Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have soooooooooooooooooo much Christmas Spirit
that my friends say it's contagious
and they are turning into Elves!
Some are donning antlers and halos
check out the shoes

I start the day with Ho Ho Joe Coffee. I add some Santa Claus Tea later and serve with Sugar Plums while listening to a thousand Christmas Carols. "Elf" had his syrup and I have mine. Christmas time is magical. And, like one of my dear friends says" "It's the time of the year when we all act like you."  I think she means happy, a bit giddy, and occasionally over-the-top!

Where did I get such deep delight in the season...Well, here she is with Santa. Aunty adored and understood the full meaning and the holiness of Christmas. She simply spread JOY! And, as part of her legacy she leaves me with such a wonderful and indomitable Christmas Spirit.
Aunty's heart was the heart of
Christmas personified. You could even say she glows!

Even their heads are pinging
Keep reading Ageless with Aunty and You might find yourself an Elf too! So, don't be alarmed if your shoes start to curl up.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Ho, Ho, Ho... Greetings from inside the heart of someone overflowing with Christmas Spirit. I would love to share some comfort and joy with you.

My Christmas tree is glowing

Friends are here...
Family gathers....
and Joy abounds....

The Magic of Christmas lies in your heart! The holidays are genuinely magnificent. Allow yourself to truly enjoy them.  We put enormous pressure on ourselves. Don't do it this time. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and you will uplift everyone around you. When all is said and done, you'll be glad you stopped to actually enjoy a friend, or visit a relative during this wondrous season. Gifts can always be bought but the time we give friends and family is priceless! Make memories instead of worries and bills. I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT REGRET ANY TIME SPENT WITH A LOVED ONE!
For one day they will be your Christmas Angel...
Amen, with LOVE

Monday, November 25, 2013


One of the best gifts I can give you is expert advice and tips on how to save money! And, I can. I have several friends who are published authors and one of them has a NEW book called Negotiating When Money Matters. Therefore, I can promise Anyone out there reading this who is hiring contractors and or, spending their hard earned money on property improvements/issues can save time and money by reading this wonderful little book. Lynnette, the author is a real pro.
She is so smart you can let her mind and savvy business acumen work for you. The book is easy to read and simply straight out tells you how to talk with contractors and others who may want to charge you more than a job is worth. It just gives you the inside scoop on how to negotiate and get a fair deal every time.
It’s with great pleasure that I present such a helpful book to my readers. I know it can help you save lots of money with all your projects. However, It can only help you if you buy it.
Get it here…. and with all that money you save you can buy yourself a Christmas present. Or, better still…buy a friend this book!
The chapter alone on Getting Your Money back is worth the price of the book. The author reminds us that no deal is over until the customer is happy! Hearing this made me realize my power as a consumer.  A must
Read for anyone who doesn’t want to get ripped off!  Renee
Lynnette will also be giving seminars based on the book.  If you think anyone might prefer to hear her talk in person, rather than read the book.
Mark your calendars! Lynnette is going to speak in Bedford, MA on Tuesday Feb. 4
Winchester MA Wednesday March 5
or Concord MA, Wednesday March 26
It's the same seminar at all three, "Successful Negotiation" lasting 2 hours. The book will be available for sale afterward, $21. Check, MC, VISA and cash accepted.
Seminar prices are set by the venue, but some won't post for another 2-3 weeks.
Have a money saving New Year…..

