Sunday, January 31, 2010



It was a bitter cold New England Night….in order to stay warm, Aunty and I headed over to the Ashram to participate in a cozy and relaxing gong meditation. As mentioned earlier, Aunty and I practice Kundalini yoga. This is ancient form of healing yoga brings true radiance. Take one look at Ageless Aunty (close to ninety) after immersing herself in a soothing gong bath. She’s become a regular at an actual Ashram where many consider her a true guru. Last night, she was bestowed with hugs, kisses, yogi tea, and a fur coat.


For more info on this miraculous and joyful, scientifically proven, yoga…visit:

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Stevie Nicks has been called the Queen of Rock and Roll. Back in the 70’s & 80’s I followed Stevie and her band Fleetwood Mac. My friends and I went to every concert they had within a fifty mile radius of my teenage bedroom. Stevie was the ultimate songbird. She was (and still is) a fantastic performer who possesses a unique and sultry voice. (Did you see her with Taylor Swift on this year's Grammys?) I have always appreciated her style, her image, and her mystique, as much as her singing. And I wasn’t alone. She had legions of followers…. We loved, and many still do, Love Stevie Nicks! I admired her even more when I learned that she would not give up believing in her talent, and refused to get a real job, even when her family put pressure on her to do so.

During Stevie’s solo reign my boyfriend’s brother treated me better than my boyfriend did. It was his brother who jumped up on stage when I won a local beauty pageant, and his brother who bought a hundred copies of the newspaper when I was a featured model. But I never thought it would be his brother who would bring me a signed picture from Miss Stevie Nicks herself just because I asked.

One day, after still gushing over a recent Stevie performance, I took all my mother’s exotic scarf’s and her tambourine (yes my mother was quite unique herself) and I danced in my room, carrying on as if I were Stevie Nicks. When the doorbell rang I stepped outside still dressed like Stevie and hung out with my boyfriend, and yes, his bro. My boyfriend’s brother, who was also into Stevie, told me he was going to meet our idol. I asked him to be sure and get me an autographed picture when he did. I believed he would. Here it is! I never got the full story, but I believe it has something to do with befriending her while they were both in rehab. What really matters is… I had envisioned an autographed picture of Stevie on my wall. I asked, I believed, and I received……

Ageless tip of the week….Ask, Believe, & be ready to Receive….

Monday, January 25, 2010


Aunty and "Mr. Fran"

All this talk of possible fame and anticipated appearances on Oprah and Ellen, has Aunty and me thinking like Boy Scouts. Their motto Be Prepared has become ours! That is why Aunty talked me into driving a great distance this past weekend to visit our friend, and the most stylish dresser we know…Mr. Joseph Frances. Mr. Fran, as Aunty likes to call him, has some fabulous ideas to help aunty’s image should she be called to Hollywood (and she very well could). Her Agelessness is attracting many these days, and maybe it’s all the attention with the blog, but she seems to be lovelier then ever. She continues to remind me that she wants “to be dressed right,” if/when she is going to be before lights.

Here she is with Mr. Fran in his home. He is someone who truly understands quality and style, and, is a hat, scarf, fragrance and shoe enthusiast. His hats are from Optimo (the world’s finest producer of men’s custom made hats) His ties are from Charvet (Founded in 1838, the House of Charvet is renowned for being the ultimate choice in men's classic tailoring. Christophe Charvet was in charge of Napoleon's wardrobe.

Even Joey’s colognes are extraordinary. He wears things Aunty and I can not even pronounce, and, as a fragrance buff myself he has stumped me on several occasions. We found him misted in the deep and sumptuous Domencia Caraceni 1913. For Aunty, Mr. Fran suggested Vega, the 1936 perfume by Guerlain. We looked it up, and it’s featured as “a graceful composition of orange blossom, ylang ylang, in a honeyed luminosity, accented with vanilla and amber.” Joey whispered to me… “It’s so sexy.”

