Saturday, December 24, 2011


Christmas is so magical and wonderful that it conjures up all kinds of images...
Here are a few things I see when I think of Christmas.

I really think someone took a picture of the inside of my mind because this is exactly what it looks like on December 24th!

There are a myriad of miraculous Christmas images. What kind of Christmas is in your mind? Because that is the one you will ultimately experience.
My precious Aunty Helen is, was, and always will be the true embodiment of Christmas to me. She is what Christmas is all about....Pure LOVE & LIGHT. She spread joy wherever she set foot. Now she is my true Christmas Angel...FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AMEN. Every image of her, just like every Christmas with her was precious and sacred!

and happy too
My wish for you is to bring forth a little more comfort and joy into your holiday. With The Spirit of Aunty guiding me I believe I can. We love you! And, that is a great place to start.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


With my feet firmly on the ground, I close my eyes and this is what I see. I am on a Christmas Path....covered, followed, and guided by angels. I am blessed.

Aunty loved Christmas more than anyone I know. Now, I live and love in her legacy..
Each Christmas is like the first. Following her light I see the season through the eyes of a Child! If you are feeling you would like to enjoy the season a little more, just stay with Ageless and the Spirit of Aunty will take you to some wondrous places. This I know for sure.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The color of Aunty...
Grab your party beads, your Hawaiian lei and celebrate your inner Aunty…
Its Christmas time and I'm struggling with the loss of Aunty. Still, she is everywhere! It's as if she doesn't want to leave me, as much as I am still holding on to her. Every room in my house is filled with her spirit. This is a good thing because her spirit is such a happy & grateful one. On the other hand, I'm always reminded that she is not here physically.  I can sense her, but I can't actually see her. And even though I am very sad, there is an enormous comfort in knowing,  believing, and feeling, that she is still, and always will be, with me. Quite simply, it's worth repeating… Aunty is all around.
Several months ago for no particular reason I took the above picture of Aunty’s bureau. It is so telling of who she is and what she is all about. First of all, it's colorful. Second, there are lots of family pictures (you can’t see them but they are there), and it's covered with her favorite things. Aunty's trademark high heel is there. High heels had to be one of her most favorite things. She was stylish till the end. There's perfume and plenty of lipstick, two things she enjoyed immensely. She’s got her bobby pins stashed away and her Mardi Gras beads ready. Aunty was always celebrating life. She celebrated each day of living. Joyful to simply wake up and breathe! Grateful for a simple hello. Even her multi-colored wreath of flowers symbolizes her genuine affection for all.
And the name tag: Helen showed how often we would go places. There was always a name tag on her dresser representing her myriad of activities, from the ladies church meetings, to the tea parties and lectures. What a life, what a woman. I am reminded of this throughout the day, as I walk by my little Aunty shrine to get to my office.
What’s displayed on your dresser? What does it say about you?  Is it time to clean it up a bit? Add more color? Or is it time to simply be more grateful for whatever it is that you already have? In case you didn’t notice, Aunty’s old jewelry box has no expensive diamonds or platinum….but; she led a treasured life…and a gloriously rich existence. If we had to measure her service to others throughout her years of living, she gave more than the weight of the earth in gold!
How I see Aunty

Thanks for stopping by, and in some cases opening Ageless from your inbox. I am healing and it’s taking some time. However, little by little I will get back to that place of full enjoyment living with that all out Over-the-Top zest! I’ll take you along on that magic carpet ride that was just about to lift off before Aunty got sick…  With blessings from above, Guardian Angel Aunty is preparing the path for some pretty big things to come my way…
You are invited…so stay tuned to Ageless with Aunty
  Happy Holidays
resembles Aunty as a child

Thursday, December 8, 2011



A couple of weeks before Aunty passed, she heard me talking about my annual Christmas stroll. Her immediate response was "Can I go?" More than anything in the world I wanted to take her, but I had a strong feeling she would not make it. So, in keeping with Aunty’s jolly spirit  I promised myself that I would go to stroll just like I do the first Friday in December every year. The last thing Aunty would ever want me to do would be to break tradition and not to celebrate the season wholeheartedly. One of the greatest gifts we shared together was a hearty celebration of the holidays… Most of all Christmas! This blog is a testimony to that. Just scroll around to see.

So I grabbed my little boom box, dusted off my Santa Uggs, and headed to Newburyport, Massachusetts. I picked up a few friends along the way, pulled into Starbucks and ordered  four Crème Brule Latte’s. Then, in my version of a sleigh-ride, I rolled the windows down a bit, turned the carols up, and headed north.

