Friday, April 15, 2016


Wow! This is incredible....My Birthday is May 3 and already gifts have been showing up at my door.
All I can say is what a treat. These UTTERLY FAB GIFTS are so wonderful, and, have made me so happy I have to SHARE THEM WITH YOU! And, hopefully you will share them with others on their Birthday. Because every day is a special day for someone!

In no special order because each gift touched my heart: The Beatleness Book is utterly sublime!
As a life long Beatles Fan, I was interviewed for this book. And Candy, the Author, even thanks me in the acknowledgments. I simply can not wait to read it. She got me with the cover!

Poldark!!!!!! If you haven't seen  this incredible PBS Masterpiece Series yet, I beg you, PLEASE DO! In all of my life I have not seen a finer show. Yes, it's equal to my other favorite Downton Abbey!
This sublime series will hook you in the first five minutes. As busy as I am, I have already watched it twice through. Need I say more? Oh yes, Swooning is required! And I look forward to watching it a third time, and, owning my own copy soon. This one was lent to me as an early gift.

NO birthday celebration of mine would be complete without some fine tea and coffee. New England Coffee didn't let me down. They just sent me a package of their Birthday Cake Coffee. And I could tell simply by the intoxicating aroma it would be incredibly yummy. You have to give this to someone on your coffee lover's list. It's a perfect Birthday gift. I am drinking some now....

And, last but not least, MAYA GOURMET BAKLAVA! Quite frankly, her pastry is so delicious I don't even know how to describe it. All I can say is I received three boxes today and only one is left. I shared some with a friend, and I indulged in the other. Now I am going for a ten mile walk. But, it was well worth it. For those with discipline, they come in little serving size pieces.
Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating a birthday today, tomorrow, and every day this year...

Saturday, April 2, 2016


 This past Thursday evening my kind and wonderful sister, Pam, invited me to The Grand Tasting Event sponsored by North Shore Magazine. What a treat! I have been working real hard gearing up for real life Shark Tank, because this Entrepreneur smells success.

We were excited to try all the culinary delights literally against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean! The venue took place at the Sea Glass restaurant in Salisbury Mass. I was happy to have a long and overdue night out with my sister. And, what fun we had. When we walked into the enormous room overlooking the sea we were handed the Best Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine) we have had…. Gambino Prosecco! I can assure you, if you like Champagne, you will LOVE this. It’s the Prosecco you can’t refuse! It’s like everything you love most in the world liquidizing into one sparkling glass…bubbly, chilled, and fabulous! Salude!

My sis and I walked around feasting on lobster rolls (I wish I could remember the vendor because they sure were extra yummy). We grabbed bunches of shrimp and scallops from Woodman’s of Essex. Seafood doesn’t get any better!  We passed the Davio’s Restaurant table and we just couldn’t say no to their Lobster Risotto.  While I was swooning over my second serving (one was not enough) Pam sampled this new Rum made in Ipswich of all places. It’s called Privateer. It was an instant hit. We highly recommend this sublime and historic brew made with a great deal of integrity right here in New England. May I suggest you try it with mint and blueberries because summer will soon be here...

The food offerings were generous and endless. We had only hit one side of the room but we were already full! We could only admire the homemade asparagus soup, the fresh sushi, the tenderloin, and spicy soft tacos!
After a fit of laughing, like sisters often do, and usually over nothing that is all that funny, just the joy of being together and the history we share, we headed for the desserts. I was eager, but, Pam had to be prodded a bit. Eventually she followed me into the dessert room (yes an entire room of some of the best desserts I have ever had). I spotted the really good Red Velvet Whoopi Pies, but, it was Pam who discovered the 24k gold salted caramels from The Candy Dish. Only three letters can describe the latter, OMG! Truly top notch chocolates. 

Then, that little Renee inside of me gravitated towards Bellavella Handcrafted Cookies. I just stood there coveting all the cakes and cookies.  I felt like a child in a candy store surrounded by so many pretty and irresistible baked goodies. What’s not to love?

When I thought I had had enough, I decided to take a tiny bite of the Maya Gourmet Baklava! This was undoubtedly the finest Greek pasty I have had! Please get some now. Just ask for it at your grocer. It’s my new favorite. Maya Gourmet goes perfectly with the Gambino Prosecco. And, that was our last stop. Back to the delicious and refreshing Italian sparkling wine. We raised our glasses and promised not to eat as much for the rest of the week, or maybe two!

