Friday, January 15, 2021



Picture taken before Pandemic
I feel like that little boy standing next to me is saying to all of us, please read what Renee is saying here. Do it for me, for my mother, my neighbor, my grandfather....for all  human beings.

In light of the raging Pandemic AND the Crisis in our country, I am asking everyone to put on their thinking caps! I AM REACHING OUT AND ASKING YOU TO REALLY PAUSE AND TO LISTEN. I have figured out a way we can more forward….


The Media always wants to give us something to be afraid about!!! Yes, things are horrible, and truly out of control.

Yet, the Media doesn’t help matters at all…they only become (or have become) part of the problem at this point.

What are we to do?!

If there is no good scary "developing" story they are out of jobs or people change the station. We are all to blame, Yet, where is the solution and how do we get there?

In my wildest imagination, and I do have a wild imagination, I couldn’t have ever imagined all this, that we as Americans, and people of this world, are all dealing with.

 I am also deeply and profoundly saddened that so many people just don’t take the pandemic seriously enough and quite frankly are selfish. They think the rules don’t apply to them, or that their rights are being taken away.

This is the most unsettling reality. I mean, people are selfish. There are many making sacrifices, but unless or until EVERYONE gets on the same team here the Virus will keep winning.

Please let your younger children know this too. EVERYONE’S ACTIONS affect everyone else when there is a raging pandemic period, even if you try to rationalize your behavior. Deep down most humans  know the right thing to do. I can not think of a better time to start doing it.

 And even now, with this riot on our sacred capitol all over the big lie (which we know by now our 2020 election was the most accurate and fair election in history. This has been verified three times!). Yet, even with death and destruction there are people who still voted against confirming the election results!  How sad is all this? Well, obviously very. Yet, as the eternal optimist, even in this darkest hour I do believe things will get better. But how….

 To answer my own question I will tell you what I am going to do. I AM GOING TO WATCH MUCH LESS NEWS PERIOD. I will consciously choose fair, accurate and HONEST sources to get my news and LIMIT IT!  I will spend that time that I would have normally spent watching the news on reading up on American History, Writing my own book (s), learning an instrument, talking to friends and staying connected, taking walks, and paying attention to the world around me WITH A BIG OPEN HEART AND A GOOD EAR. I will respect my fellow humans and my fellow Americans. It does start with us even if we don’t want to face that fact.

 One way we can make things better is by better listening. JUST SAY FOR ONE MOMENT, ONE TIME, MAYBE THAT OTHER PERSON HAS A POINT TO MAKE, and then REALLY LISTEN. TALK IT OUT…Respect, remember that word!

There are ways we can slowly improve. WE are human beings with enormous capacity for soaring and evolving…..above and beyond anything! And keep in mind there can be no healing or moving forward without the truth. That is a rule of life…None of us can escape that no matter how hard we try. We all have to see the truth even if it hurts.

 And as for the pandemic, I will continue to social distance, wash hands, always wear a mask, and even if I upset or annoy people I am going to state facts that I know undoubtedly to be true…and I hope and pray that more and more people (even or especially those who like to fight or always be contrary) will eventually come to see the TRUTH!  And get vaccinated as well. WE ALL NEED TO GET VACCINATED. IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT THIS PANDEMIC. AND WHAT PRAY TELL IS POLITCAL ABOUT THAT? I WILL TELL YOU, ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING. IT’S called doing the right thing and not being selfish anymore. I am sure most people don’t want a needle placed into their arm (even for a moment or two) BUT, if it will save lives including our own, or our family, or that older woman in another state (the one with five children, eight grandchildren, and is a retired school teacher)! Not to mention the little boy above in the picture with me. 


ONLY WE CAN MAKE THE FUTURE BRIGHTER IF WE START RIGHT NOW IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT. OUR power is in this moment and how we decide to carry on. Will you do the right and fair thing for your fellow man? At this moment in history, our actions can actually help doctors and nurses and hospitals from being overwhelmed, and good hard working people from dying alone! 

 And the good news is, when you do the right thing that karma and good energy comes back to you!  So, please stay home, wear a mask if you must go out, wash your hands, get vaccinated as soon as you can and limit your news to HONEST and ACCURATE NEWS. NO more conspiracy theories. AS YOU CAN CLEARY SEE NOW, NO one wins with those. NO one! At this point I don't think we need more proof on that.

I wholeheartedly believe that if most of us follow what I am saying here (and try with patience and love to help bring the light to those still refusing to see the truth and actual facts) THINGS WILL GET BETTER. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

 Thanks so much for listening. I feel very strongly about what I say here and I truly appreciate your time and interest to start making things better in our country…and ultimately the world since we are all connected!