Thursday, December 31, 2009



Say Good-bye to regrets, just lessons learned, and hurdles jumped. Hopefully there are some accomplishments you can feel good about, and some time well spent, where you made others happy, to feel even better about.

Say Hello to 2010. Trust that it will be a more prosperous, productive and peaceful year. Let us all hope and pray, and visualize, that this upcoming decade will be one that history looks back upon as an absolute awakening, where human kind took an enormous leap in realizing we indeed have the power to make our world a much better place, simply by each one of us becoming aware of our own potential. We have more control and influence over ourselves and the world around us, then we have yet realized. Let's start manifesting our own greatness and cultivate more compassion for each other. Can you imagine the collective results?! And how Ageless the earth itself will become.

Aunty and I wish all Humans and Mother Earth a Happy New Year, and we envision a Wondrous Decade of Agelessness for All...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



It was a moment. I sat in the mint condition Mercedes, on a newly paved driveway, in front of a sprawling home in an affluent suburb. I admired the perfectly fitting ring on my finger; an enormous, glittering chuck of fine craftsmanship. I could not take my eyes off it. Heading back towards the house I passed one of my four sisters (donning a fur) walking her little Yorkie after dinner. I heard another sister taking a head count to see who would be going to her ski chalet for New Years. I smiled. Welcome to the world of my siblings….where golf, travel, spacious homes, and zip codes like 90210 are the norm.

The Mercedes belongs to one of my sisters. I had run out to the new vehicle to throw salt for good luck. The ring was a new addition to another sister’s jewelry collection. What a treat just trying that thing on! The enormous statement piece looks like the earth… stars and all, one shimmering orb of 18k white gold.

I live in a different world: in a small crowded apartment, with just enough to get by, and still roll coins to do laundry. Yet, I am genuinely happy for my family. There is no reason why they shouldn't have nice things.

When I started this blog I stated that I truly wanted to be ageless. It’s not always easy… you do have to develop the right mindset. Take the following for example: everyone I know travels, and many, all over the world. I have not been on a real vacation in over ten years. And I have never been to Europe. Yet, I urge my friends to take pictures and send me postcards. I am always a captive audience when they return. It brings me joy to see others doing well and going places.

I know that nice homes, fine clothes, exotic vacations, and new cars don’t necessarily make you happy. I am just glad that I have always been able to appreciate other’s good fortune, and acknowledge the results of their hard work.

If you really and truly want to be, and stay ageless… take a moment to be happy for someone else today. Somehow you are blessed in the process. I can say that because I am sitting next to Ageless Aunty who adores me and doing what I am most passionate about…writing to you.

Sunday, December 27, 2009



I have somehow managed to stay connected to the little girl inside of me. This alone creates much agelessness in my life. I keep a baby picture and another blissful snapshot from my youth, in my office and bedroom. Each day I make sure to take a few seconds to absorb the energy from them. By doing so, I am reminded that this happy little child is alive and well, and always has been.

Get going… if you don’t have a cute little picture of yourself from younger, carefree days, go find one now. Make this a photo opportunity and a New Year’s Resolution… you won’t be disappointed. Who doesn’t want to nurture and embrace a cuddly little baby?!

Friday, December 25, 2009



Thursday, December 24, 2009



Ageless Aunty and I hope to give new meaning to the term “getting old.” Look at the photo above…Aunty doesn't look like she was born in the early part of the last century, does she? Aunty goes to yoga, college, parties, and just about everywhere I go. What is so astounding about this is Aunty has been told she has a little Alzheimer’s. Yet, by all accounts she is the happiest person alive. My aunt has become the toast of the town. I am not the only one in awe over her radiant spirit and selflessness humility. She is the best teacher anyone could ask for.

The most touching complement I have received is, “Your love for Aunty is a living example of what CHRISTMAS is all about.” It is MIRACULOUS what self sacrifice can do. This blog and any inspiration we can give, is our gift to you. Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year! Follow us and stay happy, healthy, and Ageless.

I have to run…. Aunty is eating all the Sugarplums & hopefully Spiking the Eggnog…

May we bring a little JOY to your world.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Decorate your world! Ageless Aunty loves Christmas and spends ample time simply admiring our tree. Each year we decorate with an array of meaningful ornaments, carefully selecting and placing each one in the right place. The results are pure joy and delight. Here is Aunty with two smiling faces decked in Santa Caps. I bought these silly buggers for my Aunty and late Uncle D back in the ‘80’s. This year the two happy faces are topping our tree.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas --------- decorate your world, your life. Put flowers out, even a single stem is uplifting. Display a new photograph, or buy a painting you love. Frame an old one in a new way. Make someone smile.

