Thursday, December 10, 2009



I think this photo of my Aunty driving with Santa Claus exemplifies agelessness. Even Santa has fallen in love with her. Make that every Santa we see. And we see many. As it turns out, Auntyand I have an immeasurable amount of Christmas Spirit. Each December we make our way across New England to as many Christmas events as we can with Aunty usually wooing every Santa in sight. Joy truly emanates from our hearts and sometimes we find ourselves dancing in the street, once with Santa himself! We always bring our own music and our own stash of Tea (as mentioned in an earlier post, we prefer loose tea, but tea bags for the road). We wave to people. We smile at people. And hug old friends when we meet. All of this helps keep our blood pressure down and our spirits up. This past weekend Aunty and I were strolling down the street to Darlene Love’s Christmas Time is Here…The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. You really can’t get much happier and any more Ageless then that. Try it. All you need is some of your favorite Holiday songs, two AA batteries for a small tape player, or a charged I-pod with speakers, some cheery tea bags, and a winter coat. See what happens when you put one foot in front of the other with these accouterments. Experiencing pure fun like this actually makes that number that we refer to as our age SHRINK.

Bonus feature: When strolling, shopping, and out and about, try drinking your favorite beverage from one of those festive Starbuck’s cups, without spending three dollars. Just give them a quarter for a cup of hot water and drop a Christmas tea bag in. Try Sugarplum Spice, or Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride from Celestial Seasonings. The aroma alone is worth any effort. I de-age just by looking at the pretty boxes. Besides, I happen to know it’s what Elfs drink. And have you ever seen an old or unhappy Elf? I met one once. And don’t worry I have the picture to PROVE it! Things take a bit longer to develop up there in the North Pole. But I promise to share it with you soon. Until then….BE Merry, or try to for five minutes a day. And if it’s still a struggle, come back to look at the picture of our Ageless Aunty hobnobbing with Santa. If that doesn't make you smile, well….keep reading this blog, something will! That is my gift to you.

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