Sunday, November 19, 2017


Six years ago yesterday I had the most moving experience of my entire life. I helped an angel cross back over to heaven. It was November 18, 2011 a bit before seven p.m. that my beloved late Aunty Helen crossed over. I remember it vividly. I remember it always. There were times in my life when I heard people say that someone they loved had experienced a beautiful death. I really didn’t know what they meant. It sounded kind of scary. But, what happened six years ago here in my home perfectly demonstrates what a peaceful and harmonious, perfect death actually is. And, I can assure you there is nothing to fear.

This blog was started and continues in the name of my late Aunty Helen. (Thus the name Ageless with Aunty). She was the epitome of selfless humility. She was a person so highly evolved she loved and forgave everyone even those who profoundly hurt her. She lived all her life caring for and giving to others EVERY DAY. She exemplifies what it means to be a bodhisattva. She was always happy and we had a wonderful life together (along with her husband my late Uncle D another genuine good soul). She lived fully and wisely and generously until her last breath.  After a brief but extremely serious illness it was the evening of November 18th, a Friday around quarter till seven, this is what transpired….

There was music playing softy; a mix of chanting, Christmas hymns, lullabies and arias. The room was lit perfectly with purple (her favorite color) soy and cotton wick candles.  The lights of the Christmas tree shimmered magically and twinkled like angels. I had put up the tree early that year because I knew Aunty was preparing to pass. She was resting comfortably at home and she had told me I am ready. I was right by her side along with pictures of her family including her late husband, her late daughter, her deceased parents, her parted siblings, and her grandchildren and great grandchildren. When she started to move her mouth to say I love you I knew it was time. I embraced her and told her that she would soon be united with her husband, her daughter, her parents, her siblings all of whom she loved so dearly. I am at a loss for words to describe just how much she loved them; to the extreme degree you can love another. I kissed her, held her, and told her how much I love her and that I would miss her and that I would see her again. I said things that seemed to flow out of my mouth perfectly, so comforting, so full of truth; I know they were coming directly from the Holy Spirit. I was experiencing God, the angels, the Saints, my ancestors, and the greatest divine love one can know. This is a force so powerful, a feeling so strong, that I feel immense comfort when I think of it. I always will. I myself was elevated closer to heaven in those intensely magnified moments...

Aunty passed so peacefully, perfectly, and beautifully. Right before my eyes she eased into eternity. There is no other way to say it. That is exactly what happened. She passed exactly as she had lived, with beauty, grace, dignity and strength. And as if she were a saint (and she certainly was to many)
I anointed her hands, feet, and forehead with lavender oil. I sat by her side and prayed absorbing all the goodness and Love I was later told that she was transferring to me. I received so much it will sustain me forever with an abundance to share.
This exceptional and extraordinary woman is best part of who I am. I carry her with me eternally, along with my late Uncle D. Every single night for six years now I light a candle for Aunty and for him. And I get signs all the time that her spirit is all around and we remain and forever will be connected. The love we had was so strong that I honestly feel like she is still here. I know in many ways she still is.
 A little side note: Yesterday (the six year anniversary of her passing) I ended up in the emergency room. I am fine now. It was just a scare and probably some stress. But, I was in the exact same room (number 8 and her favorite number) that Aunty had been in when I had to take her to the ER once. When I realized it was the same room, I knew I would be okay. And I am…. Thank you Aunty for continually letting me know that you are looking out for me. Which reminds me….she had one eye open when she passed. And I knew for sure that meant only one thing…given our extraordinary unbreakable bond, SHE WOULD BE LOOKING OUT FOR ME FOREVER. This is validated when I recall our little good-night ritual. Right after I helped tuck her in I would hold her hand and she would look directly at me. Right after I would say “I love you forever.” She would emphatically add “forever and ever and ever….” AMEN!