Monday, December 31, 2012


I am halfway there...
Enjoying a few festive cocktails between Thanksgiving and New Years can be quite a lot of fun….
As long as you drink responsibly I recommend sipping the following high-spirited concoctions over the holidays…. This first one will surely take you to new heights! I could only finish half.
The Aviation is not for the faint of heart. This is a strong drink with character:
2 ounces gin
1/2 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 teaspoons maraschino liqueur, preferably Luxardo
1/4 ounce Crème de Violette (that’s violet liquor from France)oh la la…
Lemon twist, for garnish.
Combine the first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake to chill well, and then strain into a cocktail glass. Drizzle the Crème de Violette into the glass and garnish with a lemon twist.
Yield: one cocktail.
According to The Aviation was once regarded as the prince of cocktails, but the scarcity of maraschino liqueur nearly sent the drink into tippler’s oblivion. The name of this feisty Depression-era cocktail is supposedly linked to air travel of the time—a risky venture not for the faint of heart. I say neither is this beguiling cocktail.  Bottoms up!

Another favorite is The Sugarplum Martini (above)it is quite delicious…But, it’s a secret recipe that I have not been able to get my hands on. I only suggest the drink because I ordered one once in a restaurant and it was so good I featured it on the blog. See sugarplum.  The only ingredient the owner shared with me was the Pearl Plum Vodka which tastes exactly like sugarplums. Once you get your hands on a bottle of this tasty vodka you can get creative or search online for how to make this wonderful drink. Cheers~ Its’ like taking your mouth on a magical sleigh ride through a winter wonderland..
And last, but certainly not least, is a classic Egg-Nog… Old New England to be exact. Just looking at the bottle makes me want to drink it up. It even looks Christmassy. Once you chill and taste this flavorful stuff it’s quite good and heavily spiked! …. I cannot think of anything better to make you Merry and Bright! Just add ice and be Jolly …..HO HO HO…..If there really is a Santa I am sure he drinks Old New England!
a cup of cozy

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


"Aunty will always be by your side."
Angels are like that....

Sunday, December 23, 2012


A genuine smile helps make new friends
Here I am the morning before Christmas Eve enveloped in the wonderful spirit of the Season…and all lit up like a Christmas tree….
I am gobbling sugarplums, mixing egg-nog, sipping my famous Ho Ho Joes’ coffee, and playing my beloved and much acclaimed (by friends and family) Christmas Music! When you start to really feel and believe in the wonder of the season and the love and blessings that DO abound (no matter what else may be going on in our lives) there is much to celebrate…
Serenaded by Singing Santa's
My recipe for a Happy Christmas works every time…it’s easy. Just put yourself in a good place. Think of people or places that make you feel good. Or better yet, go in person to see them. Sip your favorite coffee, brew a festive tea, put on a big fury hat and walk down the street smiling, or call a dear friend. These simple things pack a profoundly good punch. And speaking of which…have you brought out the old punch bowl and lovingly prepared a Holiday Spirit for all to enjoy! There are over 135 thousand yummy yuletide recipes online.
You can fall in love with your Christmas Tree. Aunty did every year! I even give mine a name. Let me introduce Puffy Green. There is an Angel representing Aunty atop...
Even looks a little like Aunty
With Aunty in my heart and Christmas on my mind…. I am glowing with all the love and joy this holy and wonderful season can bring! From my heart to yours, I thank you for reading Ageless with Aunty. We wish you the Merriest Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Holy New Year….
I have been told that the childlike joy that thrives here at Ageless is contagious. My gift to you is to continue sharing my Ageless adventures and attitude. All you have to do is show up for a dose of good cheer! It’s still free and its so good for the soul…………
You can Google Ageless with Aunty or go to

Friday, December 14, 2012


 Some gifts are so good you have to buy two
Books always make great gifts. I have a terrific one that you may want to consider.
Lunch with Buddha written by my friend Roland Merullo. This guy is one fantastic storyteller. And, as I have said before…he’s a genuinely great man! You should buy his entire collection! He’s prolific. There are lots to choose from. Some of my favorites are American Savior or In Revere, In Those Days….
I loved his latest book Lunch with Buddha so much I bought two.

