Friday, August 16, 2013


You have heard me say this before…but, every once in a while I have a temporary blue spell in August. I long for a summer vacation. It’s honestly been so long I can’t even remember when I had what we would call a real summer holiday. By this I mean one week of pure relaxation under the sun and with friends or family by your side.
Well, the good news is I have a happy heart so I don’t stay down for long! And, because I focus on the positive (and am doing that at an even higher frequency) in return I get supported by the Universe and keep myself in alignment with all the good energy and wonder that is waiting for us to simply step into.
I was riding in my car last week and for a moment I yearned to be in a beautiful setting and simply relaxing. My body ached too because I have been working so hard. I am working on the world’s most incredible project. And I promise you WILL hear about it soon. I was craving a massage too. But, I stayed upbeat believing something good would come my way soon. Just then I passed a lovely little house with a sign that read “Massage Daily.” I pulled in and parked.
Take a look at these pictures. The place is called The Abbott Center. It’s in Westwood Massachusetts right off of 128. Please go there. The place is Life Affirming. They offer professional massage. You get to indulge yourself (before and after) under the sun in padded chase lounge chairs in a spacious backyard full of serenity! I relaxed. I was pampered. I was given homemade cookies and green tea. I meditated by an angel. Sitting by a vase of fresh cut flowers I read excerpts from one of Jon Kabot Zinn’s books. Appropriately the one called Wherever You Go There You Are. I had the most relaxing one day summer vacation you could ever dream of having. And, it only cost me 49.00 (the introductory summer special)! I would pay that much just to spend a few minutes in their spa-like sea-shell themed bathroom.
If I were you, before summer is over…get in your car (if you live in Massachusetts) and treat yourself to something that I can really call sublime. Those outside of Massachusetts why not look into finding a place like this. They are out there. Many have intro rates and it’s worth any effort to find them.
The day was so spectacular and the energy there so wonderful the place keeps calling me back! And, like my ol pal Van Morrison likes to ask....Did ye get healed? Yes, sir, I did!
Click your way to happiness and bliss….