Ageless people are happy people and happy people surround themselves with beauty of all kinds. A glowing candle will do just fine. May I suggest using soy candles without lead wicks? Soy wax is 100% vegetable by-product, not a petroleum by-product.

*Soy candles are easier on people with breathing problems
*Soy candle wax is a renewable resource
*Soy is grown on American soil
*Soy supports our nation's economy and farmers
*Soy is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

Soy candles help to decorate our environment with cleaner air. Aunty buys them by the batch. We just brought one home called Christmas Eve. We are inviting all our angels and lighting it then.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Celebrate the holidays! We mean really celebrate! Ageless Aunty (born in the early part of the last century) dances daily. She bops around our smiling Christmas tree. While looking for some Eggnog, I found her dancing with a handsome young man in the supermarket! She assures me, “Dancing makes me happy.” And here we are merry making in the lobby of a museum (Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, New Hampshire after their Candlelight Stroll). I would like to thank piano player, Mr. Don Fancy, an ageless and talented musician.

With the longest to-do-list imaginable, I still find time to gambol. Aunty and I often begin our day with glee. We get up and dance (and count our blessings that we can)! This time of year we groove to Run Run Rudolph, and Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time. During the warmer months we promenade to Garth Brooks, with one of Aunty’s favorite songs, Two Pina Coladas. Dancing is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to stay ageless. Get up and shake some good energy around. Ageless Aunty promises amazing results.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Coffee that Glows..

I have found the ultimate Holiday Coffee! That’s a big deal considering there are thousands to chose from, and even more noteworthy because I have been searching for years.

The name is, HO, HO, JOE! And since I love the holidays, they got me with the first “Ho.” This festive and delectable blend is an impeccable concoction of vanilla, hazelnut and chestnut, with a warm background of cinnamon. Even for those who think they don’t like flavored coffee should give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised, as a few of my friends have been. If there is a coffee that can make you sparkle, this is it. Look at me after just one cup.

We can drink with confidence too because Harvard Researchers have found that coffee boosts our mood, prevents cavities, can stop a headache, helps with diabetes, and even improves our memory.

Forget the milk and cookies. Leave some Ho, Ho, Joe! for Santa this year so he won’t forget to leave you something too.


Runner up, and an old favorite is
Green Mountain’s Spicy Eggnog Coffee. Another perfect seasonal treat! And a must try (if you like Eggnog, coffee, and are adventurous).
Go to

And last, but not least, honorable mention goes to The Snowball and Holiday Grogg coffee both from SoufflĂ©’s in Newburyport Massachusetts. The former, White Chocolate Coconut, and the latter made with a myriad of secret ingredients. A certain Santa’s helper told me one was Rum! Find out for yourself by visiting

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Batman Visits Santa

Laughter is essential in any anti-aging strategy.

For me, reading David Sedaris, watching I Love Lucy, being with my sisters (the five of us become utterly silly when we get together), writing funny stories, and looking at pictures, like the one above, makes me smile.

This is my nephew. He wanted to go see Santa, but once he got near that velvet seat he refused to sit on Santa’s lap unless he had on his Batman costume. My sister had to go home, put the new gear on, and head back to the mall in traffic. I think it was worth the effort. This picture is just too funny. My intention for sharing it is to bring a little chuckle into your day.

Dig out your comical photographs and old videos. Read a humorous book, or call a funny friend. Nothing is more potent in that little black bag of maintaining our youth then a good LOL.

Monday, December 14, 2009



Make friends, call friends, visit friends, gift friends, stroll with friends, listen to friends, support friends, and gather with friends. Make more friends.
If they are willing, put crazy, silly, funny hats, crowns, and tiaras on their heads. Laugh a lot. Take pictures. Get giddy….