Who doesn’t like Mermaids? My pal Ramune makes them by hand. She’s Addicted to Mermaids.
And that is the name of her wonderful and whimsical site. Check it out. By placing an order you can be sure you are sending a gift that is unique and creative. Ramune works hard and her quality creations make great presents.
Ramune & her mermaids
Everyone needs a calendar. There is a fabulous site called Love’s Freeway. Treat your eyes and see for yourself. A former writing coach of mine is an expert photographer. Her calendars sell out every year!

For something exquisite Shoyeido Incense is my all-time favorite. The exclusive family recipe has been produced in Japan by hand for over 300 years! You get the feeling like you are in an exotic Japanese Tea house, a mist of puffy clouds, or soaking in a warm bath. The second to none mixtures are blissful.
They are made with only the finest ingredients and there are so many scents to choose from. Your friends will appreciate the sensational aroma in their home. Everyone who enters will surely ask “What is that amazing scent?” Buy some for yourself too and mellow out! Sat Nam…

If you are a BIG Spender and want to go all out and give a gift that truly lasts forever….then go to my BFF’s site and buy one of her Antique Diamond Rings! My head Is spinning at the thought. I dream of having an array of brilliant colorful gems on all my fingers…. But, just start with one! Miss Dale will be glad to help you choose the one that is perfect for you. Her tastes are impeccable. She has me for her BFF doesn't she?!
Last, but certainly not least, is the GIFT of your precious and valued time. Visiting friends and family over the holiday season is the best gift of all! Sharing memories over cups of tea, fresh roasted coffee….or a Mistletoe Martini simply can’t be beat! Pass the Eggnog please…. And scroll around this blog for the most exclusive coffee and tea selections on earth!
p.s. I love Uggs! One of my Christmas Dreams is to buy everyone I know a pair!



Thursday, December 6, 2012


They call me Miss Merry

This picture represents what this blog is all about....finding the joy of living no matter what is going on in your life. As I have shared before on the's been very hard and even lonely at times without Aunty. I also have an enormous and frustrating challenge on my hands with a major creative project, and sometimes there are personal things, and family dysfunction that are profoundly unfair. I choose to focus on the positive. No matter what is going on in my own life it's still Christmas Time. Putting on all my festive garb elevates my spirits. My friend, who took this picture, got such a kick out of seeing me so high-spirited his own mood and outlook instantly changed! He put on a Santa Cap and we strolled along taking the music with us. (I tucked my miniature Christmas boom-box inside the shimmering blue purse you see above)...

Just now, during the writing of this post a friend called to ask "Do you have a tiara I can borrow for tomorrow night?" The animated question just made my day. Of course I do. She reads this blog, and she gets it. Why not have some fun? Why not lighten your heart. Why not wear a big fury hat, a jingle bell around your neck, red gloves, and Santa Uggs. I dare ask why not? I hope that by sharing this picture and this sentiment you will take an extra sip of some holiday tea, enjoy a holiday stroll, wear a Santa Cap outdoors, and partake in even a few more minutes of merriment this season.
I learned from the Master Merry Maker...Aunty! Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart. And, as I have experienced firsthand, that brillance magnifies at least a trillion times when two "lights" come together! It becomes an eternal light....
together forever
Aunty's love inspires me, guides me, and protects me even in death
Who or what inspire you?

~next post will be those great gift ideas I promised.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


for Cherub-like skin 
We all know that the best gifts you can give anyone any time are your love, hugs, wisdom, and your precious time.  But, sometimes we love giving wrapped and lovingly packaged presents. Making someone happy with a well-thought out gift selected just for them is good for your own soul. I am glad to say that people seem to "LOVE" and "Appreciate" my gifts. So, after many requests I have put together some outstanding suggestions for THE BEST GIFTS EVER. 
Farmaesthetics Organic Skin Care and Bath/Body Products

I just received an early Christmas Present two weeks ago and I am still smiling! These products are surely top of the line. The smell, the texture, the ingredients, even the packaging are all impeccable. Sometimes I just like lining them up and looking at them because I know how the Lavender Rub and the Sweet Soy Oil, and the Rainwater Soap  make me feel. I don't have enough high praise for these products.

And for a real treat visit their stunning store on Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island. The shop, which reminds me of a French Country Kitchen is quite lovely and inviting. With advance notice they will even do facials in a room fit for a queen! It's a splendid indulgence and you are so worth it.