If you hear of any Grand Tasting Events in your area, check them out. It’s really a fun way to share an evening and try new things. And, often part of the proceeds are donated to worthy charities. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's finally happened, and at Harvard of all places. There is excitement around my product. I was going to name this post Better than Shark Tank! Because this is really exciting. The other day I was invited to sit in on a marketing class over at the Harvard I lab. Before the class I shared with the director and speaker what my product is. I told him a little bit about the uplifting and inspiring brand I was building. Lucky enough he seemed to be rather pleased, and, given his response, he certainly got it and instantly appreciated what I was doing! The class started. To my surprise and delight, throughout the class this marketing guru continued to mention my name and without giving away what my product is, he continued to mention me throughout the talk. 

During the middle of the presentation he asked me to stand up and share a little bit about the essence of my product. He calls this the one simple thing OST. Well, there I was, Renée Faith Gold standing before a class at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts talking about the benefits my creation! The students were intrigued. And, I was so happy that what I have been thinking and visualizing in my mind for so long now is starting to come to fruition. The model of my product is glowing and the future for it looks bright!
I have something stupendous up
my sleeves

I am already living the essence of what my product is all about. And that is to let go of fear and believe in yourself. And believe it or not, this is easier to do than you might think. After listening to the class (this was my second time) I realized all he was saying is we must live as if whatever we are going for is already happening. When we just keep doing, and not hesitating and not being fearful, little by little we actually get there. There are no shortcuts and no one is going to do it for us.

Thank you everyone who reads Ageless. We really are on this yellow brick road together. By staying here with me you get a free pair of Invisible Ruby Slippers (something you can't get at Harvard). Keep reading and living your best life…

Monday, February 8, 2016


 Karen can do this...

Up till now there has been a well-kept secret among the Wellesley women and the Metro West crowd….
And you are about to be Privy to that information! There is a new hair salon twenty minutes out of Boston called Privi. The lovely owner is Karen Ricci, a Certified Color Master, Color Specialist, and Stylist. Miss Ricci is essentially an elite hair guru and she is well worth knowing about!  And, now my lucky readers and followers are just a click away from having the best hair possible.

 and this...

Our hair can make or break our appearance. It’s always been my biggest beauty problem. So, that is why I am excited to tell you about Karen and her new salon Privi. The ultra-fabulous salon is located on Route 16 in Wellesley, just after the town hall. She offers the absolute best products from Paris, Japan, and the States. There is no hair problem this artist cannot solve. And so it’s with great pleasure that I share this information with my dear readers of Ageless with Aunty! Aunty always had a good hair day and now so can you!!!! Here is the secret number. It is always best to book in advance to reserve an appointment. 781 237 2566

Please tell her Renee and Aunty sent you

Friday, January 8, 2016




For anyone with a dream and a goal you must start with a vision!
Then ask yourself can you see yourself there...?
I do.
And, this year I am taking it a step further and actually see myself getting there.
I am Flying!
I have tried so hard for so long and it has taken forever.
This time I am lighter, more at ease and allowing myself to be 
For 2016 I will keep it simple:
I am Asking, Believing, and this time Receiving...

The only difference from the picture above and the one in my mind is
in my mind's eye I am holding my product, the most wondrous product ever made!

I can promise all my faithful readers here at Ageless with Aunty
I will soon unveil my extraordinary work!
You will NOT be disappointed. As a matter of fact I predict
you will swoon with delight.
The lucky few who have seen what is up my sleeves have fallen under
its spell!
Design Conference Harvard University

All this hard work would explain why my postings have not been as frequent.
Playing real life Shark Tank (although I call it Angel Investing)
takes up a lot of time. I am now officially A Product Designer and Entrepreneur!
And, a Brave one at that. I am truly doing all this with sheer determination, passion, love,
and a cosmic vision...I am indeed the epitome of a bootstrapping solo.

So, come along with me! Create your vision and Take a leap of  Faith. Believe in yourself and cast FEAR aside.
My promise to you is once you get started I can assure you it's not nearly as scary
as you thought it would be. Look at me smiling at Harvard of all places!!!
As it turns out All I had to do was show up believing...

I am searching for the credits for the photo at the top and will post