Friday, November 22, 2013


Hindu Spiritual Festival in India
I did not paint my face blue or walk barefoot in a cloud of smoke, but I did something deeply spiritual and quite moving. I honored the dead; in this case my late Aunty.
As it turns out this blog has some magical powers. It seems to be that whatever I write about (see last post) is always expanded upon! I could gush and go on and on but I will keep it simple. Last weekend, from Saturday through Monday (which was the actual two year anniversary of Aunty's passing) I celebrated her life in what turned out to be a three day LOVE FEST! 
We Remain Inseparable
Saturday morning at the church I was baptized and the church Aunty attended for  most of her life, I honored Aunty in a community mass for the deceased. Along with Aunty's name, I had my beloved Uncle Domenic's name added and their darling daughter Jeanie. With Grace by my side (Aunty's dear friend and mine) we felt like we were sitting among angels. The church is quite elaborate and divine and reminiscent of the Vatican.
Later we sat at Aunty's grave and had a heart to heart talk with her. We felt her telling us how happy she is.
Then we took a ride and enjoyed large cups of coffee (undoubtedly Aunty's favorite drink ever).
We drove to Plum Island where Aunty and Uncle D would take me as a child. The weather rolled out a big red carpet of bright yellow sunshine!
The day kept getting better with each reminder of Aunty, from an exact replica of Aunty's Christmas tree (in a sublime little antique shop) to shimmery high-heel ornaments that Aunty would surely drool over, she was everywhere.
The next day friends gathered at my home and we lit candles around pictures of Aunty and watched videos of her dancing and exuberant.
Due to all the love and honor I was experiencing a little miracle occurred. It was so amazing it warrants its own blog post. (coming soon)
A Rose from Aunty's Funeral
Monday, Grace came back to light another Aunty candle and bring me homemade food,
including homemade bread just like I would always have at Aunty's. What genuine comfort. We looked at Auntys' pictures and talked about how much we miss her and how much we love her. We carried on about the miracle that had just happened the day before. We both know it was Aunty speaking  to us from beyond. It was undoubtedly awe-inspiring. I played a tender and moving song (off a new CD) called I Love You.
These few days of celebrating our cherished Aunty transpired into a three day love fest. And, given the power, depth, and strength of the love we have for Aunty and the love she continues to send us back 
Aunty keeps whispering to you, and to all creatures and humans of the universe.....
Feel my love now....
Eternal Rose Petals for Aunty

Friday, November 15, 2013


with Aunty by my side
December 2005
A Note from the Universe
You can always tell a master by the kindness in their eyes.
This Monday November 18th marks the two year anniversary of Aunty's passing. A friend just sent me the above excerpt from Mike Dooley's "Notes from the Universe." And of course I related it to Aunty.
I have always said " I see God in Aunty's eyes. Now I know why. She was truly a Bodhishavta.
I don't say this lightly. There is always a reason for everything. I write from the heart with a clear mind, knowing fully that my late Aunty (who inspired this blog) was an elevated human being. She was fearless, and forgiving, and fully compassionate to every person on her path or near it. I honestly feel she achieved the highest level of goodness possible for a human being, and therefore, when she passed she was at the highest level of rebirth possible. Her karmic accumulations were profound.
And so, she lives on in me and those who love her. We must do great things and LOVE and FORGIVE and FEAR NOT. She paved a perfect path. I walk now with Grace and happily carry on her legacy of LOVE as I become a blooming human. Amen.
Aunty, I adore you forever and ever and ever. Everyone still talks about you and how you "impacted" the world. Whenever you were around the energy was pure and uplifting. Even momentarily you made us all better.
Your spirit thrives and remains miraculous.
We are grateful.
Aunty circa 1944
with Aunty November 1992
with her favorite drink...milk and coffee 2008




Sunday, November 10, 2013


Wellesley College tomorrow evening!
Breath by breath, season by season....this book makes me feel fully alive and connected. 
And because I have the distinct privilege of being part of one of Ji Hyang's practice groups, I continue learning, growing, evolving, seeing, and blooming even when I close the book.
Consider a meditation practice if you do not have one already.
Now that's as Ageless as you can get!

