Thursday, January 23, 2014


Dear Friends…
 Just when I tell myself I won’t keep talking about Aunty…stuff like this happens. And so I simply must keep sharing the Aunty LOVE…. I love you all for graciously accepting this story from my heart to yours via our computer screens.
Aunty came to me in a vivid dream last night. TWICE! She woke me with the sound of her voice calling my name. It really was her voice and it was so clear and wonderful that I jumped right up!! Then, a couple of hours later I dreamt crystal clear again that she called me on a big white old fashioned telephone and said. “I love you very much and I miss you so much!” She sounded as always like a perfect angel, and it WAS THE MOST COMFORTING THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Knowing for sure that she really is watching over me, and really "around" I feel like I can leap tall buildings at a single bound! Refer back to this email when I do the impossible (create staggering success with my secret product that I am developing and that Aunty inspired).
That Aunty love just keeps right on going…..For the thousandth time since she passed…this morning when I made coffee (her favorite drink ever) my water that spilled out as I poured into the cup was yet again in the form of a heart! Apparently she really does miss me and wants to remind me and all of us that she is still here.
Love Appears in All Shapes and Sizes 
(Aunty had the most endearing and selfless way of naturally tilting
her head a bit. now you can do that to see this little water drop heart)
So, this is to remind you all that LOVE LIVES AND NEVER EVER EVER DIES. And when we believe and keep our hearts and minds open miracles do happen. And  I have yet to tell the miraculous Aunty story that happened recently on the eve of the two year anniversary of her passing.  A few of you have asked me about it. I promise to share that soon. But, what happened recently regarding a lost item of Aunty’s will  further validate what I express here. Love, Life, and the Hereafter, Its all one big continuous miracle…alive moment by moment and never ending. Close your eyes and feel the LOVE! And if you smile and open your arms it will keep right on flowing into and around you. You can leap tall buildings too!
 Keeping things warm and wonderful here at Ageless with Aunty! Don’t ever go away….
Renee & Saint Aunty-in-spirit

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Before I tell you the funny thing about Paris let me excitedly share with you some of my favorite places there.
First off, The Royal Monceau Hotel. Absolutely one of the very best Hotels.  This is a palace and simply exquisite.
Can you imagine a place so Divine?! So comfortable and inviting…I can fall asleep just looking at the picture of the heavenly bedroom.
Salon Suite Royal
If you feel like celebrating with a fancy cocktail you must try The Experimental Cocktail Bar. On the menu….fabulous and inventive mixes like Tommy’s Margarita Especial, an insane 100% agave tequila Arette mix with lime juice and organic agave honey, infused with Bourbon vanilla and cloves. Or perhaps the Bee’s Kiss, a balance between the Jamaican rum Appleton VX, cream, organic floral honey and crushed Indonesian pepper. I’m buzzing just from the sound of it!
Bon Soir 
The Newly opened Buddha Bar Hotel is spectacular…see for yourself
And I can’t tell you how many people I have referred to one of the best kept secrets …The Rose Bakery Tea Room. Oh la la is a must! By all accounts they have the finest organic health food in Paris.
I See
So now, drum roll please….the funny thing about Paris if you can believe it is: I HAVE NEVER BEEN! I just make it a point to know everything about it. And, as you can see, I am creating my personal Paris vision board. In some way I can feel it bringing me closer and closer every day. I can almost taste those croissants; I see C’s (Chanel) and feel April in the air.
I will get there yet. And when I do, I know exactly where I will go. There is something to be said for positive thinking &visualization. It’s the first step in getting to where you really want to GO!
Bon Voyage….to all you travelers and followers of Ageless.
P.S. for those of you like me who are slowly gearing up to hopefully one day soon start packing for The City of Light...there are Woody Allen's Films Midnight in Paris and Everyone Says I Love You. Like the city they are filmed in they are utterly charming...