A perfect suggestion this time of year would be a stroll down Bellevue Avenue with all the Newport Mansions aglow, stop in at #144 to buy your best friends some soothing Farmaesthetics Products and then treat yourself too. They have gifts for everyone, like Their New Dreaming Oil, and Sweet Milk Exfoliate. And, they are safe and gentle. Aunty's very favorite product was their Award Winning Nourishing Lavender Milk. There will always be a bottle of it in my bathroom simply to keep that perfect warm and cozy scent of Aunty ever present. I honestly think that is one reason my "love face" looked so good for a woman in her eighties! It's also safe enough for babies..and I wouldn't be surprised if that lush milky wonder is what the Angels use....
love & lavender warm us on a cold winter night
and see for yourself what all the fluttering is about.....
Come back to Ageless with Aunty soon for more sensational gift ideas...


Saturday, November 24, 2012


Have you had a perfect cup of coffee lately?

Well, lucky for the readers of Ageless with Aunty (and no one loved coffee more than Aunty) we are proud to present HO, HO, Joe! From Beanstock Coffee! This is the perfect Holiday Coffee. It’s so good it deserves a Halo. It’s so good I bought two bags! It’s so good I have three friends coming over for more at four…

And as I drink a cup while I write this I can’t help but think maybe Angels really are involved in the roasting! This coffee is THAT good. Impress yourself, your friends, and your neighbors. Leave a cup out for Santa if you are really hoping for that special gift. HO HO Joe’s is irresistible. This is a top-shelf blend of the best beans money can buy. It's roasted up with vanilla, hazelnut and chestnut with“a warm cinnamon background.” It’s a pure delight to drink. I love cupping it in my hands and just taking a deep breath into the mug. The aroma alone is sublime.
Beanstock’s HO, HO, Joe has become my December/Holiday Drink. I plan parties around it, gifts, and it even brings to mind Christmas’s past. I sip to the wonderful warm memories of watching Aunty enjoy it. At the beginning of every Christmas season as we indulged in our first cup I loved to hear her cheerfully declare…. “This is good coffee.”

Enjoy some with sticky buns, black, with a dash of milk, or from a hot thermos on a cold day. I am in love with this stuff.

Please treat yourself or a fellow coffee lover today. A perfect cup of coffee is a simple yet profoundly enjoyable experience. And Beanstock makes it a refined one.
Tell them Aunty sent you…and you might find an angel in your cup.

HO, HO, Joe!



Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today I am grateful for EVERYTHING!
including the men in my life

Even though I am grateful for the myriad of blessings in my life, today, Thanksgiving 2012 I am particularly grateful for the wise and compassionate men in my life.

Here is my friend Ming (above)with the highly respected Benedictine Monk, Brother David Steindl-Rast. Ming posed here with the revered Brother David immediately after Brother David stepped off the stage with none other than His Holiness THE Dalia Lama.
Brother David Steindl-Rast is an extraordinary man. His voice (like my Ming’s) is soothing and loving. He is wise and full of compassion and grace. The best gift that I can give anyone today is PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TODAY AND WATCH THIS YOU TUBE CLIP CALLED “A GOOD DAY” WITH BROTHER DAVID.. A Good Day (simply click those blue words)

"A Good Day" is the greatest thing I have seen on the Internet. Your heart and mind will be overflowing with JOY and Thanks! Brother David also has an exceptional site called Gratefulness. Living a life in gratitude is one sure way to improve the quality of our own lives. Being in a state of gratitude brings our blood pressure down and our spirits up. It may even help the karma of the planet.

Ming is the kind of man who said to me shortly after we met  “What movie would Aunty like to see?” What beach can we bring Aunty to? Even though some friends were saying that it might be hard to find a man who will understand and accept of my devotion to Aunty, Ming not only accepted it but told me he loved me because of my unwavering love and devotion to Aunty! Ming, Aunty, and I shared some lovely times together. He was there with me the night Aunty passed. I am so grateful for everything that he continues to do for me including reading all my blog posts, embracing my friends and family, and even helping me clean my house! Let’s face it, most men would rather watch TV or do their own thing. But, Ming is always ready to help. I am very grateful today for all that he has done for me. He  helped me prepare my home for my tea party last Sunday honoring Aunty’s one year anniversary. Tears stream down my face as I write this with utter gratitude and appreciation for all the kindness Ming has shown me, my friends, and my family. If anyone deserves to be standing this close to Brother David it certainly is My Ming.

