Sunday, October 30, 2011


still keeping up her routine with Gracie

As many of you know, my darling Aunty is very sick. She is 87 years old with advanced pancreatic cancer. She has not eaten any solid food for five weeks. Her body is weak. Yet, she is smiling. She laughs. She jokes. She still draws people in. I am continually amazed at her strength and courage. Her joie de vivre is unmatched. You have to see her to believe her, but, that is where this blog comes in. I hope to convey even a sliver of my Aunty’s wonderful spirit with my words. And, maybe even inspire you (and myself) to take our life up a notch, because we see through Aunty’s resiliency and happy heart that every breath is an extraordinary gift.

Aunty has no food in her body, yet, she got up to answer the door a few days ago! She tried getting herself out of bed this morning. And a few minutes ago she told me… you give me a happy life. She keeps thanking me. We bond closer every moment. Our love continues to blossom. I put flowers in her hair and all around her. I snuggle up next to her and hold her close. No matter how much time I spend with her it will never be enough.

I bought her the softest, coziest, and warmest, Martha Stewart down alternative comforter. She sleeps like a baby with a soft angelic smile. My friend Rory says “Aunty’s happy as a lark.” If there is a moral to this post, or a deeper meaning behind it, it is to live life to the fullest…every moment, every day, NO MATTER WHAT! If my precious and beloved Aunty, under her current circumstances can still dance (even if I have to hold her up), and sing, and pray (every night), and continue giving (she keeps giving her heart to me and those who come to our door. She lights up, reaches out to them, and tells them how lovely they are, then with all she has… she thanks them for coming to see her), than we can make the most of each day and our own set of circumstances. Maybe we can give of ourselves a little bit more than we thought we could. We can get up and dance, no matter how we feel, just to lift our spirits. We can always say one more prayer.  

Those of you who have had the privilege of spending some time with Aunty know exactly what I mean! She is a miraculous woman. Her selfless humility and inherent goodness are genuine. If I can typify even one tenth of her magic through this blog than you will feel really good when you are here. Following Ageless with Aunty is the next best thing to actually being in her presence. I give you my word of honor. Not one word of this post is exaggerated in any way. If anything, the words do not do her justice.

From this moment forward, my work is dedicated to our Aunty’s life and spirit. Like her, Ageless with Aunty will thrive, spread joy, and ask nothing in return. We’ll live to give. Amen.
Long Live Aunty!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


follow the light..

Here is a picture of Aunty and me from two years ago...You can see Aunty's glow. She still has it. Today I put a flower in her hair as she slept. She smiled. She told me again  "I love everybody!" I told her the truth, "Everybody loves you."

As her disease progresses, she gets weaker...this is the fourth week without food. She has been drinking green tea, water, and sips of my blended shakes.

She is living with grace and dignity. I am amazed at how calm and relaxed she is.  I can not believe anyone could be so brave and so peaceful as they face death. Those close to my Aunty believe that her late husband and her late daughter are calling her, while on the other hand, I keep holding on. I continue to love my precious girl more each day. I love my Aunty to the depth and degree that I do simply because I know her. I see God when I look at her. I feel the presence of the Divine always. How then, can I let go? Who in their right mind wants to say good-bye to God?! Although, I am starting to embrace the fact that she will be with me forever "and ever."

Aunty is so Godly good! I have to carry on her legacy. I have to rise to the occasion and be as loving, as kind, as forgiving, and as selfless as she is. Once she gets that all access pass to heaven, the best way I can honor her and keep her spirit alive is by being more like her. This will not be an easy task. Aunty is the epitome of selfless humility. But, I love her that much, I will perpetuate her legacy (even if it means forgiving everyone who has hurt me and letting go of all resentment and fear)!

A wise piano playing Reverend from Harvard University (one more person to fall under the Aunty spell) just told me...  "She is passing that loving and vivacious spirit over to you. I can see it."  Aunty is a flower... and like her I will blossom into goodness. You can too...just stay with Ageless. Soon we will have our official resident Angel. Auras, Halos, and Happy Hearts to all who follow Ageless Aunty's light.  She won't ever let us down...A light as brillilant as hers will sparkle for all eternity.
I adore... *´¨

(¸.·´ (¸.·´   Aunty¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

Monday, October 17, 2011


made with love...

In light of my Aunty's shocking diagnosis, here are some recent emails/blog comments Aunty and I have received (exactly as I have received them). Together with the visits, the phone calls, the homemade cookies, the roses....they are sustaining us. But, most of all, the prayers and the love....that is what is keeping Aunty alive. She danced today, at almost 88 years old, and with a life-threatening illness. Everyone reading this can and will make a difference in a person's life. Thank you for making one in ours.

Regarding your last post....How delightful to sit with angels!

