Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I am amazed and enthralled with this Utterly Fab company out West, called OMAZE!
They actually give away a chance at Experiences like Hanging out with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck! A role in the MOVIE STAR WARS VII! Play Cricket on the Set of Downton Abbey with the CAST! Ride in an RV with Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad, etc. etc. etc... Yes, every prize is staggeringly swoon worthy! And, best of all with NO STRINGS ATTACHED and ALL for Worthy Causes.

I have been in the running for some of these Wow-factor experiences (like lunch with George) and its thrilling. I may not have won (yet), but, I think it's the MOST FUN and EXCITEMENT ten dollars can buy!  Not to mention the money raised goes to very good causes like UNICEF, Women's Cancer Programs, and, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They have set it up perfectly so we are helping each other.

Let's be real.....somebody is going to win. It could be me. And, it certainly can be YOU!
          In their own words (the two savvy geniuses who came up with all this)..

 A little while back, we went to a benefit that Magic Johnson hosted for the Boys & Girls Club of America, where he auctioned off the chance to sit with him courtside at a Lakers game and join him for dinner after. We could barely contain ourselves. We are die hard Laker fans and Magic was our childhood hero. Hanging with him for a night would literally be a dream come true.
But this dream was not to be. As a couple of broke grad students, we could only watch helplessly as the bids escalated until the experience ultimately cleared for $15,000.
Driving home we couldn’t let it go. Why should life’s most amazing experiences only be available to a select few? And worse, how could a prize which, in our minds, was priceless only raise $15,000 for the Boys & Girls Club?
And that’s when a simple idea hit us. What if we made these same types of opportunities available online, and for a $10 donation everyone could have a chance at winning? We could help generate significantly more money and awareness for deserving causes, and all people could share the chance to live out dream experiences.
And that’s how Omaze was born.
Picture yourself as a REAL Jedi!

For all the up to the minute information go to:
Tell them Renee sent you...I think OMAZE is one of the best things in this galaxy!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It's National Honey Month
Mark your calendars: Thursday, September 24, 5-7pm, Follain South End, 53 Dartmouth Street, Boston, Massachusetts...
It's National Honey Month, and, my favorite store, Follain, is celebrating the sweet nectar and all of its health benefits! From its high antioxidant activity to its acne-busting power, there are so many reasons why honey belongs in your skincare routine.
This Friday, kick-off the weekend at their Washington DC, Union Market shop. They will share the healing benefits of honey and treats from local honey producers, plus a take-home DIY honey treatment!
 And, to stay sweet and beautiful in Boston, Join them at their South End shop on September 24th for a honey-themed evening with Follow the Honey. Come by to learn how honey is made, try out different varieties, and learn about the benefits of honey in skincare!
I say anything to keep bees in business....And, I love my honey....
This high end beauty emporium also has a sublime store on Nantucket.
This post was courtesy of Follain
Can you send some samples?!!!