See you on the cushion....

with much metta

Friday, November 1, 2013


This coming November 18th will be the two year anniversary of Aunty’s passing into heaven.
My close friends know that losing Aunty in the physical sense has not been easy for me.
The loss was profound. The good news is Aunty’s spirit is alive and well and better than ever! Everywhere I go Aunty is remembered and talked about as if she were still here. This makes me so happy. And I know she loves that. Shortly after her death I came to realize a spirit that pure and that Godly cannot ever die. And, I give witness to that every single day. I know unequivocally Aunty is Everywhere! Miraculously we are still “in a relationship.”
Take for example two weeks ago in church. One place Aunty and I spent a lot of time together was church. And it’s still hard to attend mass without her by my side. A couple of weeks ago, I simply could not hold back the tears of not having that perfect human being beside me as I stepped into the pew.  When the tears couldn’t be held back any longer I noticed out of the corner of my eye this lovely little flower. When I looked closer it had a heart in the middle of it! I picked it up and held it throughout the mass. I brought it home and put it in water. It has floated for two weeks! Aunty tells me she is watching over me and sends her love wholeheartedly, exactly as she has all her life.
I am not the only one who Aunty comes to. Gracie was Aunty’s’ other best pal and Gracie misses Aunty beyond words. Because Gracie and I have long felt that the essence of Aunty is like the warmth of the sun, we always think of her when we see sunflowers and other comforting works of nature. Above Aunty holds the bright flower while Gracie holds her. 
Gracie holds an Aunty Flower
A few months ago miraculously in Gracie’s’ front yard this sunflower appeared. She swears she did not plant it. “It’s my little Love Face,” Aunty’s sweet friend declares.  If you knew Aunty like we know Aunty this is not hard to believe. Aunty was and always will be one of God’s flowers. By all accounts the word Precious could describe her. I know it might seem hard to believe but she really was that selfless.
Today is All Saints Day in the Catholic Church. It also would have been Aunty and Uncle D’s 71st wedding anniversary! They were married on All Saints Day, November 1, 1942. Having lived with them for my entire life (till two years ago) I can testify…they were Saintly. And now they are Angels. And, anyone who has lost a loved one…. I AM GLAD TO REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES….YOU NEVER REALLY LOSE ANYONE WHEN THERE IS TRUE LOVE! THEY ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU. LIKE AUNTY PROMISED…. “FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.”
Here at Ageless with Aunty....She's your Aunty too….

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Take your Pumpkin Pick….We have gone Bananas over Pumpkin…. Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Coffee, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Beauty Scrub, Pumpkin Lipstick, Pumpkin Bagels, and these days Pumpkin Beer!

When I recently visited my mom she poured me her seasonal favorite… Shipyard Pumpkin head Ale. She carefully rimmed the glass with cinnamon and sugar and it was truly remarkable. I don’t know if it was just being happy to see my mother, the fact that the ocean was crackling outside her door, or the fact that I just love the (to me) BIG TREAT of a seasonal ale, but the swirling of the spices was sublime!

 As much as I enjoyed my mom’s beer I had to go out on a quest for the perfect pumpkin ale (so you don’t have to). Now, I will say the best are the ones you get right at the micro-breweries. But, for the next best thing, in your own home, I would suggest any of the above. Shipyard, Post Road, Smutty Nose, and Pumple Drumkin… All Pumpkin Ales. These Beers have even been recommended by top chefs and local beer guys. I am not a beer expert, so I can’t explain all the flavors or say things like “biscuty” or traces of vanilla, but I can simply say, they taste really good. Rim your glass with some cinnamon and sugar, or, as my little sister just mentioned….with caramel too. Oh La La.

Of course we drink responsibly here at Ageless with Aunty. And speaking of our beloved late Aunty. She loved pumpkins too and drew this one in October of 2006. As we sat together enjoying our pumpkin coffee, she sketched it out quickly and colored it in. There was only one piece of sketch paper and it had some markings (a little monkey)on it already (as you can see the black in the middle) so Aunty didn’t want to draw over it. I convinced her to just draw around it. And she did. I must say, if you take away the monkey in the middle, and the fact that Aunty really never drew in her life,  Auntys' is the prettiest and happiest pumpkin I have ever seen! Aunty went on to do some impressive drawings even later in life which I will unveil here at Ageless soon. For all my new subscribers, Aunty was a happy, extraordinary, and perfectly selfless human being. She lives on here at Ageless and inspires us all. Just scroll around to see.

Happy Pumpkin sipping….Enjoy this fabulous crispy season….here in New England it’s simply perfect “this time of year.”