We all have so much to do these days, but making the effort to stay in touch with our friends is a gift we give ourselves. Today is the beginning of the Christmas rush (at least for me), yet, I took time out of my demanding schedule to drive over the river and through the woods to a dear friends house for our annual Christmas Tea. She set aside time out of her even busier day, to prepare a wonderful luncheon for us. I brought her a special gift and she gave me a homemade Holiday Greens Basket and a gift certificate to Rishi tea…the company I raved about a few blogs ago. I feel so blessed. Connecting with friends and keeping tradition is like being the richest person in the world. As a matter of fact, as I admire the lovely holly berry arrangement she made just for me, finish gobbling the homemade Danish pastry she sent me home with, and think about how she honored our tradition and our friendship, even though one of her children was home sick, and her husband is preparing for surgery in the morning, right now, I am!

Since I am seeing more friends and family this week, I think I will return that eye cream I just bought. The balm of friendship is more effective than anything I can buy.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Elf & Me
As promised, I am going to share the story of how I met Jerry Stiller (see post 12-02-09). But first, has anyone noticed I have made good on another promise, (remember I told you I would post a picture proving that I had met an ELF). Well, here it is above. That is me with Will Ferrell, also known as ELF. As it turns out, I met Will the same way I met Jerry… by following my Passion. I love movies. And when I am not writing books, screenplays, or my blog, I try to see a film. Making time for things we enjoy helps us to stay ageless.

I also happened to be passionate about a pricey little place called Nantucket. That’s a small, well-preserved, historic island thirty miles off of Cape Cod Massachusetts. The town still has cobblestone roads, and only one franchise that I know of… A Ralph Lauren store on Main Street.

Last summer while attending The Nantucket Film Festival, I noticed Anne Meara (Jerry’s wife). I went over to say hello and inform her that I had seen an offbeat film that she and Jerry had been in (around 2000) called the Independent. This seemed to amuse her and she told me to “Go tell Jerry.” He happened to be only a few feet away, and so I did. Jerry got a chuckle too and was gracious enough to pose for a picture with me. He is, as it turns out, quite ageless himself, and so is his wife of over fifty years. All that laughing and sticking together through the years… makes them remarkably ageless.

When Will Ferrell made an appearance at the Nantucket Film Festival a few years ago, I put my chutzpah into full throttle and made a dash backstage. Everyone else wanted to meet Will too, so I had to think quickly on my feet. I had just seen him run in the Boston Marathon, so, while everyone was shouting to him about Elf and Old School, I said, “I ran next to you in the Marathon.” He looked at me as if to say… did you really… and I had to confess I didn't, but, by that time we were chatting and my friend took the above shot.

Become passionate about something… a place, a person, a hobby, or a project. When you meet your favorite celebrity you’ll find that you have something to say. It’s all just part of the keeping yourself Ageless process. Fun is the name of the game. Have some now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009



I think this photo of my Aunty driving with Santa Claus exemplifies agelessness. Even Santa has fallen in love with her. Make that every Santa we see. And we see many. As it turns out, Auntyand I have an immeasurable amount of Christmas Spirit. Each December we make our way across New England to as many Christmas events as we can with Aunty usually wooing every Santa in sight. Joy truly emanates from our hearts and sometimes we find ourselves dancing in the street, once with Santa himself! We always bring our own music and our own stash of Tea (as mentioned in an earlier post, we prefer loose tea, but tea bags for the road). We wave to people. We smile at people. And hug old friends when we meet. All of this helps keep our blood pressure down and our spirits up. This past weekend Aunty and I were strolling down the street to Darlene Love’s Christmas Time is Here…The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. You really can’t get much happier and any more Ageless then that. Try it. All you need is some of your favorite Holiday songs, two AA batteries for a small tape player, or a charged I-pod with speakers, some cheery tea bags, and a winter coat. See what happens when you put one foot in front of the other with these accouterments. Experiencing pure fun like this actually makes that number that we refer to as our age SHRINK.

Bonus feature: When strolling, shopping, and out and about, try drinking your favorite beverage from one of those festive Starbuck’s cups, without spending three dollars. Just give them a quarter for a cup of hot water and drop a Christmas tea bag in. Try Sugarplum Spice, or Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride from Celestial Seasonings. The aroma alone is worth any effort. I de-age just by looking at the pretty boxes. Besides, I happen to know it’s what Elfs drink. And have you ever seen an old or unhappy Elf? I met one once. And don’t worry I have the picture to PROVE it! Things take a bit longer to develop up there in the North Pole. But I promise to share it with you soon. Until then….BE Merry, or try to for five minutes a day. And if it’s still a struggle, come back to look at the picture of our Ageless Aunty hobnobbing with Santa. If that doesn't make you smile, well….keep reading this blog, something will! That is my gift to you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tea Time

Miss Pekoe
Tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the world! And my friends don’t call me Miss Pekoe for nothing. I started drinking organic white tea over ten years ago. I continued because not only did I enjoy the entire brewing process, the taste, and the relaxing effect, but, my skin started glowing. So, now I can declare…,
“Why go for a nip or a tuck when you can sip tea from a cup!” There I am (above) in a real tea house praying to the Tea Gods to keep our cups warm and full!

