Monday, January 25, 2010


Aunty and "Mr. Fran"

All this talk of possible fame and anticipated appearances on Oprah and Ellen, has Aunty and me thinking like Boy Scouts. Their motto Be Prepared has become ours! That is why Aunty talked me into driving a great distance this past weekend to visit our friend, and the most stylish dresser we know…Mr. Joseph Frances. Mr. Fran, as Aunty likes to call him, has some fabulous ideas to help aunty’s image should she be called to Hollywood (and she very well could). Her Agelessness is attracting many these days, and maybe it’s all the attention with the blog, but she seems to be lovelier then ever. She continues to remind me that she wants “to be dressed right,” if/when she is going to be before lights.

Here she is with Mr. Fran in his home. He is someone who truly understands quality and style, and, is a hat, scarf, fragrance and shoe enthusiast. His hats are from Optimo (the world’s finest producer of men’s custom made hats) His ties are from Charvet (Founded in 1838, the House of Charvet is renowned for being the ultimate choice in men's classic tailoring. Christophe Charvet was in charge of Napoleon's wardrobe.

Even Joey’s colognes are extraordinary. He wears things Aunty and I can not even pronounce, and, as a fragrance buff myself he has stumped me on several occasions. We found him misted in the deep and sumptuous Domencia Caraceni 1913. For Aunty, Mr. Fran suggested Vega, the 1936 perfume by Guerlain. We looked it up, and it’s featured as “a graceful composition of orange blossom, ylang ylang, in a honeyed luminosity, accented with vanilla and amber.” Joey whispered to me… “It’s so sexy.”

After a champagne consultation, we figured Aunty would need thousands of dollars to dress in the Old Hollywood Glamour Style Mr. Fran suggested (and the one Aunty naturally loves). He directed us to 24 rue du Faubourg- Saint Honoré in Paris to have everything custom made with silk and satin. It was all in good fun because we can barely afford Macy’s. But, due to my Where There’s a Will There’s Renee attitude, I may have to mow down the fashion police and get TJ Maxx to play the role of a Couture Salon. I can always take a red marker, color the bottom of her DSW shoes, and tell Aunty they’re from Louboutin (she will never know the difference). Or we could add an accent, and tell Mr. Fran we got our threads at Targét. Regardless, Aunty is excited by all prospects. And, if I put her on a green tea and asparagus diet, she may very well be able to fit into her own (less pricey) 1940’s wardrobe, the one in the attic. Stay tuned…

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