There is something rewarding, comforting, and always welcoming when you uphold tradition. Pulling into historic Newburyport Center welcomed by the glistening shops, chill in the air, and the tall evergreen brought me right into Christmas. I felt my little Angel Aunty beside me at all times. I smiled. One of my friends put her arm around me and the gang strutted across the cobblestone. Tea shops, toy shops, jewelry shops…. we hit them all. One of the best parts of the evening was the love I kept receiving from my festive friends. Lori had on her flashing earrings, Helen resembled a slim version of Mrs. Claus, and my new friend Christine wore a lovely tiara. They dressed for the occasion because it was Christmas time, but they also did it to make me happy. And it did. Knowing that I usually enjoy rising to most  occasions with suitable garb and often over-the-top accessories, Lori  enjoys saying, “I need a special wardrobe to hang out with you Renee.”  
We exuded so much spirit we manifested our own elf!
Though it may not always be easy this time of year for one reason or another, I would like to urge the readers and followers of Ageless to get out and do something fun even if you are feeling blue. Losing Aunty is the hardest thing I can imagine, yet, I can’t think of a better way of honoring her then by celebrating life, and in this case Christmas. She is Christmas. And by living the joy this time of year should bring….well, somehow it brings her closer. What a satisfying feeling.

If I spend the rest of my life keeping her spirit alive…what a “wonderful” life it will be! By the way, Aunty’s favorite word was w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

This Holiday Season be more Aunty-like. When you keep your heart open surprises abound….


Monday, December 5, 2011


the warmth of Aunty's rays aka
the Aunty Connection...

I know that I have to go on with my life even though Aunty is no longer physically present. This is a hard thing to do. Since I was born I have never been without this woman. She is such a spectacular soul that losing her is that much more profound. However, when I just used the words “spectacular soul,” I realized in that moment that Aunty is still alive (in spirit) and always will be. And, even though I have been crying A LOT lately, on the deepest level, I know that Aunty is watching over me and is truly my precious Guardian Angel. To validate this… take a look at the picture I just received. It is hard for me to put into words how the above picture makes me feel. My friend took this shot as I was the last person to leave Aunty’s glowing grave site. This glorious photo captures everything about my relationship with aunty, and her divine presence, spirit, and soul! That woman was so much larger-than-life. She is life itself. And by that I mean after life as well. This gives me great peace. When I'm feeling sad and blue I will just look at this picture (which will be enlarged to the highest degree). As my friend said when she sent it to me "Aunty is all around you." If you look closely you will see Aunty sending me rays of light to comfort me. I raise my arms to receive her gift of pure love.
For anyone who has lost a loved one that they were close to, you know they are never too far away. When the love is that deep, that real, that solid, not even death can take them from you. Because I know this to be true my tears lessen, and I put the boxes of tissue aside, and enjoy looking at the above picture instead.
I take enormous comfort in knowing that I will always be connected to Aunty. This picture, the feeling in my heart, the cherished memories, and my continued communication with aunty prove it. Aunty is everywhere I am! Our bond is unbreakable.

In some upcoming posts I’ll be sharing some of the highlights of aunty’s wake and funeral. I'm still getting lots of heartfelt compliments regarding those "wonderful" holy events. Many have used the word “enjoy’ when referring to the experience they had during Aunty’s final send off. All the goodness and light that surrounded and emanated from Aunty during her life followed her to the world beyond. Her wake and funeral were joyous and, I am told, deeply gratifying for everyone present.
selfless humility and virtue: Aunty Saint Helen
So it is with great happiness that I announce aunty is alive and well (in a differant form of energy) and sending blessings to me, to every else who loved her, and to the followers of Ageless!
Real soon, I'll be getting back to my own life and what this blog is all about… Enjoying every day to the fullest, staying ageless in the process, and most of all, being happy. More succinctly… simply being Aunty!
As a perk for following Ageless, I promise to share with my readers as Aunty continues to teach and guide me.
Happy holidays….Happy Aunty!

Monday, November 28, 2011


~Sleep in heavenly peace~

Aunty died as she had lived…with perfect and utter love!