White tea will help relax you and have a positive impact on your skin. This is a delicate (low caffeine) tea, and therefore you don’t want to use boiling water, allow it to cool for a minute or two before pouring. Follow the instructions and step into a whole new world, even for ten minutes a day. If looking, feeling, or staying young is something you seek then give White Tea a try. For those who may feel a little stressed out, or overwhelmed…. keep in mind, the ritual alone of preparing such a fine brew is enough to reap some health benefits. You can not be uptight while preparing loose leaf tea. Tea transports you to another time and place, or keeps you mindfully present if that is your intent. You may not be able to fly to Paris but you can buy a box of Hediard (black) tea (served in the most fashionable and exclusive places in the world) and feel famous. One of my teapots has Chandeliers on it. Using it makes me feel so luxurious and I forget that the word laundermat is still in my realm of living. Purchase a porcelain cup and saucer from Home Goods and carry on!

I also recommend Rishi Tea Company. You can trust that you will be getting only the finest leaves. Most of us don’t think about soil, climate and altitude when buying tea, they do! They also consider how it’s processed. They even have teas that come with a guide book with maps and photos showing where the tea originates. They elevate tea and tea drinking to a whole new level.

Another outstanding tea company is Upton Tea Imports. Their enticing catalog describes each tea in detail. They have an enormous/eclectic selection including Holy Basil Purple Leaf. Right now I am relishing their Christmas (MĂ©lange Noel) tea. I buy it in bulk and store it in my empty Santa Claus Tea Tin (I bought the expensive Santa Blend from Hediard and now that it’s gone, each season I fill the can with Upton’s similar (less expensive) version. This treasure is composed with vanilla, orange peel, rose petals, black tea, cinnamon and cloves. I share it with friends and family all month long.

There is a fantastic tea that actually helps with weight loss and concentration, and happens to be my personal favorite. We’ll talk about that one soon. I speak from experience, over twelve years of daily sipping. I know that fine loose leaf tea truly is a little bit of heaven in a cup. If God is a drinking man/woman, I imagine there is tea in his or her cup.

I have to run... I am being beckoned with a whistle from my tea kettle!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Get Cozy

You know you must be doing something right if a Goddess like Julia Roberts validates your beauty secret. In a recent interview the stunning actress said, “The key to beauty is to always be looking at someone who loves you.” Bingo! That is it for sure. Take a look at the above picture of Aunty and me. I think you can tell we were glowing from the inside, and we always do. I have the utmost optimal relationship with my great Aunty. It’s one where we both simply continue to give with an open heart to the other without ever keeping score. Miraculously, this way of being creates young cells, and gives a shot of Botox to the old. We don’t look 127 do we?

When you strengthen your bonds with loved ones your barometer of agelessness goes up. Married people might want to stop for a moment and remind themselves what drew them to their spouse in the first place. Rekindle your romance in any way you know how. Allow your partner to love you. And you must make yourself loveable in the first place. Be nice. Smile a lot, even if at times it may feel forced. If agelessness is something you seek, loving kindness is a must. Besides, what’s the alternative?

And if you are single, select your partner and friends carefully. If a person is not able to give and receive love, then what is the point? Trying to change people or putting up with a mean spirited person is damaging to the soul. Create room in your life to improve the relationships you now have, and always be ready for love. That in itself makes you Ageless.

Come back soon….tea time is next! I will confess right now…tea continues to be one of the best beauty boosters.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sat Nam

Mantra Mama

As promised, my great Ageless Aunty will be appearing on this site soon….
But first I want to share some magic words that have helped me to de-stress, de-age, and delight….*Sat Nam* pronounced saaht--nam….it means I bow to my higher self, truth, God! I first learned this profound mantra in Kundalini Yoga. Practicing Kundalini Yoga in my opinion is one guaranteed path to Agelessness. Everything about this practice promotes joy, unlike anything else I have ever experienced. We chant, we dance, we sing, we move, and we meditate, opening up our hearts, elevating our spirit, and somehow that inner peace and happiness that was there long ago, miraculously emerges. Bliss is possible with Kundalini Yoga, and it remains one of my favorite ways to stay Ageless.