After a champagne consultation, we figured Aunty would need thousands of dollars to dress in the Old Hollywood Glamour Style Mr. Fran suggested (and the one Aunty naturally loves). He directed us to 24 rue du Faubourg- Saint Honoré in Paris to have everything custom made with silk and satin. It was all in good fun because we can barely afford Macy’s. But, due to my Where There’s a Will There’s Renee attitude, I may have to mow down the fashion police and get TJ Maxx to play the role of a Couture Salon. I can always take a red marker, color the bottom of her DSW shoes, and tell Aunty they’re from Louboutin (she will never know the difference). Or we could add an accent, and tell Mr. Fran we got our threads at Targét. Regardless, Aunty is excited by all prospects. And, if I put her on a green tea and asparagus diet, she may very well be able to fit into her own (less pricey) 1940’s wardrobe, the one in the attic. Stay tuned…

Sunday, January 24, 2010


This blog will continue tomorrow, 1-25-10. Had to take Aunty to New York to see a man about some clothes and straightening my eyebrows...keep smiling...

Friday, January 22, 2010


Nail Polish & Coffee

I am glad to announce our very own Ageless Aunty has found a creative and effective way to reduce pain!

Aunty may be vivacious, and spunky in her (almost) ninth decade of living, but she is still human. And every now and again, Father Time packs a wallop of pain and thrusts it her way. This usually comes in the form of hip, back, shoulder, even eye pain. Sometime the aching can be pretty harsh, and because we are so close, her suffering becomes mine. It’s a double downer. But since Aunty and I have promised this blog to be about living well, having fun, and remaining Ageless…. we have come up with something pretty darn clever if you ask me…

Yesterday, Aunty’s pain came in the guise of a bad headache. She never complains, but you could see the uncomfortable grimace on her face. I suggested she might lie down for a while, but Aunty suggested, “How about painting my nails?” I placed about twenty candy colored bottles on the table. Before I could even ask which one, “Purple,” she stated. “That’s my favorite.” As soon as I opened the fancy bubble-like vial, she started smiling and I could see the pain start to ease. Each stroke of the tiny brush dripping with a bright hue of dew seemed to take a smidgen of her pain away. When I was done, Aunty held her hands up admiring the results. Forgetting about whatever discomfort she may have had, she asked that we go out for some coffee (another one of her ageless staples I am convinced). Here she is enjoying her all time favorite brew, showing off her purple nails happy as a lark…

Try some color therapy next time pain hits. We think painting your toenails may even increase the relief (the brighter the better). And if you deep breathe, and step back from it all…. the pain will fade away….
Added Bonus: when this is done by someone you love, it is almost a guarantee the pain will subside.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Michael Sinatra...

An Ageless Friend Acts Out...

His name is Michael Sinatra, well, that is today, and last week too when he wanted a good table at the restaurant. Yesterday he went by Michael Corleone (a la the Godfather)…. And this morning he was a producer for Moo-lah Productions. Any way you look at it he is a long time family friend who is always on. My entire family including Aunty has been enjoying his outlandish company for years. Everyone should have at least one friend like “Brother Michael.” Everything about him is over the top, and I feel larger-than-life in his company.

My so-called brother loves me. He likes to give me a big hug and kiss, all in the spirit of a good longtime friendship. In this particular picture he was pretending to be an actor in a passionate love scene. I was doing what I always do when he’s around …laughing.
What I appreciate about him is…
He loves much red wine and always brings you jugs full of joy…
He seasons all his food (and ours) with an Italian Liquor called Strega.
He spends three days making his signature risotto.
He works out every single day… and some nights too.
His cell phone, home phone, shoe phone, and head phones all play Strictly Sinatra.
He only gives compliments. Yesterday I was gorgeous, stunning, magnificent and a palace all in one.
His best friend is an old Italian barber named Santa.
He speaks a few languages, some he makes up, but they sound intriguing.
He is fascinated with the art of shoe shining.
He has been known to order everything on the menu.
He may walk out in the middle of dinner due to another engagement, but will kiss everyone at the table first, including the waiter….
He walk’s on my mother’s back when it hurts, sometimes in her high-heels.
He claims to have astral-traveled with Elvis. And he yearns to take everyone he meets to Italy. He is writing his memoirs in his sleep. Luckily he is an insomniac. He’s an all around (eccentric) friend who helps keep my family laughing and entertained. He’s the one supplying aunty with fake cigarettes and bootleg mozzarella. Look for him at a shoe, liquor, or party store near you! Friends like Michael (no matter what name they go by) help keep you ageless.

Ageless tip of the week: create an array of colorful friends…

Monday, January 18, 2010


Back in the 80’s I won a contest through a popular radio station. The prize was a part in a Glenn Frey (of the Eagles) music video.

