Saturday, October 30, 2010


Four of the five Gold Girls do Halloween

From the looks of things this picture was shot somewhere between Prehistoric times and the Edwardian Period.
Is it a trick or a treat?
Either way, Happy Halloween to you.
And, if staying Ageless is on your to-do list,
donning a costume of some sort on October 31st, is always fun. Even if it's just to answer the door.

What are you giving out to the children this year?
Aunty loves candy! I better hide the gummy pumpkins and chocolate bats before there's none left for the kids.

Don't forget to blast Thriller and Monster Mash~
Who says you have to go to a big party to be festive?
Celebrating starts at home!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


John Lennon said....All You Need is Love! In my Glow with the Flow post Julia Roberts said the secret to beauty is to always be looking at someone who loves you! Aunty and I live it every moment of every day. The love we share, protects us, nourishes us, strengthens us, and keeps us ageless...

We send our love and gratitude to you, our readers. Thanks for being part of our journey.

Behind the blog, some might say, with aunty's dementia and our non-existent financial security, that our life is pretty scary. As you can see here, and throughout this blog, that is not the case. We live in the light, and believe in the goodness of others and our own unlimited potential. It's a wonderful life.

I can say LOVE IS MIRACULOUS because I have the pictures to prove it. 

 To get more love, you have to give some away.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yes, that's my niece with Steven Tyler

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the Aunty tree…

It looks like my nieces took heed to my post  Ageless with Aunty, the Next Generation.

Here is my adorable niece Montana, with none other than Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, and the new American Idol judge!

Since she is gearing up to someday take over this blog, Montana wants to be happy, and meet as many celebs as she can, “Just like Aunty Renee.”

While at the Bruins Game (where she met Mr. Tyler) my other niece Jesse, was dancing on the ice as a Bruins Girl! They are just keeping up Gold Girl tradition while paving the way for the future of Ageless with Aunty.

as long as they are going in a good direction, of course

Saturday, October 23, 2010


He’s been referred to as Ultra Cool, and Hip with a Wink….

His name is John Pizzarelli and he has a radio show called Radio Deluxe. This two hour, upscale jazz party (taped in his Manhattan living room) is indescribable, and unforgettable. The Boston Globe hailed John as “reinvigorating the Great American Song Book.” You can check for times to tune in.

I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing John (who plays guitar and sings), his wife, the ever talented Jessica Molaskey, and his father, the incomparable “Bucky” Pizzarelli, perform. They are the best high-heeled entertainment out there. The New Yorker calls the Pizzarelli family the “the von Trapps on Martini’s!”

These days John and his wife Jessica are performing at the world class, five star, Carlyle hotel in New York, at CafĂ© Carlyle. For a dreamy, classy and swanky night out, all you hepcats should grab a ticket and sashay over to 35 West 76th! I am tempted to stir up a batch of Manhattan’s, and meet you there….

Here is 86 years young Bucky Pizzarelli (right) performing recently at Tanglewood. The Pizzarelli’s are keeping old school alive in the 21st century….and staying ageless every beat of the way… Bravo!

Here is your invitation to join them~

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I could not make this stuff up.

With all the talk of the stars aligning for me, and faking it till I make it...
next thing I knew, I was standing on a red carpet. 

The event coordinators had just finished rolling out the royal treatment when I showed up (at a fundraiser for the Ellie Fund). Something tells me there has to be a book deal in my future ! My friend Candy here agrees.

Keep Believing....and consider supporting the Ellie Fund
Aunty, and several of my friends, are breast cancer survivors. The Ellie Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that improves the health and welfare of women and families undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Helping others is a sure way to stay ageless. This is something I know for sure.

~ Take vitamin D3...experts say it prevents breast cancer~

Monday, October 18, 2010


Looks like an international best-selling author to me

Public speaking is not easy… it takes courage, confidence, or great acting skills. I was a little anxious before I read a passage from my book at this past weekend’s Boston Book Festival ( The moderator of Grub St.’s ( Guided Open Mic, was published author Steve Almond (who has made an appearance on this blog). He assured us it’s natural to be nervous. “It shows how much this means to you.”

So…pretending to be a best-selling author, I got up and read. Lucky for me, that white light and good karma I have been blogging about are still following me. You can see all that excellent energy floating around in the picture here. It’s worth noting, the more positive and clear my thinking is, the more favorable vibes emitted. It really is amazing.

The audience seemed to enjoy my piece. After the reading, one little girl at the next presentation, asked for my autograph! What a thrill. What a treat. I thought,…see what happens when you walk through your fear…. Things just keep getting better and better!