Friday, October 11, 2013


Getting Closer to My Dreams....
What action are you taking to bring yourself closer to what you really want in life? Some of us have simple dreams and are content with what we have. We count our blessings and are glad to be alive (especially on a day like this). Then there are those of us who want even more and Dream Big! I am in the latter camp. I have always been an over-the-top dreamer. And, I am glad to say that I finally figured out a way to achieve what I want. Its’ called hard work, focus, confidence, and believing. With guts, determination and vision I am CONSISTENTLY working towards my goal (which these days is to develop my BRAND… empowering brand like nothing you have ever seen or heard before). I pretty much work 24/7 (because even in my sleep I am envisioning all this). And, with the accumulation of hard work you start to shed old skin and feel really good. Sometimes, putting in all these long hours towards a dream makes me giddy with anticipation.
with the president of the Inventors
Association of New England
Everything has changed. I decided things would have to be different and they are. I decided that I would stay focused no matter what, and, I am! I decided that I have the confidence to proceed in what can often be a tough business world, and now I do. It feels empowering. All I did was make that simple decision and then stay focused on it. When you do that the world around you gets the message and everything starts to line up. Even the right people start showing up.
Working towards a dream is fully living. I am no longer going through the motions on auto pilot.

at MIT
at Harvard
All of you out there in Ageless Land who have a dream, a goal, or something you really want to bring to fruition….just tell yourself every single day NO MATTER WHAT, that you can do it. If you stay Consistent, before you know it your life starts to blossom and transcends on to a new level. It’s kind of miraculous. And it’s all within you to take action at any given moment. We are a lot more magical then we think we are….. And so is the world around us.  The Big Secret (for those of you who really do want to get from A to Z) is staying Consistent and Focused!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Party of the Year!

I want to tell you about one of the Best Parties in Boston.  Each year about this time the organization Helping Hands Monkey Helpers throws their fund raiser. It’s truly fabulous. The food featured is by some of the best chefs/restaurants in Boston. They all get together to participate in what has become one of the stellar events this city has to offer.

Ever since I met David Sedaris (yes, the David Sedaris) at one of their events, I have been a volunteer. I can walk, and move about all day long any way I’d like. But there are those who are confined to a wheel-chair or disabled with spinal cord injuries. These monkey helpers (actual capuchin monkeys) make a difference in their lives. The lovely little creatures help them with daily activities like opening doors, switching the lights off and on, and even turning the pages of a book. I feel supporting this organization is a good thing to do. And the money raised goes to sending the Monkey’s to the Monkey College so they can learn how to help their recipients.
This Saturday September 28th is the event. It runs from 6-9 at the WGBH Studios.  You might see some of Boston’s best party people while enjoying live music and a superb a wine tasting bar and spirited cocktails! It’s quite a scene.
Please join us. I promise you will have a wonderful evening. And, as you stroll about the event you will be helping those who can’t.

Just hit the link below for more info. And, if you already have plans you can still contribute and participate in the live auction. You won’t believe how much fun some of the items are. Take a peek now and see for yourself. Thank you in advance for those of you who can make it and to those of you who contribute online.



Saturday, September 14, 2013


My baby grandniece I call Pipsqueak
There is no greater feeling on earth or in the Universe than L-O-V-E!  When you love someone it takes you outside of yourself. You are in a realm of wonder and of awe. You are in the ultimate state of being.
I would like to say here before the entire world, or at least the World Wide Web, that my greatest gift in life is my ability to LOVE! As a human being I am by no means perfect. But, I keep an open and flowing heart. I remain deeply grateful for my ability to continually give infinite amounts of love.
Because of this I can transcend many things…even loss, betrayal, blame. Love is like a pair of stilts. It literally takes you above it all. What a great place to be. Your view of the world is even better!
When you meditate, or just stop to breathe and pause, you can feel the love around you. It’s always there. That indomitable force all over the heavens, and earth, the galaxies and the solar systems is always present. We all are born with the ability to give and receive love. So, whomever and whatever you love, pay special attention to, by doing so you create even more love. It’s an infinite system and never runs out. We are lucky….we are living fully when we let love in and give it back. What else are we here for really?! Besides, as a perk….Natural highs are the best aren’t they?!
Looking at the picture above and below almost makes me ecstatic. I wholeheartedly adore my new baby grandniece and my late Great Aunty…..just two simple pictures flowing with the energy we call L-O-V-E! Its so good and so easy to spread.
And, nothing is more Ageless than being in alignment with all the good energy around us!
*Special Bonus for those who follow Ageless with Aunty....our precious, and now heavenly Aunty, keeps sending more and more love from above.....*
She says: Feel My Love Now!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Here's to an Endless Summer...

