Monday, March 28, 2011


Lots of stuff...

For over five years now, I have been promising myself I will get my living space clean and organized. That’s not so easy to do when every item in your life, holds meaning. And, I do mean everything. I have saved all seven ticket stubs from the film Mama Mia. I went to see it three times with Aunty and Gracie, once with my mother and sister, and, a few times with friends. It was such a happy film, I kept going back for more. Those ticket stubs are a reminder of how much fun I had.

I still have a birthday card someone gave me when I turned twenty five! How can I throw away something that says, you make the world a better place? But, one of my favorites in a long list of things I can’t seem to let go of, is the Christmas wrapping paper from a Christmas long ago. I just love knowing that precious paper was wrapped around a gift from my Aunty and Uncle D. However, as my stuff piles up, it might be worth  exploring my deep attachment to these things. 
I will show you a picture of me with a bad hair day, or even Aunty without her wig. I just can’t show you my clutter. But, it’s starting to get in my way.

Now, I am turning to this blog for help. I have repeatedly stated that I think this blog has some magic to it. When I write about wanting to sell my book, I step out and literally see stars all over my balcony. When I say I love the snow, we get a blizzard. So, maybe, if I put it out there that I need some help getting and staying organized this blog will aid me in some way. I hope this post helps you to let go of whatever you are clinging to. Something tells me that underneath all the clutter is an embryo to a more relaxed and balanced way of being.

What are you holding on to? Make way for Feng Shui. Make room to breathe.
Part of my answer could be in my previous post. Larry Rosenberg, my meditation teacher, would surely say….clinging is a cause for suffering.

I think I might be ready to start throwing out the old ticket stubs, even one at a time. And, take some comfort in knowing that no matter how many trash bags I might fill, I can't throw away memories.


brianamet said...

Re...Things are only NEVER lose the memory attached to them. If you get rid of "precious" clutter, it doesn't mean you're throwing away the memory..or the feeling. Cards, and whatever can be scanned and saved in your computer. Look, I saved all my 45s and Lps and found everything I needed to download...there was no need to keep them...I even got rid of my entire stereo system and only use my computer now. Please don't tell me you're on your way to being on the Hoarding reality show!!!! You CAN get rid of just have to start. The world won't end!!! LUV U!

kcmozer said...

What a great blog today, I am sure you are not alone.

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