Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Happy Birthday to Aunty in Heaven……

Since you were born March 7th, 1924, you are 93 today! Your spirit soars higher than ever. I feel your love like never before. You are with me. Every evening before bed I light the Aunty Candle, and, have every single night for five years now since you crossed over to the heavens! I see you in all the hearts that form in my water drops, snowflakes, and even in my coffee grinds. You really want to tell me how much you love and miss me too. I know. You remain the single greatest blessing in my life! You and Uncle D send love to me from above and it helps to keep me going when things are tough. And, when things are bright and sunny, I feel your loving warmth always there.

AT the end of every journal entry, each and every night I write, I love you Aunty and Uncle D! You are right here, beside me always, but, I just can’t touch you. Yet, our hearts touch all the time and forever. For most of my life as far as I can remember everyone said “Renee and Aunty, or Aunty and Renee!” We were best pals. Thank you again for giving me your deepest love. I feel like the most loved person in the universe when I think of what we share. You are my inspiration, you are my angel, you are my best friend ever. I adore you and miss you, and pray that you are soaring though eternity with grace and beauty and joy….just like you did while on earth. You are the epitome of selfless humility.

 My dolly Aunty (with her trademark lipstick)

I am sure the angels you frolic with agree, you achieved the highest evolvement a human being can. Your heart was pure. You gave nothing but love to me, the rest of our family, and even to those you just met. In the words you always said to me, “I love you forever and ever and ever”….. I am indeed eternally grateful. I keep your beautiful pictures all around me. I hold your stuffed animals Suey, Sweetie, and Betty Boop. I whisper loving things to you always…..and best of all, you always give me some sign that you can hear me. And, even if you didn’t, I know you can. Thank you Aunty…and Thank God for YOU. You are eternally cherished. And thanks to you, so am I!
Aunty loved coffee so much, and I love her, 
I see her in my coffee