My darling Aunty passed away peacefully in my arms Friday evening November 18th. She was loved and adored right into eternity. It was the most sacred and intimate experience of my entire life. She was surrounded by pictures of her beloved family, including her late devoted husband, daughter and parents. The only light in the room was the twinkle of the Christmas tree, the flickering angel, and the glow of the evening peace candles. After I had anointed Aunty in lavender oil, with the sound of soft Christmas Carols in the background, including Silent Night (her favorite song) I turned on some lush lullaby music and sat by her side. I started to tell her again about how much I loved her and how thankful I was for all she has done for me and for several generations of our family. She smiled from her bed and opened her eyes. No one ever loved me as much as she did in that moment. I  told her I would write a book about her. I assured her I would be okay. Then, knowing she had missed her family immensely, I told her that her husband, and daughter and all her brothers and sisters were waiting. She smiled again. She held my hand. I rubbed her head. I put my head on her pillow. We were eye to eye. I held her hand. I held her head then I laid down beside her. After I told her all the beautiful truths about her life (which I knew would to allow her to pass peacefully, gracefully and courageously) she slowed down her breathing. She looked at me with utter love from God himself and breathed her last few breaths. It was intensely and profoundly spiritual and will sustain me for all my days to come. It completed her journey here in the physical sense, but, she is ever present. I take enormous comfort in her divine death. I feel like a midwife to her soul. I helped her ease into eternity with all the love in my heart and soul, with every bit of my being!  I write all these words here, but no mortal words can truly express what transpired that wondrous evening. Exactly as I had predicted…her last breath went right into me and now I shall continue Aunty’s legacy of pure love.
She was compassionate to every living being, She forgave all who harmed her, She gave to everyone in need on many levels. She comforted the sick and dying before her. She lived to give, and gave all she had and even more. I will do my best to uphold such a high standard of human being-ness. As always, for Aunty I can and will do anything. I now have a flock of golden angles…with my precious baby girl at the helm and always by my side and in my heart. I will do great things in her name. Amen.
I saw to it that Aunty had a glorious wake, funeral, and out of this world burial. I am receiving countless emails about it. Stay tuned for more on how to create a perfect ending to life here on earth. Good stuff for sure….

Thursday, November 17, 2011


especially at Christmas
When I found out Aunty had a terminal illness, I had to make a decision whether to take care of her at home or consider an alternative. But, let's face it. There is no place like home!

Of course I decided to care for my baby girl at home. She has nurtured, nursed and cared for me ever since I was born. Since her diagnosis in early September we have bonded to a rare and exceptional level. I have been nurturing, nursing, and caring for her with all I've got. These past two months have been the hardest two and a half months of my life. At times I simply can not believe how overwhelming and daunting it is to take care of someone you love more than anything in the world who you know is dying.

But, being like Aunty (happy at heart) I decided since we both have an extreme affinity for Christmas we would decorate and start the season early. Knowing Aunty probably wont make it until December 25th, I wanted us to have one last Christmas together. And, as it turns out, so did she. We put up our (first fake) tree and now our house is just like it is every Christmas except this year we have a hospital bed in the living room, a commode in Aunty's room, a home-health aide in the guest room, and a myriad of medicines in the bathroom. But, there is still LOVE and plenty of Christmas spirit in every room.

Aunty sure is glad she's home. Last weekend we played all our treasured holiday music including Aunty's favorite, Silent Night. She sat in her chair and swayed back and forth (well tried to anyway). You could see her smile as I rubbed her head, and then held her hands. I told her how happy I was. Just knowing that she made it this far, and is still with me, and able to enjoy our favorite season is the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received. I just cried and cried tears of joy and tears of sorrow. I knew it would be our last Christmas. But, boy the ones we had were so deeply satisfying they will sustain me until I hug Aunty again in heaven. For now, we are home for the holidays!
A glorious Christmas past

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Aunty's "babies" watch over her while she sleeps
I do too...

There are seven wonderful comments on my last blog post! At a time like this, your words, and thoughts, and prayers go a long way. I wanted to thank you by leaving a comment myself. But, as it turns out, I cannot. Something is wrong with my blogger program. With Aunty being so sick, I don't have the time to fix it. So, I literally say no comment.

 Many have asked me for an Aunty update. She is sick and getting weaker. Today she could barely open her eyes. However, Aunty is not giving up yet. She is amazing me till the end. I am learning from her every breath about life and how to be a better person. She has always been a wise master at transcending the karma of people who are not so nice. She taught me today as she lay there in a peaceful sleep by the Christmas tree with the candles glowing and the lullaby’s not let greedy people get you down. Even under our dire circumstances of late, we have recently had some people trying to bring us down, if you can imagine that. But, with Aunty in the state of grace and loving and forgiving until the end, how can I be any other way but literally above it all...just like my Aunty! The love we share puts us at the top of the world! Aunty is protecting and enlightening me even as she is dying… What a woman. What a blessing!

Aunty with her fake ciggerette and sunglasses...
still a hoot till the end

That's my in the light

Sunday, October 30, 2011


still keeping up her routine with Gracie

As many of you know, my darling Aunty is very sick. She is 87 years old with advanced pancreatic cancer. She has not eaten any solid food for five weeks. Her body is weak. Yet, she is smiling. She laughs. She jokes. She still draws people in. I am continually amazed at her strength and courage. Her joie de vivre is unmatched. You have to see her to believe her, but, that is where this blog comes in. I hope to convey even a sliver of my Aunty’s wonderful spirit with my words. And, maybe even inspire you (and myself) to take our life up a notch, because we see through Aunty’s resiliency and happy heart that every breath is an extraordinary gift.