I spent the next few weeks shopping. I bought bathing suits, bras, and ten new pairs of boots. I didn’t eat any white flour, sugar, or meat for three weeks.
Whenever the phone rang I took a deep breath so they couldn't tell I was waiting beside it when I wasn’t shopping or starving.
Months went by and no call from the record company. I decided to visit my sister who was living out in LA at the time. During my stay I would check in with aunty back home to see if anyone had called regarding the video shoot. When I realized they probably had no intention of putting me in anything, let alone a video for MTV, I took matters into my own hands and did what my friends have come to call… “pulled a Renee.” I got dressed in a white jumpsuit, laced up my leather granny boots (a la Pretty in Pink) and put on a rather large pair of sliver earrings with lightning bolts …which represented that decade pretty well, not to mention how charged up I was.

When I located the where a bouts of the record company I took a cab over and marched into the offices of MCA Records. I confidently held up the newspaper clip about me winning the contest to one person after another. Eventually I waved it at some big producer, hoping he would live up to his promise. After a few minutes of yelling and pleading, starting with him asking, “What the hell are you doing here?”… He relented, and agreed to put me in another video. It wasn’t going to be Glen Frey… it would be Knight Ranger (the rock group who had just had a big hit with the song Sister Christian).

When I arrived in New York the night before the shoot the record company put me up in the room that the band had just checked out of. It was atrocious. Knight Ranger (a somewhat heavy metal band) had just spent the last few nights destroying it. There was no way I could sleep on a dirty bed in a shipwreck of cigarette butts and beer bottles. I checked out (I guess I had never really checked in) and put myself up at a decent place near by.

The next day I showed up “on location” secured into a pair of red pants (one size smaller than usual) and found myself being filmed in several scenes (at least I thought). But when I saw the actual video (for the song Sentimental Street) I was only in two. However, you could see me dancing in the club. After the shoot, guitarist Brad Gillis had someone tell me he was interested in getting together with me. I found out (on a few occasions) that when you are a rock star you have someone go out and get the girl for you. I was flattered of course, but that was not ever my style.

I went home singing the song Sentimental Street, and on quite a natural high knowing footage (with me in it) was going to be shown on MTV! It may not have turned out exactly like I had envisioned (it often doesn’t) but, I got what I wanted, and my motto, Where There’s a Will There’ Renee was born….

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Anything is possible
Aunty and I just spent all morning praying for the people in Haiti. We are deeply saddened and ask anyone reading this blog to pray, and if at all possible dig deep (we did) and contribute whatever you can. After watching the footage on television (which I forced myself to do) I can not think of a better cause on this day…Thank you for listening, considering, and ultimately doing!

On a lighter note, and speaking of prayers…. Aunty and I are also praying that she gets discovered by Oprah or Ellen… or even the local TV Network. Once I mentioned “You could get called to Hollywood you know,” Aunty has gone wild with her wardrobe and the possibility of becoming a role model. She wants to buy a fur coat (I will get her a fake one and she will never know it). She is asking for more high-heels too. She wants to “be ready” if they call. She looked at me with a great big smile and said, “What if they only want me, and not you?”

Aunty is over the moon with the possibility of showing the world that you can be ageless under any and all circumstances. She is so delighted at the prospect that I just might have to call or write the big O and the big E and see if they would want to feature Aunty. With millions of caregivers out there and more people facing Alzheimer’s each year Ageless Aunty will help put a new spin on things. She is a breath of fresh air and offers real hope that even with such a cruel disease, you can live with dignity, some independence, and smoke a fake cigarette or two. Aunty still finds ways to help others, and reasons to laugh and dance. She makes it easy to remain devoted to her. Many say Aunty and I are a testimony to the miraculous power of love.

While Aunty is waiting to hear from the Networks, I will be sharing those stories I promised. My next post is going to be about how I demanded a role in a video from the MTV Network!!!! And, since Aunty absolutely loves sports cars, I may even write about trying to get Aunty to be Jay Leno's first guest when he goes back to his regular time slot. Now there's an idea! Seems to me, Prayers and Networking are a good route to take. Stay tuned…

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ageless Aunty in Action

Before I share more of my chutzpah laden stories, Ageless Aunty wants me to tell you that it’s never too late to play dress up.

