Sunday, August 6, 2017


A fairy-tale come to life...

We have all seen and heard the gushing, swooning, carrying on, and picture bragging that parents and grandparents do; and rightly so. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a proud parent or grandparent. However, since I don’t have children and won’t ever have any grandchildren I can only speak from my life experience AND I say, what about great Auntie’s?!  Most of you know that this blog was inspired by my own late great Aunty Helen whom I utterly adored (vast understatement) and we were inseparable in life and in death.  So, I know all about the LOVE of Aunties. My late Great Aunty gave me so much selfless and undying love that now I have so much to give myself and others.
I have a great niece and nephew that I simply adore and they are so beautiful they actually take my breath away. I really believe they could be in movies if their parents wanted them to. But, I am here today to just gush, and swoon, and show pictures just like any proud parent or grandparent would. I am a proud great Aunty.  And, just remember Great Auntie’s are just as loving and awestruck as grandparents.  And in this case maybe even more since I don’t’ have any children of my own and I  love these little buggers as much as I imagine I would love my own children if I had any.

They are just perfect little beings and full of love, wonder, and joy. It’s so wonderful to spend time in their world. All they know is love and happiness, Joy and Wonder. I can relate. I have long been told I am a kid at heart. And even the product I am about to unveil to the world is one for adults who are indeed kids at heart.

So, next time you hear someone say we are the proud grandparents…think for a moment about the millions of us who don’t have children but LOVE just as deeply and care just as much as the proud parents and grandparents. WE are all put on this earth to care for one another and helping with the children is like planting seeds that will prosper in abundance. There is no such thing as too much love.  

Avery Grace right

And I have so much love to give these two little darlings and all my family… (In part thanks to my own great Aunty)! Giving and sharing the love in my heart is what I do best in this world. Remember, we are all good at something.  Not to mention THE REASON FOR LIVING IS TO LEARN HOW TO LOVE!

My great niece and nephew like all my nieces and nephews are adored to the max LIKE ALL CHILDREN SHOULD BE. We are all Magical Miracles meant to love one another with all our hearts..... Keep opening your heart!