Aunty has no food in her body, yet, she got up to answer the door a few days ago! She tried getting herself out of bed this morning. And a few minutes ago she told me… you give me a happy life. She keeps thanking me. We bond closer every moment. Our love continues to blossom. I put flowers in her hair and all around her. I snuggle up next to her and hold her close. No matter how much time I spend with her it will never be enough.

I bought her the softest, coziest, and warmest, Martha Stewart down alternative comforter. She sleeps like a baby with a soft angelic smile. My friend Rory says “Aunty’s happy as a lark.” If there is a moral to this post, or a deeper meaning behind it, it is to live life to the fullest…every moment, every day, NO MATTER WHAT! If my precious and beloved Aunty, under her current circumstances can still dance (even if I have to hold her up), and sing, and pray (every night), and continue giving (she keeps giving her heart to me and those who come to our door. She lights up, reaches out to them, and tells them how lovely they are, then with all she has… she thanks them for coming to see her), than we can make the most of each day and our own set of circumstances. Maybe we can give of ourselves a little bit more than we thought we could. We can get up and dance, no matter how we feel, just to lift our spirits. We can always say one more prayer.  

Those of you who have had the privilege of spending some time with Aunty know exactly what I mean! She is a miraculous woman. Her selfless humility and inherent goodness are genuine. If I can typify even one tenth of her magic through this blog than you will feel really good when you are here. Following Ageless with Aunty is the next best thing to actually being in her presence. I give you my word of honor. Not one word of this post is exaggerated in any way. If anything, the words do not do her justice.

From this moment forward, my work is dedicated to our Aunty’s life and spirit. Like her, Ageless with Aunty will thrive, spread joy, and ask nothing in return. We’ll live to give. Amen.
Long Live Aunty!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


follow the light..

Here is a picture of Aunty and me from two years ago...You can see Aunty's glow. She still has it. Today I put a flower in her hair as she slept. She smiled. She told me again  "I love everybody!" I told her the truth, "Everybody loves you."

As her disease progresses, she gets weaker...this is the fourth week without food. She has been drinking green tea, water, and sips of my blended shakes.

She is living with grace and dignity. I am amazed at how calm and relaxed she is.  I can not believe anyone could be so brave and so peaceful as they face death. Those close to my Aunty believe that her late husband and her late daughter are calling her, while on the other hand, I keep holding on. I continue to love my precious girl more each day. I love my Aunty to the depth and degree that I do simply because I know her. I see God when I look at her. I feel the presence of the Divine always. How then, can I let go? Who in their right mind wants to say good-bye to God?! Although, I am starting to embrace the fact that she will be with me forever "and ever."

Aunty is so Godly good! I have to carry on her legacy. I have to rise to the occasion and be as loving, as kind, as forgiving, and as selfless as she is. Once she gets that all access pass to heaven, the best way I can honor her and keep her spirit alive is by being more like her. This will not be an easy task. Aunty is the epitome of selfless humility. But, I love her that much, I will perpetuate her legacy (even if it means forgiving everyone who has hurt me and letting go of all resentment and fear)!

A wise piano playing Reverend from Harvard University (one more person to fall under the Aunty spell) just told me...  "She is passing that loving and vivacious spirit over to you. I can see it."  Aunty is a flower... and like her I will blossom into goodness. You can too...just stay with Ageless. Soon we will have our official resident Angel. Auras, Halos, and Happy Hearts to all who follow Ageless Aunty's light.  She won't ever let us down...A light as brillilant as hers will sparkle for all eternity.
I adore... *´¨

(¸.·´ (¸.·´   Aunty¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

Monday, October 17, 2011


made with love...

In light of my Aunty's shocking diagnosis, here are some recent emails/blog comments Aunty and I have received (exactly as I have received them). Together with the visits, the phone calls, the homemade cookies, the roses....they are sustaining us. But, most of all, the prayers and the love....that is what is keeping Aunty alive. She danced today, at almost 88 years old, and with a life-threatening illness. Everyone reading this can and will make a difference in a person's life. Thank you for making one in ours.

Regarding your last post....How delightful to sit with angels!

Truly you are blessed to have Aunty's spirit with you always. Even more you are a talented writer. You should write a book on this story.
Blessings and prayers,

Dearest Re Re,
I have always admired the way you show your love and gratitude to our aunty. Your recent messages about her are profound. I bought her a little gift in China and hope to be able to bring it to her when I return next week. Take care of yourself as you continue to take care of Aunty.
Be Be

u are blessed with being with your aunt,she gives you so many wonderful experiences and how to appreciate being on this earth. Live in the now when u can enjoy her for all that she can giveyou.
Love,  Helen

Thank you for sharing this very beautiful, faith filled experience. Aunty's gifts are inspirational, having a wonderful ripple effect to those who read your email, spreading the beauty of her love.
peace and Names,

My dear, you've done everything right..Aunty knows how much you love her, and so do her angels.
Share in the peace that is surrounding her now, you need to find comfort... and find the strength to let her go. LUV U!