Aunty, not too far away from ninety years of Agelessness, has a collection of hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, cigarette holders (for her trademark fake cig) and high-heels. She relishes wearing them all.
However, at this point I have to pull her past the shoe salon at Nordstrom’s because Aunty insists on buying high-heels. “I love them,” she declares adamantly. I may have to put my foot down with the stilettos’, but she does still wear her hats and cigarette holders. She is old school glamour. If she keeps this up, she might end up in Hollywood. No kidding. What an audience she could generate. Can’t you just see Ageless Aunty in her Jimmy Choo’s dancing with Ellen? She could be the host's best dance partner ever (aside from Barack Obama).
Everyone says, “Aunty is one person Oprah would love to meet!” I have to agree. What a positive message and life affirming vision….Ageless Aunty (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s no less) enjoying life with more gusto than anyone. She is remarkable. Her little girl spirit soars! Aunty tells me that reading my blog helps her to keep a youthful attitude. That is one endorsement that is going to be hard to beat…unless, Oprah or Ellen call.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Me Talk Pretty To Dave...

David Sedaris & Renee Gold

When the local book store ran a contest to win a chance to meet my writing Idol, David Sedaris, I set my sights on winning. Mr. Sedaris has gained an international audience for his top selling books and collections of stories such as Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Me Talk Pretty One Day and Naked. His books (seven million in print) are little barriers to bad karma. When you hold them all you do is laugh.

I started my crusade to nab the coveted prize by going to church to pray I would win, and brought my favorite pen (the one I would fill the entry form with) into the pew. Then I had Aunty and all her good energy chant over the entry box. I did too. We almost got thrown out of the store. I officially entered the contest on a Wednesday, the day Dave was born. Since I believed I would win, I was not too surprised when I did. The event was going to be held on my birthday, May 3rd.

For the next few weeks I envisioned hanging out with Dave. We really have a lot in common. Maybe he would offer to refer me to his Agent when he found out I have been paying my own writing dues for years and have a sparkling manuscript to boot. Having lived in Manhattan myself, I could sense the camaraderie and laughter as we swapped New York Stories. And, surely he would want to meet Ageless Aunty… everybody does.

At the party Aunty and I traipsed around enjoying lots of fancy appetizers (some of which aunty put in her purse). We sipped champagne celebrating my birthday and good fortune. It was all to raise money for a charity called Helping Hands ( a creative organization providing trained monkey’s to help the lives of people who can not use their arms or legs. Everything was exceptional as I had expected.

What was so surprising was Dave’s reaction. I had imagined us sitting in a corner talking shop. But, Mr. Sedaris did not want anything to do with me. He seemed to sense my hunger for wanting to get published and stayed clear away. I tried to sneak up behind him, but someone always started talking to me, or complementing Aunty on her boa and high-heels. As I watch Mr. Sedaris mingle with the organizers and a few guests, but never looking my way, I knew I only had a certain amount of time before my chances would be gone for good. So, with a waiter hiding behind a plant, I just screamed out… ‘Dave, Aunty wants to meet you!” I mean come on, look at all those pictures of Ageless Aunty… She is irresistible. By golly, it worked. Dave looked up, I stood beside him, and to complete the coup, the waiter jumped out of the faux bush and snapped a photo of me with Dave. You can see it above. There is even a hint of a smile on the author’s face.

What a token of good luck to have a picture of me with the Rock Star of the Publishing World right on my desk. Every day there I am with Dave Sedaris! The image of the two of us framed forever and attached to a small typewriter….All because I willed it into being and clearly envisioned it. Next time we meet, I will be published too, and the mega-star will talk to me. “Maybe he will want a picture with you,” Aunty suggests. I see that too, which certainly makes it a possibility…

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Say Cheese

While Ageless Aunty takes her beauty naps, this blog will take a slight detour onto the Yellow Brick Road Connector….There I will entertain you with my zesty quest for everything first-class and spectacular. Part of my yearning for such grand things is my personality. It has simply become the Renee Way to go after anything that may seem impossible to others. I just don’t hear NO. And, like many of you, I am no shabby dreamer. I know I am not the only one to have a taste for Cristal on a Boone’s Farm Budget. We should all get together. I can see us now, we’ll want dinner at the Ritz, seven is fine, but end up at Olive Garden with some cheap red wine.

And….those around me, and new people I meet, are amazed and amused by my continuous mad-cap adventures. They are always asking, “How did you manage to pull that off…you hot ticket,” (like maneuvering my way into a party to meet actor William Macy, and successfully demanding to be in an MTV video once). When a savvy New York agent told me to “start a blog” I did.