I wanted to share my experience with my readers. Take a risk today by putting yourself out there. Do something you have been afraid to do. The exhilaration rush when it’s over is worth it. Fearlessness is a way to Agelessness…

PUBLISHING TIP: For anyone who dreams of getting published, reading your work aloud is the ultimate test. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The more you practice reading out loud, the better the work becomes.

Friday, October 15, 2010


We don't look 127 do we?   

For more about Jerry, and how to stay Ageless.... just scroll around the blog. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


         From the looks of things this blog could go on forever…

But, whoever thought I would be the “Aunty?!”

Here I am with my niece Madison Rose who was just voted President of the National Honor Society at her high-school.

She is smart… and she reads my blog. She loves saying… “I’m ageless with Aunty!”

What’s interesting is the age difference between Madison and me is the same as the age difference between Aunty and me.

So, if Madison Rose, and my seven other nieces, nephews, and young cousins keep eating their kale, and blueberries, and drinking their pomegranate juice, one day I will hand over the pen and the camera to one of them. Ageless with Aunty will live on. Except, in the next generation… I will be the Aunty! For now, I am having a great deal of fun playing the “Ageless” role. It’s a part I hope to play indefinitely!
~The orignal Ageless with Aunty~
still going strong...

Monday, October 11, 2010



This past weekend I spent praying, chanting, and meditating with the yogis at the Kundalini Fall Festival. Oh yes, and having a lot of fun too!

I share this with my readers because…. I have discovered the number one anti-aging secret… and that is Celebrating Life… any way you can. One of the many ways I do this is through Kundalini yoga. This form of yoga focuses on Radiance and Bliss! It connects me to the light within. Ultimately, I can help light the way for others. Isn't this what life is all about anyway?

As for meditation, it is truly miraculous. When you pray you are talking to God. When you meditate you listen to God. What better entity to have good communication with than the Creator himself! I am happy to impart this to you because contemplation really works wonders~ If you go within, you will never go without...

Sat Nam…

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Look what I found at the Blue Ginger...

One of my favorite parts of Oprah’s magazine is The List. This is where her editors rave about their new finds. They blurb about everything from exotic perfumes and candles, to water bottles and soybean crayons.

Well, I have discovered a couple of great products on my own that are so fabulous I just could not wait to tell my readers.

A lot of us are familiar with the slogan for Dunkin Dounuts… It’s Worth the Trip. What about a coffee that will make you trip?! That’s right, I found it. My favorite celebrity chef, the world renowned, Ming Tsai, has teamed up with Rao’s Coffee and created Ming Tsai’s Maitake Coffee…for health. This is as fine a coffee as you can get, with the added ingredients of Maitake Mushrooms! The Maitke is incredibly healthy. They lower your blood pressure, and because they are rich in Beta-Glucan your immune system is stimulated. I could go on and on…

The result is a truly outstanding and healthy brew! I am drinking some now. The high levels of alkalinity of the mushrooms bring out the inherent sweetness of the coffee. I feel like I could write forever. This longevity essence is the perfect complement to a blog called Ageless with Aunty! And, since Aunty is the world’s biggest coffee lover, maybe we can talk Ming into changing the name of this invigorating concoction to Ageless Aunty’s 101. Because, Aunty will live to 101 if she keeps drinking. And, she would drink ten cups a day if I wasn’t looking.
Aunty and her coffee

Ming also sells his extraordinary tea….Blue Ginger Lychee Tea. Along with Hediard, this is the finest tea I have ever had. You don’t need sugar, and it’s perfectly blended for the most enjoyable cup, hot or iced! Between the subtle spicy heat of the ginger playing off the fragrant lychee…sipping has never been so sublime. Take it from me. My friends don’t call me Miss Pekoe for nothing. Or see for yourself. Go to

A side note: Ming Tsai has recently cooked for Oprah. I hear she was delighted with his talent in the kitchen. Something tells me she’ll be writing about him soon…

~As Ming says…Peace & Good Eating~

Monday, October 4, 2010


I recently spent an absolutely perfect day at estate and music venue in Lenox and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It is the home of the annual summer Tanglewood Music Festival and the Tanglewood Jazz Festival, and has been the Boston Symphony Orchestra's summer home since 1937. I highly recommend planning an outing there next summer. The grounds alone are magnifcent.

My friends and I were there to see an ageless performer, who you will be hearing all about in a few posts from now. That was the day I saw a double rainbow, and later walked into a kirtan at Kripalu.
Like I proclaimed in my last post...there is magic all around me. Through this blog I am sharing all the good vibes and karma with you. Keep reading and reaping!

Here's looking at you...