Aunty is Ageless.  Aunty embodies saintly agelessness. Renee, you are blessed and loved, because your devotion and sacrifice is the legacy that she has anointed you. Peace.

it's perfect and special. How are you? Will call you tomorrow. Good night!

I can feel that her spirit and memories will never die. Her body will just transcend to another realm, where you can find solace, and can communicate on a higher and psychic/spiritual level. Your precious love is the cord that connects/binds both of you. You will see the light and feel the warmth. Amen!

    Hang in there and keep on loving.
From Don Ronaldo... 

Sat Nam....Thank you one and all. Our blog is written for you...but, we get so much in return as you can see and feel in this post. Like my dear friend Don Ronaldo says...
keep on loving.... 

Above drawing from Live Alive Restaurant...Cambridge Massachusetts

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You would not believe it! Thankfully I have a witness. Aunty (who is still alive) is so close to God it’s miraculous. She is beaming, smiling, and beyond peaceful. It’s staggeringly and profoundly beautiful and amazing! She sat in the living room this morning with her hands folded on her lap. She had her eyes closed but had a serene smile as she looked upward.

She said, for the second time this week,  "I love everybody.” She whispered that God was calling her. I am speechless….

I had angelic Andrea Bocelli music playing softly in the background. Aunty, in her soft pink cotton nightgown  was communing with the angels and Saints. It was surreal.

Now she is sleeping on the couch with the sun coming in, and she is radiant. She may be very sick, but, when she wakes she says everything is wonderful. I am just in total and complete awe!

She embodies the Holy Spirit to the point of literally bringing me (her niece, caregiver, and constant companion) closer and closer to God... each day, each moment, each hour. She is the epitome of pure love!

How lucky am I to be caring for her here at home as she prepares to enter into heaven. I can hear the angels calling her...But, I am not ready to let her go. How can you really and truly ever let go of someone so perfect? We love each other to perfection. I am blessed beyond all measure, beyond all time, beyond all reason...I need a little more of this sacred time with her. Our profound bond is intensfied as she nears death..these days I am living in a differant realm.

In honor of our precious Aunty, please take a moment to pause, reflect, and to feel infinity...Ageless Aunty assures us its there, and we are all a part of it. There is bliss. There is comfort.

Friday, October 7, 2011


The One and Only Ageless Aunty

My dear precious Aunty raised me with the love of Christ
the compassion of Buddha
and the generosity of Santa Claus.

She is the best part of who I am.

My heat beats to the rhythm of her breath...
Together Forever...
or "Forever and Ever" as Aunty still reminds me...

Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Forever and ever and ever...."

(this post was written several days ago)
When I turned on my computer this morning I had received two special emails.
They are worth showing here. It just makes me realize that even in my darkest hour the LOVE that Aunty and I share, and will for all eternity, touches everyone. People really do notice. Here are the emials word for word, exactly as I received them. And, the first one is even from a Big Beatle me.

Hey Renee,
Read your blog. I send my warm and positive energy to you and your loving Auntie. Remember The Beatles and all they wrote and sang about-LOVE. In these trying times, think  of all the love you have shared and will continue to share in your life. You are fortunate to have so much love in your life. I mean, look at me and my about the opposite....hell.
So rejoice in all happy minutes, hours and days and know that you are blessed with the ultimate success...She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah! With a Love like that You Know You Should be glad!

Love to YOU

The day comes when we all get to go Home. Those of us who are left behind grieve the separation and loss of the physical presence. When her moment comes, Aunty will make a glorious exit as her soul is so radiant and full of love and joy. You have been with her to give of your own essence and radiance and to share and sustain her radiance, and so, you too are a blessing.
When I came to her I felt that she was tired and is ready to go Home. The most we can do is try to ease her pain and help her to be comfortable.
I'd like to make an offer to come to visit her and you in early October. If you think this is a good idea we can talk on the phone to figure out what day might be best for all of us.
Love and blessings,

And, one of the many comments I have recieved right on this blog went like this:
Dear Renee&Aunty
I love following your love of life and each other...

Aunty and I feel all the love. We are surrounded by it, enveloped in it, and appreciating it's comforting nectar. The calls, the visits, the emials, and the concern are truly helping me to cope with my Aunty's declining. Each day my Aunty is a bit more tired. But, i can still clearly see her spirit as pure and radiant as ever. And, that is the truth! She wil never die! Her genuine goodness makes her imortal. I adore her!

The Angels Adore Her...

Monday, September 26, 2011


If your read my last blog post, you know I am going through the toughest period of my life. My vivacious and vibrant Aunty (whom I literally adore) is slowing down due to a diagnosis that may not give her too much longer to live. I am grateful she has lived well into her 80's and with so much enthusiasm and vibrancy. She continues planting the seeds of what will become her legacy (making everyone around her happy). Nobody can get enough of that wondrous Aunty spirit...most especially me.