As it turns out when you focus on what you are grateful for, more and more things come into your life to be grateful for!  Therefore, I would like to add…The brothers and priests of St. Benedict Abbey in Still River Massachusetts and the Wise Larry Rosenberg of CIMC in Cambridge. When I think about it there are many amazing men in my life to be thankful for today and every day. There is my profoundly wonderful and Saint-like friend and fellow writer Roland Merullo. There is my BFF’s hubby Mike. And Dee’s hubby who is like a mini-mentor, and my friends Brian, Stu, Ron, and Greg.  I could go on and on ….and I will in silent prayer and meditation.
Make every day a TRUE THANKSGIVING… just go to


Sunday, November 18, 2012


Glamorous Aunty circa 1960
please note the elegant feathery sleeves
Remembering Aunty…
Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my beloved, precious, and cherished Aunty. Most of you know that Aunty inspired this blog (still does) and that she was truly the epitome of selfless humility, love and humor. She is missed dearly by all who knew her. I am glad to say that I have found ways (too many to mention here) to keep “in relationship” with her and to keep her extraordinary spirit even more alive than it already is, and was always destined to be. She smiles on me. She smiles on all who remember her.
Best Pals
 I will leave you with a few of her favorite words.
I love you
I forgive you
Thank you
Where’s my coffee?
Everything is wonderful.
In keeping with my promise to her I will continue to do great things in her name through God. I plan to write a book about her. Those who know Aunty assure me it will be a bonafide best-seller. I am developing a product infused with her inherent goodness. My ultimate dream is to start a Foundation to honor her life and legacy of selfless love. Like Aunty it will surely help many in need.
One of the loving rituals I have done every single night since Aunty passed (and even shortly before) is to light a candle in her honor. She continues to glow with goodness in death just as she has in life. She will be with me forever and a day. Like our love She is eternal. Her passing has not separated us. Miraculously we are as close as ever! As she wishes.
Aunty Helen ….Born March 7, 1924 and, surrounded by Angels she eased beautifully into infinity on November 18th 2011 as I held her in my arms.
Aunty, as you assured me over and over, I say back to you…
“You are my heart.”
“Forever & ever and ever….Amen.”
shortly after Aunty's passing I found this heart embedded into the earth
in a place Aunty and I used to frequent!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Send this little guy to college 
One sure way to feel good is by being helpful and kind to others. And of course to give whenever we can. There are certainly many worthy causes. The list is endless. I am sure many of you have some of your favorites. I have two new charities for you to consider. Don’t go away this is really cool…
Helping Hands Monkey Helpers actually trains these adorable capuchin monkey’s (see above)to help the disabled. The little creatures go to a special monkey college in Boston and once they are fully trained they are placed with a deserving disabled recipient from all over the country to assist them. The monkeys provide daily, in-home assistance to people living with spinal cord injury or other mobility impairments. Some of the tasks these fully trained monkey helpers can do is turn off the lights, open doors, and turn the pages of magazines! It’s utterly amazing and heartwarming to witness. You can only imagine the vast positive impact the monkeys have on those recipients who do not have use of their hands. Go to the site and see for yourself. Monkey Helpers for the Disabled is truly a worthwhile charity to consider
They can always use volunteers and donations. And, according to Boston Socialite Doris Jaffe, Monkey Helpers Annual Fundraiser “is the best kept secret in Boston.” She’s right! Here I am on the scene (as a volunteer)  doing what Aunty taught me…..…helping others. It feels so good. And, what a way to live up to the name of this blog while keeping Aunty’s legacy of service alive. For the record Aunty loved the Monkey Helper Events....and naturally the little creatures too.
Another way to help those in need is with Pie in the Sky.
This is the perfect Thanksgiving Fundraiser. While we all plan our Plentiful Turkey Day or should I say Feast, and Banquet others are not so fortunate. My good friend Jo Jo is selling pies for the cause. Pie in the Sky provides meals and nutrition to the critically ill and homebound in Massachusetts. They love to say: You are the Secret Ingredient! How lovely is that. These delicious pies are made by the top chefs in Boston. This is an easy cause to contribute to: you are going to buy or make one anyway why not just order online and pick it up right at your local supermarket! If you decide to order the pie, go to: and click  “I want to buy a pie!” link.
2. pick you pie flavor (apple, pecan, sweet potato, pumpkin)or donate the pie.
3. choose method of payment
4. choose location you want to pick it up (over 200).
5. pat yourself on the back because you fed someone for a week.   Total time: 2 minutes.
Pie seller:  Joanne Keaveney or  #3915 (it will ask ).
Deadline: November 14th.
Thank you so much for your goodwill. When you have much it doesn’t hurt to give a little away. It will always come back to you. There is good karma in giving.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Aunty and Uncle D on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
 November 1, 1992
Today, November 1, 2012 would have been the 70th wedding anniversary for my late Aunty and Uncle D. They were married on All Saint's Day 1942!
One of the greatest nights of my life was the surprise party that we gave them for their fiftieth anniversay. It took over a year to plan and was worth all the time and money.
If you are considering throwing a party for someone you love...I encourage you to take the plunge. If someone you love deserves a party....go out and make it happen. And always trust your instincts. I knew my Uncle would appreciate it if his long time neighbors were there. Some of the others weren't convinced. I pleaded and plotted until the "people on our street" made the list. My Uncle would later say how much it meant to "Turn around and see Carol-Anne, Rico, and Sammy there!"
Twenty years later I still feel enormous pride and joy when I think of how happy my humble aunt and uncle were when they walked into the room and stood before a standing ovation of love. Aunty and Uncle D were always smiling but this night they were actually beaming with bliss!
It's fitting that they were married on The Feast of the Saints. One definition of a Saint is: One who lets the light of God shine through them...
Having these two people by my side for most of my life has made me the luckiest person in the world. Their love was so strong and lasting that even now, I have so much of it that I can share some with YOU and still have an abundance left. My hope is that you will share this LOVE that I send along with what you already have inside and go out and bestow it on someone you love.
Little by little we can light up the world....Eternally....
And making the world a little lighter might even be good for climate change!
Aunty and Uncle D helped save my life with their they might even save yours.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HALLOWEEN WITH MITT & AUNTY (well sort of)...

