Saturday, July 28, 2012


When things fall apart and don’t go your way, when life keeps coming at you with one obstacle after another, when you are grieving the loss of someone who actually was perfect and LOVED you like GOD LOVES YOU, then when you fall, just pick yourself back up again! Ride the waves of life with a smile knowing its all part of the journey…
This summer has been rife with challenges from every angle from all aspects of my life. Whenever things like this would happen in the past I just held on to Aunty! She was always there with an enormous sterling silver platter of love, affection, compassion, patience, generosity and humor.

Having said that, losing her has been like REVERSE OZ. Most of us recall the scene in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ, when Dorothy’s house lands on OZ. When she opens the door the film miraculously changes to Vibrant COLOR. Having lived with my Aunty and Uncle D most of my life with our dog named Koto (like Dorothy’s Toto), in a house with a bulkhead, just like in the film, with kind and caring neighbors like the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow, who would come to our window, I have had a lifelong affinity for that film. At times I couldn’t help but feel like Dorothy. (Given the nature and scope of the creative project that I am about to embark on, it’s quite possible that soon the entire world will see the Dorothy in me, and just how much that story has affected me).
When Aunty died on November 18th 2011…I felt like I was living out REVERSE OZ. My real life (not some movie scene) went from GLORIOUS, FULL OF LIFE, Color, to a lackluster BLACK AND WHITE! FOR anyone who has ever spent more than a minute with my late Aunty Helen you know exactly what I mean. For those of you who have not simply scroll around this blog to see what I lost.
But, that is the point. I have been focusing on the loss. However, there is an entire other story here. I had Aunty for so many wonderful and perfect years. I think of her now and know she is watching, guiding, and waiting for me to do some great things. I know I can. I could not have a better, stronger, inspiration.      
Today, I picked myself up (just like the first two pictures here show) and I will keep moving onward and upward. I have got an angel lighting the way and shielding me from any flying monkey’s and such. For years I have been paving my own yellow-brick road. It is ready to be traveled. Now I just have to muster up the courage to take that first step towards success. The color is returning. I see my Sparkling Emerald City in the distance! I can do this…..Please come along…Aunty’s LOVE and GOOD KARMA is SO VAST….She will shield you too!
If you don't have your own yellow-brick road its never too late to start building one. Otherwise, how will you know where to go without a clear path?


Friday, July 13, 2012


Grace Kelly makes another appearance at Ageless

Grace Kelly is a star! She was just voted the best National Jazz Act by The Boston Phoenix Music Poll, and continues to perform around the world! I am thrilled to know her and to have her grace my blog for the third time.
Here we are after one of her recent sold out shows at Sculler's Jazz Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Live music is healing, it's transformative, it's therapy for the heart, soul, and mind. It moves me like nothing else. I urge my readers to experience a live show this summer.

Naturally I will give a great big plug to Grace, and will attach a link to her website. With any luck she might be playing near you. One new song she has coming out soon is Ready, Set, Stay. She played it that night at Scullers while she was recording. When its released you may be able to hear me cheering at the end. It's one of my favorite songs.

Hanging out with Grace is one more way to enjoy life...this singer/songwriter/sax player/composer is young, happy, fun to be around, and super talented. If you can't make it to a gig you can always buy one of her CD's.
For her touring schedule and merchandise selection just hit the link below:

And, how about spending a splendid summer evening at the Cape Cod Jazz Festival... Throughout the summer The Wequassett Resort and Golf Club (featured below) is hosting an incredible line up of Jazz Artists. Grace will be there on August 15th. The place itself is idyllic. If you combine the almost tropical setting, a talent like Grace Kelly performing on a balmy summer night under the stars.... it's simply quintessential summer. And you heard about it here first at Ageless with Aunty...where no matter what is happening around us, inside we continue to bloom!

They will gladly make you a luscious Pina Colada in your private cabana. It's all part of your Escape to the Cape.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


These two precious children sat next to me at the recent James Taylor show in the Berkshires! What a treat to be so close to such love, perfection, and wonder. A few feet away were more kids (at heart) having even more fun (me and my group)....

One of the reasons this blog exists is to remind you: HAVE (at least a little) FUN EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU CAN!
live music, summer drinks,
love beads, and good friends

A few minutes after the above picture was taken (by one of my BEST friends ever) we all got up to dance. We were so caught up in the moment (and it always comes down to a moment doesn't it) that no one stopped to take a picture. But, I clearly remember twisting and shouting on the lawn at Tanglewood on the Fourth of July 2012. Sometimes the best of memories are not always captured on film.

After reading this, get up and dance, or just throw your hands in the air, walk the beach, listen to your favorite song three times in a row, buy a DVD of a film you love, pick up the phone and actually call a friend instead of sending an email, put a hula-hoop around your waist and smile.  Don't let the children have all the fun! And for those of you already enjoying this day....GOOD for YOU! I thank you for making the world a little lighter...
~Keeping my inner child alive~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


                                                 We want YOu to have fun!

If you are reading this in the United States of America…..HAPPY INDENPDENCE DAY! CELEBRATE BIG THIS YEAR….MAKE IT A JUBILANT FOURTH OF JULY. If you are in another country….come visit us this summer….We are BIG fun!

For me, this Fourth of July is not quite the same. This will be the first time ever, since I have been old enough to watch fireworks that I won’t be watching with Aunty by my side. It’s a tough one. She LOVED celebrations and every day with her was a holiday. But, since Aunty inspired this blog, I will be true to her effervescent spirit and carry on.  Yes, I will cry; I already have twice today. But, tomorrow I am going to see James Taylor perform at Tanglewood. This is quite a treat. There will be a lavish lawn party where almost everyone will be setting up picnics. Many toast champagne (I know we will), while leaning back and inhaling the fresh air of the Berkshires (in Western Massachusetts). I am quite excited. And when James sings You’ve Got a Friend, I will be sitting between two of mine. I know I will undoubtedly hear Aunty (MY BEST FRIEND EVER) whispering the words all around me, inside and out. YOU JUST CALL OUT MY NAME AND YOU KNOW WHERE EVER I AM, I’LL COME RUNNING TO SEE YOU AGAIN….WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, OR FALL…. and, I won’t even have to call, because the truth of the matter is: she’s always been right by my side, and she always will. LOVE IS ETERNAL.
Everything was larger than life with Aunty!

God Bless~