As I write this I can hear her breathing while she sleeps in the next room. In a few minutes I will get her up and ready to go see one of her three grandchildren and four of her six great-grandchildren. My darling Aunty could not be happier. Aunty's grandchildren & great-grandchildren have not been able to see her for some time now. I expect a glorious reunion!

Also, these days, more than ever, Aunty and I make sure to step out into nature and in general, gravitate towards lovely surroundings. I am cleaning up my act around the house; clean out my car, re-arrange my office, and organize Aunty's bedroom. Aside from being with her family and friends, nothing makes Aunty happier than a clean and organized home. I will do whatever it takes to create that for her, just like she did for me.

We have been venturing out to the waterfall (mentioned in last post), and spend time at places like The Center at Westwoods featured in this post. We spent Friday evening there and soaked in all the good vibrations and healing energy.
reap some benefits just by looking
Our dear friend Tonia Pinherio was there to embrace Aunty with all the positive energy she had.  The healing bell, chimes, and chants felt miraculous. With a crystal angel above us, Aunty and I clapped hands, closed our eyes and sat side-by-side showered in loving energy.

No matter what is going on in your life...make whatever effort you can to spend some time outdoors, and in dwellings with good karma. I guarantee you will feel more free. You may even connect with some inner radiance. You may even get healed!

Please be sure to check out one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Van Morrison, singing....Did Ye Get Healed

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just like that....the person I love most in the world is very sick. Yes, our dear precious Aunty, full of life and goodness, is sick. I can say it is the worst diagnosis you ever want to hear. Her disease is a cruel one. I find it ironic that the person who is the kindest, most loving and generous of all, gets the worst possible diagnosis. We know that sometimes life just isn’t fair. But....

Aunty’s God-like spirit is deeply profound. I cannot even begin to tell you (at least not here right now) all the ways the angels have been showing up, even before she went into the hospital. They have come out in full force, and I can see and feel the Holy Spirit working overtime. Everyone recognizes and appreciates Aunty's gift of pure love, even Mother Nature.
My precious girl remains full of life and in good spirits. She loves looking over this blog. This blog turned out to be a blessing. These pages and pictures are making her happy. Her spirit is the star! I hope you will scroll around and enjoy seeing a woman and her loving and devoted niece enjoying life. And we will continue to do so until Aunty’s last breath…
Please stay with us on this incredible journey…miracles are happening moment by moment. And even in the hospital, with her shimmery slippers,  Aunty is making everyone around her happy. She is dancing with the nurses, playing cards with the sitters, and together we are touching everyone deeply as they witness the bond of a deep committed love between a mother and daughter. Technically she is my great-aunt (my grandmothers' sister) but, by all accounts I am like a daughter to Aunty and she certainly is more than a mother to me.  We have not ever been apart from each other for very long ever since I was born! I am always by her side. If I leave she always asks for me. I can’t ever go too far.
This picture shows where aunty and I sit to take in the splendor and beauty of nature. Aunty enjoys the birds, the water, the bunnies, and the fresh air. We were here right before she went into the hospital on Wednesday morning September 14th.  I hope to take aunty here again and share more of our zest for life (even in the most challenging of times) as soon as she comes home…
So much is happening every day, every moment. I have so many stories and lessons to share with you. And I will when I am able to.
Please spread the Ageless with Aunty message and location with everyone you know. there are a mulititude of blessings to go around.
I appologize for any errors... I am grief-stricken and on my way to the hospital. But wanted to reach out to our readers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I first started this blog I was thinking of calling it Ageless with Jerry! Jerry is a hoot and he's cute too. But....then there's Aunty!

Here she is well into her eighties with her black hat, mirrored shades, and her version of the peace sign. How could I resist? Thus the name
Ageless with Aunty
she is the best part of who I am!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


One noteworthy concoction…

Here at Ageless with Aunty we are glad to declare: According to the Farmer's Almanac, summer is not officially over until 5:04 AM September 23. That means we still have 19 days left!

I celebrated Labor Day this past Wednesday, since I knew I'd be working on Monday. I took a much-needed day off and headed for the beach. I brought my friend Lori along. For the hour-long drive to the shore we listened to some of our summertime favorites. Songs like, Spill the Wine, Summertime by War, and my ultimate favorite, the late Gil Scott Heron’s, In the Bottle. The only way our ride could have been any cooler was if we were driving in a convertible instead of an old Honda.
It may have been the last day of August, but summer was alive and well. We swam, we had a little picnic on the beach, we did our meditation, and we engaged in  some fun girl talk. My psyche was blissed out. When I look back on the summer of 2011, it will be remembered as the summer of MAJOR COMPUTER AND PRINTER PROBLEMS, AND THE SUMMER OF WORKING HARDER THAN I HAVE EVER WORKED IN MY LIFE as I s-l-o-w-l-y  become an entrepreneur (while still being Aunty’s sole and full-time caregiver)! So, needless to say, the beach day went a long way to improving my health and spirit. I had left lots of work, unreturned phone calls, and two months of mail behind.

