Wednesday, October 13, 2010


         From the looks of things this blog could go on forever…

But, whoever thought I would be the “Aunty?!”

Here I am with my niece Madison Rose who was just voted President of the National Honor Society at her high-school.

She is smart… and she reads my blog. She loves saying… “I’m ageless with Aunty!”

What’s interesting is the age difference between Madison and me is the same as the age difference between Aunty and me.

So, if Madison Rose, and my seven other nieces, nephews, and young cousins keep eating their kale, and blueberries, and drinking their pomegranate juice, one day I will hand over the pen and the camera to one of them. Ageless with Aunty will live on. Except, in the next generation… I will be the Aunty! For now, I am having a great deal of fun playing the “Ageless” role. It’s a part I hope to play indefinitely!
~The orignal Ageless with Aunty~
still going strong...

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Unknown said...

yay!! thats ME :) im so honored to be on your blog! thank you. i love you aunty and will keep the "ageless" blog going forever!
xo Madison

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