Truly you are blessed to have Aunty's spirit with you always. Even more you are a talented writer. You should write a book on this story.
Blessings and prayers,

Dearest Re Re,
I have always admired the way you show your love and gratitude to our aunty. Your recent messages about her are profound. I bought her a little gift in China and hope to be able to bring it to her when I return next week. Take care of yourself as you continue to take care of Aunty.
Be Be

u are blessed with being with your aunt,she gives you so many wonderful experiences and how to appreciate being on this earth. Live in the now when u can enjoy her for all that she can giveyou.
Love,  Helen

Thank you for sharing this very beautiful, faith filled experience. Aunty's gifts are inspirational, having a wonderful ripple effect to those who read your email, spreading the beauty of her love.
peace and Names,

My dear, you've done everything right..Aunty knows how much you love her, and so do her angels.
Share in the peace that is surrounding her now, you need to find comfort... and find the strength to let her go. LUV U!

Aunty is Ageless.  Aunty embodies saintly agelessness. Renee, you are blessed and loved, because your devotion and sacrifice is the legacy that she has anointed you. Peace.

it's perfect and special. How are you? Will call you tomorrow. Good night!

I can feel that her spirit and memories will never die. Her body will just transcend to another realm, where you can find solace, and can communicate on a higher and psychic/spiritual level. Your precious love is the cord that connects/binds both of you. You will see the light and feel the warmth. Amen!

    Hang in there and keep on loving.
From Don Ronaldo... 

Sat Nam....Thank you one and all. Our blog is written for you...but, we get so much in return as you can see and feel in this post. Like my dear friend Don Ronaldo says...
keep on loving.... 

Above drawing from Live Alive Restaurant...Cambridge Massachusetts

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You would not believe it! Thankfully I have a witness. Aunty (who is still alive) is so close to God it’s miraculous. She is beaming, smiling, and beyond peaceful. It’s staggeringly and profoundly beautiful and amazing! She sat in the living room this morning with her hands folded on her lap. She had her eyes closed but had a serene smile as she looked upward.

She said, for the second time this week,  "I love everybody.” She whispered that God was calling her. I am speechless….

I had angelic Andrea Bocelli music playing softly in the background. Aunty, in her soft pink cotton nightgown  was communing with the angels and Saints. It was surreal.

Now she is sleeping on the couch with the sun coming in, and she is radiant. She may be very sick, but, when she wakes she says everything is wonderful. I am just in total and complete awe!

She embodies the Holy Spirit to the point of literally bringing me (her niece, caregiver, and constant companion) closer and closer to God... each day, each moment, each hour. She is the epitome of pure love!

How lucky am I to be caring for her here at home as she prepares to enter into heaven. I can hear the angels calling her...But, I am not ready to let her go. How can you really and truly ever let go of someone so perfect? We love each other to perfection. I am blessed beyond all measure, beyond all time, beyond all reason...I need a little more of this sacred time with her. Our profound bond is intensfied as she nears death..these days I am living in a differant realm.

In honor of our precious Aunty, please take a moment to pause, reflect, and to feel infinity...Ageless Aunty assures us its there, and we are all a part of it. There is bliss. There is comfort.

Friday, October 7, 2011


The One and Only Ageless Aunty

My dear precious Aunty raised me with the love of Christ
the compassion of Buddha
and the generosity of Santa Claus.

She is the best part of who I am.

My heat beats to the rhythm of her breath...
Together Forever...
or "Forever and Ever" as Aunty still reminds me...

Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Forever and ever and ever...."

(this post was written several days ago)
When I turned on my computer this morning I had received two special emails.
They are worth showing here. It just makes me realize that even in my darkest hour the LOVE that Aunty and I share, and will for all eternity, touches everyone. People really do notice. Here are the emials word for word, exactly as I received them. And, the first one is even from a Big Beatle me.

Hey Renee,
Read your blog. I send my warm and positive energy to you and your loving Auntie. Remember The Beatles and all they wrote and sang about-LOVE. In these trying times, think  of all the love you have shared and will continue to share in your life. You are fortunate to have so much love in your life. I mean, look at me and my about the opposite....hell.
So rejoice in all happy minutes, hours and days and know that you are blessed with the ultimate success...She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah! With a Love like that You Know You Should be glad!

Love to YOU

The day comes when we all get to go Home. Those of us who are left behind grieve the separation and loss of the physical presence. When her moment comes, Aunty will make a glorious exit as her soul is so radiant and full of love and joy. You have been with her to give of your own essence and radiance and to share and sustain her radiance, and so, you too are a blessing.
When I came to her I felt that she was tired and is ready to go Home. The most we can do is try to ease her pain and help her to be comfortable.
I'd like to make an offer to come to visit her and you in early October. If you think this is a good idea we can talk on the phone to figure out what day might be best for all of us.
Love and blessings,

And, one of the many comments I have recieved right on this blog went like this:
Dear Renee&Aunty
I love following your love of life and each other...

Aunty and I feel all the love. We are surrounded by it, enveloped in it, and appreciating it's comforting nectar. The calls, the visits, the emials, and the concern are truly helping me to cope with my Aunty's declining. Each day my Aunty is a bit more tired. But, i can still clearly see her spirit as pure and radiant as ever. And, that is the truth! She wil never die! Her genuine goodness makes her imortal. I adore her!

The Angels Adore Her...