Recently, when I started thinking about putting this blog together, I was experiencing major stress factors in my life, on all levels, and things were mounting. I wanted to add something to my Kundalini Yoga practice and I signed up for stress reduction class (that in itself is an Ageless thing to do). The course happens to be about Qigong. I am new to this ancient energy practice but I can already say…it is miraculous. You can feel it activate the body’s natural healing ability. I call it Feng shui for the psyche because as you breathe you can feel the flow. I went in feeling overwhelmed and came out feeling fully alive and let the problems roll off of me. You can look up Qi-Gong online, and I will be talking more about it as I get deeper into the practice. Our instructor gave us a CD to take home to help learn the movement flow. The voice on the disc is a calming and loving Chinese man walking you through this energy practice. As he stops at each part of the body he says things like… “illuminate the heart. Heart I love you.” I felt so relaxed and calm during the class, and more important afterwards. The instructor (a doctor) promises that many of his students have had amazing results from doing this work. I can promise you too, it is worth a try! Ten million people around the world are glowing from practicing Qigong…I am glad I am now one of them. If you clear out all the negative energy you make room for positive vibrations to get working. And picture how positive energy looks on you. Think of how you felt on a really good day in your life. Follow this blog and I can assure you that many more ways as to how we can uplift ourselves will appear. Slowly we become the embodiment of Agelessness…breath by breath, vertebrae by vertebrae…it is possible. Ahh….
Sat Nam…..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We don't look 127 do we?

My mother always told me I could be anything I wanted. Now that I am all grown up I have decided that I want to be Ageless. You know…no number after my name, feeling good when I look in the mirror, believing in infinite energy and possibilities…. Having the attitude that everything is good, or will be again.

Take the above picture of me with Jerry Stiller. If this were a magazine or newspaper, next to our names would surely be a number… our age. I have never understood this. What does it matter? Who cares? Jerry looks great and I know he is older then a lot of us. Since I feel good too, and have often been told that I look much younger then the number of years I have been alive, I thought I would share some or my own secrets and tips while giving myself motivation to keep up all the fun and good living. I have been promised by a wise old guru that if I keep up I will be kept up! I believe him. Old Gurus don’t usually lie.

I also have some major inspiration which you will be seeing though out this new blog. It comes in the form of a five foot two, blonde hair, green eye, beauty…my great “Aunty” Helen. She is the most Ageless woman I have ever seen. No one ever guesses her age. She may have been born in the early part of the last century, but she hasn’t slowed down a bit. She spends her life just being happy. Nothing is blocking her from being ageless. As a matter of fact, because she remains a benevolent vessel of good energy, she is gravitating towards everything good (including agelessness) every second. Since we live together I know all her secrets and will share more of them. But for starters, I have not ever heard Aunty complain about anything. That scores big points in the game of Ageless pursuit.

I am a living testimony, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Agelessness has nothing to do with how much money you have, or in my case, don’t have. One of my sister’s handbags cost more then I make in a year! Yet, I probably have more fun and more friends then Diddy does. I can honestly assure you that if I can stay Ageless (there continue to be some pretty significant challenges in my life) so can you. Even if you have five kids you can become Ageless. It just comes down to how important it is to you. For me it means freedom to just be yourself and love your whole self all the time, every minute of the day. If you go within (where real beauty lies) you will never go without. And good news everyone…. The well is endless…There is more light inside then you will ever need! The path to Agelessness may not always be so easy, but every time you smile you are de-aging, even if it’s a single cell! Start by simply paying attention to your breath. Focusing on the breath allows you to put yourself at ease, and feel the miracle of life itself.

Follow this blog and I will instruct you from here, tell you how I hooked up with wonderful Jerry Stiller, Share Aunty’s beauty secrets, and post pictures showing all the fun we are having….even at our AGE, which you will clearly see is AGELESS! If I have anything to say about it, there will never be a number next to my name, unless it’s how many times I laughed, prayed, or helped someone during the day!
Stay tuned….