After a few hours with our feet in the sand, I wanted to treat Lori to a special summer cocktail. Since Lori and I both cherish Sugarplums, when I found out about a drink called Dancing Sugarplum Martini, I knew I would have to get one for Lori. Well, you would've thought I gave Lori a million dollars. The presentation alone wowed her.  The sparkling martini glass had its rim decorated with extra fine sugar, a cherry in the middle, and the prettiest shade of pale pink to the drink. It not only looked enticing, but it tasted exactly like a sugarplum. Lorrie and I sipped, swooned, gushed, and enjoyed this delightful concoction. Sitting before a panoramic view of the ocean, our feet still a little bit sandy, we were oozing summer! And there is still time left for you to marinate yourself in a little more summer (incase you haven't).

If you're ever in Rockport Massachusetts, head over to Bracketts Ocean View restaurant on Main Street. The owner will whip you up this enlightened cocktail. As far as I know, she created this herself. I see so-called sugarplum drinks online, but nothing like this! Just remember to drink and think responsibly. And….Always see things the way they are. 

Be sure to check back: with the owner’s permission I hope to post the soon-to-be famous recipe here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


She lives up to the "Amazing" in Amazing Grace

I was spared by hurricane Irene. But I was hit by another strong force. Her name is Grace Kelly. This extraordinary jazz performer just blew me away. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

I cannot sing her praises enough. I was enraptured with every note during her snazzy set at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston this past Thursday night. While most people were preparing for the storm the entire Art audience was wrapped up in a whirlwind all our own thanks to the extraordinary talent of Grace Kelly. She embodies every letter of the word J-A-Z-Z. At the end of the set we all naturally jumped to our feet for a much deserved standing ovation! For this music lover, it will always be a special moment…as I sat awestruck discovering a star. There is no doubt Grace’s ability and talent will soon take her into the stratosphere. I hope she remembers me as one of her early fans!

Miss Grace is 19 years old. She plays the sax, and is also a bandleader, arranger, composer, and singer. At age 14 she played alongside Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops. She has shared the stage with Esperanza Spalding, Wynton Marsalis, and the band James Farm. All things considered, her talent is unmatched.

Lee Konitz, one of Charlie Parker’s contemporaries who recorded with Miles Davis in the “Birth of the Cool” sessions, became one of her closest teachers. She is now unstoppable. Wynton Marsalis says “She has a great amount of natural ability and the ability to adapt that is the hallmark of a first-class jazz musician.” She has even played with Dave Brubeck among countless other greats!

If all the winds, the rains, and the bad news have you down, do something uplifting. When you are not reading Ageless with Aunty, check out this mega-talent Grace Kelly. She is everything a great musician should be AND MORE… She is so swinging cool…

AGELESS TIP OF THE WEEK:  for anyone visiting or living in the Boston area, the Institute of Contemporary Art is a venue well worth any effort to get to. It’s stunning and stimulating. Get away from the tempest…wake up your senses….turn on some Jazz music and check out a vibrant museum….NOTHING LIKE A NATURAL HIGH.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ageless Aunty after her recent doctor's appointment

Her doctor called her "remarkable." He told me I should be "commended" for taking such good care of my 87 year old aunty. I felt a rush of pride and happiness to see Aunty so happy, and to hear a respected doctor say such kind words.

We must give Ageless with Aunty  some credit. "We practice everything we say and do on our blog." I told him. He then said the magic words... "Your blog works." He even took out a picture from one of our posts and told us he used us as an example of  quality elder care, devotion, and good attitude,  in his recent staff meeting. Aunty and I appreciated such an acknowledgement from this sought-after memory specialist.

Ageless Tips: In past visits he had recommended blueberries to possibly help with preserving the memory. We have been eating them almost daily. He emphasized the importance of exercise. Hopefully by now, everyone knows that. Then, he mentioned a little red wine is good too. So, on our way home I stopped in my local wine and spirit shop for a bottle of red. Much to my surprise and utter delight.... I was asked to show my ID! This has not happened in years. I thought the woman was joking, but she was serious. After she looked at it, she told me, "You  look much younger." She than asked "What's your secret?"  I told her it's my blog. "I have a blog called Ageless where Aunty and I live out our secrets to staying young and happy."  She took a look at the two of us beaming and immediately asked for my blog card.

I'll be darn....this blog works!!!! It works if you work it, so work it cause your worth it!
No matter how old or young you are,here, we are all Ageless with Aunty!
"An how"

Monday, August 15, 2011


Am I famous yet? Not so fast....

