Thursday, February 20, 2014


you've got to be kidding me...
it's windy, cold, and snowy

An entrepreneur has got to do what an entrepreneur has got to do! Lucky for me, the word…. ENTREPRENEUR has my name in it! And, I am not afraid of hard work or whatever sacrifices it takes to bring a dream to fruition.

 Two weeks ago I was invited to the NYC Gift Show. Great news as someone developing a product/brand of their own. This would be an opportunity to see what the gift market has to offer these days and in the near future. So, the thought of spending some time right at the pulse of the gift world was rather exciting. But, as a true entrepreneur’s journey, not always so easy. I had to take a long bus ride, and trek though lots of snow and ice and slush just to get there. A New York City hotel was not in my budget so I had to take buses and subways, and walk long blocks in a storm to get to Brooklyn and stay with a friend. I was alone. I smiled the entire way because I was simply glad to have this exceptional up-close and personal experience inside the world of gifts and products that ultimately would bring me closer to my dream. And, instinctively I just know that hard work, effort, and staying focused is all part of becoming a success.
Going to New York City and spending time with people who do market research, executives for major retailers, and people who own gift shops gave me a bird’s eye view of the gift world. I found out and it was unanimous by every professional that I met, that customers these days are looking for a well-made unique item and an experience to go with it. No one wants a simple candle these days. It’s got to be soy, or have a special fragrance, maybe from Paris, maybe have a glass dome over it, perhaps a non-metal wick, or real looking candles that go on and off on their own. And I could go on and on. We are all getting fussier and fussier as more and more products flood the market. Now we want, and demand, something that stands out. WELL MY FRIENDS….I can assure you I have created just that and this time I am not letting anything get in my way!

This is all good news of course, but, how do you get from the above pictures to the one below?

One of the Kings of Entrepreneurs is Richard Branson. He is not only wildly successful he even owns his own Caribbean island. And, by the time I finish writing this it may be two islands!

I know how he does it. And, I am doing the exact same thing….
Hard work, plenty of passion, and following your vision relentlessly. I have what I takes. And any aspiring entrepreneurs out there heed this: you can get your dream fulfilled as well. You must simply start living as if. Play the part, feel it, and act it, live it and soon you will become it. I know….slowly but surely, little by little, by doing all of the above, I am becoming Renee Gold super entrepreneur extraordinaire….
 Safe and Sound at NYC NOW
with Aunty-in-spirit
This is indeed a magic carpet ride over a sometimes bumpy yellow brick road. So come along…and if you believe in magic I promise we will go very far! To infinity and beyond is doable in my book. Totally doable! As a matter of fact, that is my destination. And, the big secret is it helps if you stay happy along the way.
Lucky for me I have got an angel on my shoulder as I reach for the stars! And, that's another thing, Believe you are lucky! 
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Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone----  this is my message to the universe from my footprints I left in the snow.  I was walking on the path behind my home after a snow storm.  I decided to leave a message for the next person coming along.  It is not completely symmetrical or balanced, but neither is life .  Each day I try to hold love in my heart for a few minutes of meditation.  This was my walking meditation and you should try it … it is fun and lets you connect with nature.  I also made a peace sign.  It seems my friends all over the USA have a little snow right now !  shalom~ Lisa Baye K

Continuing to spread the love...another friend has a stunning website called love's freeway.
 She sent this lovely Valentine...
I say:
Love is in the air
Always Was
and Always Will Be

please celebrate love today and every day....
thank you to whoever sent this to me

Thursday, February 6, 2014


As an entrepreneur developing what I believe to be the next “IT” item, suddenly my life has become very exciting….so many things are happening. I have been to Harvard University, New York City, participated in a Visioning Conference at the Center for  Women & Enterprise, and even met a Macy’s executive! You will hear all about this journey in upcoming posts. But, before I go any further I MUST put everything in perspective and share these pictures of Baby Nathaniel!
Two wonderful friends of mine just adopted a newborn baby named Nathaniel. And, when I visited on Super Bowl Sunday I had the privilege of holding him ALL DAY! They started calling me “Aunty Renee” and I didn’t even have to ask. I was honored. I can see now that right before his eyes Baby Nathaniel’s family was being born. And I am his loving Aunty!
HI Aunty Renee
Like I mention above, I have been doing some pretty fabulous things lately BUT nothing compares to this. Holding baby Nathaniel is like holding the whole universe in my hands. Time seems to stop and you just relish the moment, the breath, the gift of it all, the pulse and heartbeat of life itself.
You can probably see that I am beaming in this picture. Babies do that to us. They can lower our blood pressure and de-stress us. So, if you don’t have children, or yours are too big to cuddle in your arms, you can stay here at Ageless with Aunty and I have plenty of baby pictures to go around.
I am always amazed at how the universe supports us in our needs.  I utterly adore babies and simply love to hold them and walk with them and fuss over them. It all comes naturally to me, but, I don’t have one of my own. Yet, all around me lately in the form of great nieces, best friends children, and now Baby Nathaniel, are the most beautiful and precious newborns. And, holding them is the only thing better than preparing to be the next best female entrepreneur on the planet! My soul and psyche are aligned with the big picture and I just ease into being part of it all when I carry a baby in my arms. What makes this all even sweeter is I instinctively know that I am also carrying on Aunty's legacy when I swoon over and connect with infants. For no one loved babies and children more than she did.
Come back soon for a balance between babies, and stories and struggles of an entrepreneur in-the-making.