth! That's what they are. And that is why they are so happy and make everyone around them happy. So, get with the TRUTH...find and live your truth EVERY DAY and let the smiles and joy begin streaming into your life and your heart! You will keep yourself aligned with the wonders of the Universe and look younger too! The truth is alive and well inside each and every one of us. Face it and let it set you free.....(holding a baby is optional but helpful).

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Betjeman & Barton célèbre Pâques en partant au Japon...
Easter Tea

C’est jour de fête au Japon. Les cerisiers sont en fleurs ; précieux symbole du renouveau dans le pays du soleil levant. Le thé Easter Tea dans son biberon est l’allié des réjouissances. Dans ce thé de Chine et de Ceylan, les arômes  de chocolat, de vanille et l’essence d’orange font la ronde et s’entremêlent avec les pétales de roses qui côtoient les fleurs de bleuets. Le printemps est de retour ; vive la nature qui s’éveille, vive les beaux jours, vive les odeurs de fleurs, vive le thé Easter Tea de la maison Betjeman & Barton.

Biberon : 12,80 € - 100g de Easter Tea : 5,25 


The Easter Tea mentioned above sounds wonderful too. I can see they have the rose petals and I think they are saying some chocolate and flowers too. The packaging alone is perfection. So my dear readers, if you happen to be in Paris please pick me up some of this sublime holiday tea. And if you can't find it just go over to the other first class and spectacular tea shop...Kusmi Tea in the heart of Paris...

Kusmi Tea is my new favorite....They have a sublime green tea steeped and steamed in Rose Petals. They also have a Violet TEa (below right) that my Sister just sent me a sample of and  I am holding on to it like a treasure and saving to enjoy in just the right moment.

This all leads me back to my last post about Uncle D. That man loved me so much one night he said to Aunty when they were talking about me...  "I will carry her to China!"  I guess from that young moment I fell in love with tea. Because i grew up with adults around me saying All the Tea in China! And I knew Uncle D loved his tea! When I am reunited with my beloved Uncle in heaven we will spend eternity delighting in the finest teas ever in those fine, bone-thin delicate tea cups that he simply had to have his HOT tea in.
But, for now, I am enjoying all the Tea in Paris....from my Aunty mug.

Happy Tea Time.... Happy Spring Time, Happy Uncle D time....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I guess I never really thought about it much till now, but, growing up with Aunty and Uncle D (seen with me here) we had a White Picket Fence around us!  That seems very fitting to me now. We lived together just the three of us in a four room flat; their bedroom, my bedroom, one kitchen and a small living room. It was sheer perfection. Love ruled every day! 

Here I am with them (circa mid-sixties)and their grandson, Joseph. As you can see I held on tightly to my Angel Aunty even then.
Now, don't get me wrong. My Uncle D was as kind and benevolent as his wife. They were givers extraordinaire. And we adored each other beyond words. There is so much I truly want to tell you about him. I must say I still idolize that man. Like Aunty, he treated every person that he ever met with the utmost respect. And he was a sentimental sweetheart!

Dancing with Uncle D at his 75th Surprise Party....

The reason I write about them now, decades after these pictures were taken, almost ten years since Uncle D passed, and over two since Aunty's passing.....is because it's as if I am caught in time. That love I felt in these pictures I feel exactly the same now but with maybe a billion times more love and more affection, and even more appreciation for how miraculous these two human beings, now spirits, really are. I spent a lifetime with them so no one knows the immeasurable acts of pure kindness these two extolled better then me. And, they never ever expected anything in return.

I feel so blessed with this rush of love that comes over me whenever I reflect on their love and the love and life the three of us shared. 

And, together right now, you reading this, me writing, and Aunty and Uncle D's profound legacy of love being shared, we make the world fill up with more love! How wonderful...and, fitting for a blog called Ageless! Keep on loving....Do something great with your love....pass it on to a child, a good friend, or someone truly in need....maybe even yourself. You need love too! And as we all know by now, you can't give it until you've got it.... Here please take some of ours..... xoxoxoxoxoxo  We can never ever ever run out!  

Aunty and Uncle D you are the best part of who I am! And from above and beyond you still make the world, this blog, and the cosmos brighter....

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Entrepreneur’s need all the help, inspiration, and motivation they can get! I know personally that the road to the top is a tough one. However, I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Author and entrepreneur herself, Adwa Aidakheel. I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER BOOK Proven Billionaires’ Formula for anyone who wants to have (more) success in their life.

A house with room for all my friends
would be nice

When I read this book I truly feel like I am soaring. I feel as if Adwa has written it just for me. She did a great deal of research and it has paid off. Readers get a kind of shortcut if you will into the mindset of wise and highly successful people. And, it works. I feel like I just moved twenty paces forward on this Bumpy Yellow Brick Road I have been traveling! It feels terrific!

 I have always believed that anything is possible at any time. This book brings me into my own. As it speaks to me I can feel the prosperous vibes and the air around me guiding and supporting me in the right direction. As I turn the pages of this fabulous book I find myself standing taller, paying more attention, rolling my sleeves even higher. And, I have big things up these sleeves. As I develop my secret product I am planning and preparing for much success. And, it’s not easy at all. So, if you are like me and are working hard with all your might to bring your dreams home and make them REAL….this book is so good it could actually get you there a little bit faster. And if nothing else it will certainly inspire and motivate you into something/someplace even better then where you are now. 

like floating & sunbathing in the Mediterranean....

Proven Billionaire’s Formula gives you a steering wheel to your very own magic carpet.  I plan to steer mine directly to a gigantic pot of GOLD. I know it's possible because the pages of this special book also serve as the GPS to get there.

Gear up....here is the link…order it now. Don’t wait!!!!!! And, I will see you at the top!

Proven Billionaire's Formula (just click on the words)

Adwa, I love you!