Is it really summer....because I am working so hard, harder than I have ever worked in all of my life. When I am not tending to my Ageless Aunty, I am gathering information and doing product/market research because I am serious about developing my idea for a product. Not just any product I must add, a product with the potential to be a sensation all around the world! Judging from all the work involved, and mild exhaustion, I bet that the pictures you see of all those entrepreneurs on their yachts or relaxing at their beach house is  probably the only 5 minutes  of rest they're getting. It's all work, and it's constant. I don’t even have the time to blog any more…but, I will not give up Ageless with Aunty.  I love my blog.  I feel more “ageless” with each post. And, I appreciate all your comments when I see you on the streets, the emails, the comments on the blog, and just knowing that others are enjoying what I have to share. Aunty and I promise to continue entertaining (and hopefully uplifting and inspiring) you at least once a week. 
As far as becoming an entrepreneur (by the way my name is in the word, entrep-r-e-n-e-ur) I have come up with what I call a brilliant idea for a spectacular and most unique item. So, I am creating a  business plan to see where this might lead. For anyone who has put a business plan together, you know the work involved.  My life has suddenly  gone in a whole new direction. The potential for my product is phenomenal….the entire concept is growing at vast speeds. When I actually sit still for a moment and hold my little (mock) prototype, and peruse the ad campaign I have created,  I can sense the staggering potential. It is almost scary. That’s why I am literally holding on to my hat!  
 My instincts have me convinced my product idea could be HUGE! I will still keep up the blog (I am after all first and foremost a writer/screenwriter). I am just taking a little detour. I am slipping into my ruby red go-go boots, strapping on an imaginary pair of dream wings, and soaring over a yellow-brick road to bliss. My readers and followers get a front row seat and all access pass to infinite possibilities galore….
We hear it said countless times each day… “Go after your dreams.” If it’s one thing I know how to do in life, it’s just that. My hands may hurt from all the time on the keyboard, and I have had more than my share of rejection, and even had some of my ideas copied, but, I will not give up! I  write this post for anyone considering doing something that their heart tells them they must. Sure, you have to let go of the fear. And, you can’t make excuses. I have full/sole responsibility for my for my 87 year old Aunty, and I am still going forward! There’s plenty of hard work ahead, but, you can enjoy those beach days so much more when you earn them! See you at the top…

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Always reaching for the sky...
There is still plenty of summer left for those who see it that wayJ  And, here are 5 ways to keep it Ageless….
     Go outdoors and hear some live music. Yesterday, I attended the Newport Jazz Festival and it was worth every penny, and the effort to get there (including a short and choppy boat ride). The artists are from all over the world. The vibe is laid-back and cool, and the eclectic crowd is always interesting. I meet music lovers from all over the country. Sometimes I think it's the only time I fully relax all year! And boy do I need that. There's nothing like live music to make a summer's day/night even better.
with friends at JVC Jazzfest

    Get to a beach! I didn't realize what an injustice I was doing to myself by not going to the beach during the summers of 2001 to 2009. For one reason or another I made excuses, didn't have the time, did not want the sun exposure, and did not want to make the effort to pack my car. However when I started going to the beach again (covered in sunscreen) what sheer delight. I think it's the single most de-stressing thing we can do. It's pure fun and pleasure. And what adult in this new millennium can't use some of that? I urge all the followers of Ageless to please get to a beach at least once this summer.   

   Make yourself a St. Germain Cocktail. IN THE foothills of the Alps, for but a few fleeting spring weeks, men will gather wild blossoms for your cocktail. The blossoms in question are elderflowers, and the cocktail a stylishly simple creation made with St-Germain, the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner from freshly handpicked elderflower blossoms. It’s tantalizing if you ask me.

Brew up some lavender ice-tea (one variation above). I am a lavender fanatic. There are many great products on the market that really make good use of this relaxing plant. But, my favorite is my own homemade lavender ice tea. Just buy some organic lavender flowers from Whole Foods (they come in a little tea box) and put a tablespoon or two into a pot of boiling water. After ten minutes, strain the tea, and add some raw, organic honey and let it cool. Put it in a pretty pitcher and add ice. It’s that simple. When I bring this summery concoction to parties or serve to guests, people always ask for more.

      What is summer without a good book? I am reading two, and they are equally fantastic. I would like to suggest Roland Merullo’s The Talk Funny Girl, and Tich Nhat Hanh's and Dr. Lilian Cheung's Savor. The former is a great novel, and the latter is a wise and mindful book about eating and enjoying food.  I know you will enjoy them both. Take a good book to the beach with a batch from scratch of ice-tea. Bring your laptop too so you can read Ageless with Aunty from the balmy shore, with the sand between your toes and lavender on your lips. How apropos….

Hug the Ageless Aunty in your life and every day will be summer