Saturday, January 28, 2012


Things are looking up here at Ageless

Poet, philosopher and man of many talents, Henry David Thoreau said: In the long run, we only hit what we aim at! I agree.  I have a picture of a bulls-eye on my wall that says so.
Since I have long been reaching for the stars, with my projects, products, books, and screenplays, I have decided to study them. Pretty soon I will know exactly where to reach! I took one simple star gazing class and it really opened up my mind. I literally looked up and stepped back. Suddenly my world just grew. It is utterly amazing what is there all around us if we just stop, look, and listen. Taking a small time out for yourself in this profoundly fast paced world might be the hardest part. But, try it and see where it leads.
I am so excited  to share such a unique and wonderful opportunity with the followers/readers of Ageless. Join my friends and me on a star-gazing journey. For a minimal sliding scale fee you can study, talk, and hang out with the super cool, and friendly, easy- to-talk to, Astronomy professor and Author, Stephan Martin.
 Talk about Ageless! This is really going to be a supernatural delight. Please consider joining us as we pause to explore the universe. We are calling this the New Universe-ity.
For more information or to pre-register, contact Stephan Martin at or call (508) 567-1066. And, remember, before you hear it from Doctor Oz, about how good it is for your psyche to participate in a journey through the cosmos, you heard it here first. Just like the healthy Ming Tsai Mushroom Coffee I told you about before Dr. Oz featured it on his show! Do you think Dr. Oz could possibly be reading my blog? Who knows. But, I won't be too suprised if he shows up for our star-gazing.   

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Look Who I Caught...

In my last post I was reaching for a star. This time, I've caught one! Here I am with none other than the rising jazz star… Grace Kelly! This girl is going places. And I'm going with her. If you want to look cool, feel cool,  be cool, just stop by one of her hot gigs. What a great way to spend an evening. She has a versatile talent that made me jump out of my seat. And, it’s pretty exciting watching someone as they rise to fame!

She has played around the world. Grace has performed with Wynton Marsalis, Phil Woods, and Harry Connick Jr. among countless other jazz greats, from The Newport Jazz Festival to Lincoln Center.

Jazz up your life a little and go see this outstanding saxophonist/vocalist/composer/lyricist/arranger. When you are into the sounds of Grace Kelly, she will take you away from your everyday woes and worries. Get caught up in the music. Catch a rising star….

Get with it man….it's all about the music!
For more on this mega-talent go to

Friday, January 13, 2012


Guided by an Angel to Reach for the Stars...

This picture of me in New York City over the Christmas Holiday is very inspirational for me….I hope we can all gain some strength from it.
I was pretty sad. Aunty had passed on November 18th.  I remember while I was in the thick of caring for her at home I could not even imagine ever leaving my house once she died. Just scroll around this blog for two minutes and It’s clear that Aunty and I were inseparable. I mean I gave my heart and soul to her and she to me. We loved each other fully and complemented each other. We cherished and thrived on our rituals, routines, traditions. Best way to say it>we were happy.
After I nursed and guided Aunty into the next dimension and gave her (what many are calling) the ultimate wake, funeral mass, and a fitting gravesite sendoff, I was completely wiped out. I could barely breathe. I was lost without her.
But, I was also alive with dreams and hopes and aspirations that had long been put on hold because of my enormous devotion and commitment to giving Aunty a “happy life.” Something inside of me, along with the voice of my angel Aunty told me to keep on going! I heard Aunty say this is your time now. Somehow, for all the things I did right by her and the awareness that Aunty is truly and indeed still with me, comforted me and allowed me to go on. Of course it’s not easy. I am not quite the same these days. Deep down my heart aches for Aunty. I adore and love her more every single day. I also know that life is for the living. Even while she was alive she wanted success for me. She saw, and she knew how hard I worked on my projects. Now I feel more compelled than ever to make something of myself.
So, with some coaxing from my dear friend Dale, I went to visit her in New York. And, while I may not have been my over-the-top self, dashing all over Soho and beyond, I showed up and I took in the sites. I strolled down Fifth Avenue. I took the ELF tour (skating at Rockefeller Center like in the movie ELF). And, I just enjoyed being with my friend.
Looking back now, I didn’t think I would even be able to get out of bed without Aunty to care for and dote over. And the reality is nothing is the same. It’s like my world as I knew it has gone dark. But, my heart still beats, I breathe in and I breathe out. I can feel bad and mope around and stay in bed, or I can try and slowly pick up and continue on. I can accept that this is a difficult time in my life. Losing Aunty is profoundly heartbreaking. All you have to do is take one look at her to get a feeling of the vast loss. She is pure love and light! I need to be kind to myself.
Thanks to Aunty’s legacy and the wonderful life we built together, thanks to you (the loyal readers of Ageless with Aunty) and the Divine Universal Power of the Holy Spirit…I am able to keep on my journey, and even reach for the stars! Because just like you, and just like Aunty, I am stronger than I think!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Aunty loved trees and is spreading her love from the hereafter...

May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on...

The blessings I promised you from Aunty begin here. This comforting saying resonated with me so much that I had it printed on the back of Aunty's prayer cards. They are the words that we sing at the end of every Kundalini yoga class.  The song is simply so compassionate (pure love exactly like Aunty) that I am always brought to tears.  When I would be sitting near to Aunty, at that point she would smile and hug me (and often vice versa). I would hold on to Aunty in some of the most complete and honest moments of my life.

I can still feel that love and warmth. I hope you can too....It's enormous!

Sat Nam
Aunty at the Ashram...

For more on this wonderful blessing go to:Long Time Sun