Friday, January 10, 2014


 December 7th 2013 I had a Christmas Tea party. Two of the ladies in attendance are huge Downton Abbey fans. Over the course of assorted tea cakes and rich English Christmas Tea they raved about the PBS series. They were gushing and almost falling over themselves about how fabulous the show was.
They insisted I would love Downton Abbey and must watch it immediately!
When the show first aired a few years ago I made a couple of attempts to watch, but, Aunty and I were always doing something on Sunday nights at that time. Now, with the urgency from my pals I knew I had to see it from the beginning and in its entirety like they assured me. And I had no excuse because my friends owned the DVD’s for Seasons 1-3!
They told me I had one month to watch every episode in sequence and then I would be ready for Season Four which would air on Sunday night January 5th!  It was Christmas time and I was busier than usual. But, somehow I made the time. And, I found myself instantly and utterly fascinated and thoroughly into Downton Abbey. The show is spellbinding; the casting, the direction, the actors, the writing, the splendor of the castle, the costumes, the music, the 20’s!  It all made quite an impression with me. Each time I would put the disc in and press play, I would pull my chair right up to the TV to be as close as possible. I would swoon; I sipped more tea than ever before, and become transported to another time and place. I was mesmerized and seduced.  I was hooked. I would watch the series every chance I could get.  And, since I wasn’t the only friend my friends were lending their DVD’s to, there were a couple of times I found myself running out even late at night, and meeting in a doorway and a street corner to get my fix…A Season 1-3 Downton Abbey DISC!
And then Season 4….
 I was gearing up to call this blog post PLEASE SIR I WANT SOME MORE, AS I eagerly awaited the season premiere. This past Sunday night I had a “Downton Date.” I drove alone down a dark, foggy and twisty road to watch the season opener with yet another die-hard Downton Abbey pal.  I brought my slippers, we made tea, she gave me a blanket, and we were counting the minutes like millions of others. Then we watched and waited for that excitement and tension and moment by moment drama and cliffhangers that are signature Downton Abbey. But, I will say it straight out… far as the first episode of Season Four; you do feel the loss of Matthew. I liken it to real life how when one family member dies and it throws everything out of whack, so it does on our beloved show. Something felt very different and not quite right.
Because this is Downton Abbey I will absolutely give them the benefit of any doubt and certainly continue watching. The writer is tops. I don’t envy him though. It is not easy to keep something so awesome going for so long especially when one of the best characters dies. In this case the actor who plays Matthew, Mr. Dan Stevens, wanted to leave the show to do other things. How dare he, say I?!  I really cannot believe he left. It may only be a TV series but it was quite lovely when Mary and Matthew graced the screen! They became instant classics. And millions of people around the Globe were able to look forward to enjoying something so good every Sunday evening.
I am hopeful the show will come back to life soon. We’ve still got Carson, and Lord and Lady Grantham, and Mary. My beloved Anna and Mr. Bates are still in love and together. And I’ll keep rooting and hoping for Mr. Molesley and wanting the best for Branson. I will put my hands over my eyes and only peek at the ominous Thomas. I will enjoy each twist and turn of every character and storyline.
But for right now it’s about family dynamics and transcending a profound loss; for the actors, for the viewers, and for the writer and director. Once we all get used to Matthew being gone, we can get right back to sublime. It might take an episode or two but, I trust they will deliver.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


There was no champagne, no party hats, and no old friends, BUT, I had one of the BEST NEW YEAR’S EVES EVER!
My boyfriend’s family is what I call old-school. They feel the more the merrier, and when they have a party they invite the entire family. Since they exclude no one, this can easily mean thirty people plus. My boyfriend has ten cousins and they all have children. They are so welcoming and friendly (not only to me) but, some of them even travel with their mother-in-law! The mother of these ten children, my boyfriend’s Aunty Leonie…is highly revered. It’s clear to see that she is the person who years ago created a space for all this love to grow. She remains at the helm.

Five o’clock is dinner. When we arrived half the family came to the door to greet us.  I immediately felt welcomed. They took our coats and then gave us their full attention.

There were so many of us for dinner we decided to eat in shifts. And while half the family ate the other socialized. One truly notable thing is the absence of alcohol, especially at the holidays. They just don’t drink. Yet, the atmosphere is so celebratory. The spirit is in the air and not a glass.

Every bit of food was homemade from the lasagna to the fish to the eggplant. I sipped Aunty Leonie’s made from scratch sublime flower based purple drink. WE enjoyed our meal over a conversation about positive thinking and how much our thoughts can affect our lives. Everyone had a turn to be heard. Gathering around the table like that created a loving and respectable feeling. The night kept getting better.
After dinner the highlight of the evening was watching the movie ELF! What was so special about this was watching it with a room filled with happy people WHO HAD NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE! The laughter kept escalating. Will Ferrell naturally was a hit and I think I scored some points for not only suggesting the movie but for bringing my copy of it.

Everyone moved back to the kitchen for tea and cookies and a bit more laughter. Later we hit the road but reluctantly. No one wanted us to leave. I can’t tell you how good that feels. Knowing you are genuinely wanted is the best feeling. I got hugs from everyone and two from the youngest little girl (who had earlier been playing with my hair and now holding my hand). Several family members walked us to the door. “Don’t be a stranger. Come back soon. Thanks so much for the movie.” They huddled together at the door and watched us walk to our car. As one big family unit they stood in the doorway waving as we drove off. I felt so complete. It was a night of love, of family, and of making new friends. It was a perfect New Year’s Eve that kept getting better.

When I got back home I was welcomed by the glow of the Eternal Aunty Candle…. a lovely white candle in honor of my late great Aunty Helen. And since it was still New Year’s Eve I had another special candle ready and waiting.

That morning I had found out about an old but true holiday saying. A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings Joy to the heart and Gold to the pocket! So, I lit my special good luck candle and made my wish. As I sit now at my computer on the first day of the New Year I can already feel it coming true.

And my new year’s promise to you (readers of Ageless) is the same. Around here we have endless amounts of JOY. And, given my new prosperous attitude, GOLD IN THE POCKET is next! It’s there…I can feel it…….. I CAN’T’ be low on funds and struggling forever. Rich in spirit always$ now Rich in pocket too!

I would like to bestow those same good wishes and truths to YOU! Whatever you want and need can be yours. All you have to do is believe from your molecules. Everything else is taken care of….. 2014=LUCKY SEVEN