Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hello Kitty and Ageless Aunty

Keeping up with the spirit of giving….Here is Our own Ageless Aunty holding a gift from a friend. Aunty has many admirers and people that love to bring her presents (including me). Our dear friend Grace brought Aunty this darling little Hello Kitty pillow the other day. “Just because I love my Aunty so much,” she said. When Aunty opened the package she couldn't stop giggling. She hugged the puffy piece several times before hugging Gracie. I thought to myself… if someone gives me a Hello Kitty anything when I am Aunty’s age, then this blog will have worked because appreciating and enjoying such a youthful gift…. is Ageless. Then I realized I had recently been given a Hello Kitty Book for Christmas…. And I haven’t put it down since! Only once, and that was to take some mints out of my new Hello Kitty Clutch, another funky gift from a friend.

Aunty and I know we are blessed with such whimsical gifts from our childlike friends. Someday, when Aunty is older, I might bestow her with the Hello Kitty Crystal Business Card Holder . It’s brilliant. But for now she likes the little girl things.

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