So there you have it. I am not trying to be J. Lo, I am just naturally high. And I am not Jennifer Aniston, but I do relish the cherries of life right down to the Pitt. Here I am. My stories are true, and they are all for you…

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where There's a Will There's Renee...

Not Mine (Yet)

By now, you all know and love our Ageless Aunty. The clamoring crowds she garners in real life are now following her on the Internet. She is no longer just a legend in her own mind. But, some of you may be wondering who I am, and why this blog.

I feel like I have mastered the art of living well (and I don’t mean with lots of money or material things). I simply am able to find joy in every day living, and I would like to share that with you. I have also been blessed with a bubble bath full of chutzpah…. I never sit in the back row. I always find my way to the front, and often backstage. Here I am holding another screenwriters' Oscar (for charitable purposes). My glass (a crystal blue champagne flute) is always half full! I raise it to you for joining me.

I write memoir, screenplays, and now this blog (which I share with my Great Aunty Helen, our resident Ageless Guru). Through my written communications, via blog, book, and screenplay, I hope to show my readers/audience (what my friends have been saying for years)….that life is a banquet the Renee Way, and, Ageless, with Aunty!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hello Kitty and Ageless Aunty

Keeping up with the spirit of giving….Here is Our own Ageless Aunty holding a gift from a friend. Aunty has many admirers and people that love to bring her presents (including me). Our dear friend Grace brought Aunty this darling little Hello Kitty pillow the other day. “Just because I love my Aunty so much,” she said. When Aunty opened the package she couldn't stop giggling. She hugged the puffy piece several times before hugging Gracie. I thought to myself… if someone gives me a Hello Kitty anything when I am Aunty’s age, then this blog will have worked because appreciating and enjoying such a youthful gift…. is Ageless. Then I realized I had recently been given a Hello Kitty Book for Christmas…. And I haven’t put it down since! Only once, and that was to take some mints out of my new Hello Kitty Clutch, another funky gift from a friend.

Aunty and I know we are blessed with such whimsical gifts from our childlike friends. Someday, when Aunty is older, I might bestow her with the Hello Kitty Crystal Business Card Holder . It’s brilliant. But for now she likes the little girl things.

Monday, January 4, 2010


That’s my gorgeous sister J who always signs her emails with the words “Big Hug.” Here she is holding Mr. “Big Hug” the adorable fellow I gave her for her recent birthday. I had been trying to figure out what else to give her that I could afford. I mean what do you give someone who has a rainbow of diamonds, lives in Beverly Hills, and has poured Grand Dame Champagne for a "bubble bath?"

While I was skimming through a catalog (it may have been I literally saw what was described as a BIG HUG; “plush and cuddly with rosy cheeks and a fluffy sprout of hair on top.” How could I resist? The act of finding him, wrapping him (and in her favorite Wishnick paper which she almost loved more than the gift itself) and giving him to her made me feel great. And although my sister is already ageless, she is even more so now because I got creative and gave from the heart. She loves him! Generosity makes everybody a winner. Don’t you think even “Big Hug” is happier having such pretty hands holding him every day!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Ageless Aunty

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. This powerful statement should bring you some peace. When you are ready to bring your life up a notch…and take the high road instead of the easy way out…pay close attention, your teacher is near.

Everything is set up for our benefit. We can trust this and should be able to find our wise guides without too much effort.

At the top of my (living) guru list is my Ageless Aunty. She is an extraordinary woman and the best teacher anyone could ask for. She not only inspired this blog, but everyday she teaches me what is most important in life, and that is helping others. Ever since I can remember, I have watched her give her constant and unchanging love to an entire family. She does not keep score ever, under any circumstance, even when I felt she should. My great Aunt transcends everything, and continues to rise to human greatness with her selfless humility. All this goodness keeps her radiant and ageless.

This remarkable woman is all I hope to be, and the best part of who I am. She is pure spirit. What a gift to live with her and be in her presence daily. Aunty is so happy, that by looking at her, other people become happy. The more I emulate and care for her, the more ageless I become.

If you haven’t found your guru yet, you can follow Ageless Aunty. Just hit the follow button on our blog. There is much we can learn from someone like Aunty. She lives to give. You may even have some laughs along the way…Ageless Aunty is always laughing at something, while teaching you everything.