I tried rounding up the gang again for another night at Tanglewood. It was short notice so not everyone was available. One friend had to take her daughter back to college. Another friend was headed for Cape Cod. And, another had just left for California. But, of course I couldn’t let that stop me. It’s still summer and live music is my passion. I hadn’t seen Harry Connick Jr. before. And I knew Tanglewood, with its perfect acoustics would host him just fine. Two dear friends heeded the call and joined me. We packed the “Bliss Martini Mix” and headed west.  And now all I can say is what a night!

Can't you hear the magic...

cozy up before the show
We had our lawn party. And you haven’t lived until you spread a blanket out, open some wine, sit by loved ones, and are serenaded with live music! We sipped rose-petal  cocktails and munched on cheese and crackers. We raised our glasses to endless summer fun! Just as we settled in they announced a severe thunder storm was headed our way. No problem…I made a mad dash under the shed and managed to get three seats and enjoyed the show. Harry was sensational. What an entertainer. He really has heart.  He’s great on the eyes too. And, did I mention he can sing. I appreciated his big band and all the New Orleans music. He also crooned  some classics like The Way You Look Tonight and On a Clear Day.  One of my friends raved, “I am so glad you invited me. What a perfect summer night.”
I hope some of you reading this remember some of my posts about how much fun it is at Tanglewood.  It’s worth any effort to get there. I was in my glee…and so were my pals and everyone else who came out to see and hear Harry in the rain.

Friday, August 16, 2013


You have heard me say this before…but, every once in a while I have a temporary blue spell in August. I long for a summer vacation. It’s honestly been so long I can’t even remember when I had what we would call a real summer holiday. By this I mean one week of pure relaxation under the sun and with friends or family by your side.
Well, the good news is I have a happy heart so I don’t stay down for long! And, because I focus on the positive (and am doing that at an even higher frequency) in return I get supported by the Universe and keep myself in alignment with all the good energy and wonder that is waiting for us to simply step into.
I was riding in my car last week and for a moment I yearned to be in a beautiful setting and simply relaxing. My body ached too because I have been working so hard. I am working on the world’s most incredible project. And I promise you WILL hear about it soon. I was craving a massage too. But, I stayed upbeat believing something good would come my way soon. Just then I passed a lovely little house with a sign that read “Massage Daily.” I pulled in and parked.
Take a look at these pictures. The place is called The Abbott Center. It’s in Westwood Massachusetts right off of 128. Please go there. The place is Life Affirming. They offer professional massage. You get to indulge yourself (before and after) under the sun in padded chase lounge chairs in a spacious backyard full of serenity! I relaxed. I was pampered. I was given homemade cookies and green tea. I meditated by an angel. Sitting by a vase of fresh cut flowers I read excerpts from one of Jon Kabot Zinn’s books. Appropriately the one called Wherever You Go There You Are. I had the most relaxing one day summer vacation you could ever dream of having. And, it only cost me 49.00 (the introductory summer special)! I would pay that much just to spend a few minutes in their spa-like sea-shell themed bathroom.
If I were you, before summer is over…get in your car (if you live in Massachusetts) and treat yourself to something that I can really call sublime. Those outside of Massachusetts why not look into finding a place like this. They are out there. Many have intro rates and it’s worth any effort to find them.
The day was so spectacular and the energy there so wonderful the place keeps calling me back! And, like my ol pal Van Morrison likes to ask....Did ye get healed? Yes, sir, I did!
Click your way to happiness and bliss….