Keeping up Aunty's tradition of making the children happy on Halloween I made sure I had plenty of treats on hand. I even wore Aunty's fury purple bat ears. And since I am white as a ghost and was not wearing any make-up I looked pretty scary. Considering Aunty loved giving everyone a little Halloween thrill my ghoulish look was very apropos.

When the neighborhood children started ringing the doorbell I let the pinging black bats (from the top of my head) go out first and then I appeared with my glowing Halloween Crystal Ball. I told the little ones they had to press the button for some candy/cookies/ and treats! When the orange button is pressed this funky skeleton flashes in many different colors, and with leaves flying and eerie music playing he says "Enter if you dare," and then laughs in a fiendish way. The children love it!

Then I would present them with two enormous bowls of treats. They had a choice between boxes of Oreos or Angry Bird cookies. It was a tie. The younger children gasped in delight over the Honey Maid Birds and the older ones (including a ten year old wearing a blue suit, a red tie, and smoking a big plastic cigar who told me he was Mitt Romney) liked the Oreos. Because I was balancing bowls of snacks and my Halloween crystal ball, I wasn't able to take a picture of the little candidate like I wanted to. But earlier in the day I captured a few haunted houses. 

Now that it's nine o'clock in the evening...the doorbell has stopped ringing. I am going to indulge in some of the left over Oreos. If Lorie and her new man come over we'll play that Halloween Classic....Monster Mash and dance around my place just like we used to do with Aunty. Aunty loved all the fun, magic, children, and candy that we celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed during our many Halloweens together. By keeping up all our traditions its like she is still right here!
Aunty's Halloween Pumpkin 2008

What may I ask did you give out for Halloween this year? Did you eat too much candy yourself? Was anyone dressed as Mitt Romney? Did you make the children happy.....

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Holding on to Aunty's Light
If you take a look at the last blog post
you will see the two lanterns (pictured here) that I used to carry with Aunty.
And even though it's not easy carrying on without her....
My Aunty's Light, Spirit, and Energy are infused in everything I everything I touch, and are still my best company and my best protection!
However, at times it's just not easy to be as happy and as brave as Aunty always was.
I do count on my friends to help me along. I can not stress enough the importance of nurturing your friendships. When I look back on this last year (November 18th will mark the one year anniversary of Aunty's passing) I can assure my readers that the only way I managed to get through the pain and the loneliness of losing Aunty, aside from my faith, and the optimism & courage Aunty instilled in me, was with a little help from my friends.
My friends are more than happy to
 help uphold Aunty's Light
while Illuminating my life
In Light of Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coat today.... Don't be afraid of the Dark. Keep in mind that the Light from within will endure any storm....and as seen throughout this is  indomitable and it is eternal!