Sunday, July 24, 2016


The One and Only Sir Paul

Yes, I do love Paul McCartney!
And Yes, I always will....

The highlight of my summer of 2016 is most indubitably seeing Paul McCartney play at Fenway Park last Sunday night.

My friend and I got the last two seats only an hour before show time. After praying, lighting candles, crossing fingers and practically holding my breath, I went up to the ticket window and they said they had  just two seats left. If you follow this blog you know my ticket angels never let me down.

I was so freaking happy to be there and see Paul again. I am glad to say I have been able to find a way to attend every Boston show he's played. Ever since Aunty and Uncle D took me to see the Beatles when I was a very young girl, I have been a super fan of George, Paul, Ringo, and John's! And my passion for Paul and the Beatles and appreciation of the music has actually grown over the years. I am more of a fan now then I ever was.

Once we got to our seats, out of the blue my friend took me for a stroll a few minutes before the show and we ended up in a fabulous section on the field closer to the front.  I was so excited I couldn't even sit down. I actually had a case of Beatlemania. Having lived through it and seeing women dropping like flies at the Beatles show decades ago, I still get this outer body kind of sensational feeling like I can fly whenever I see Paul McCartney! It's the greatest feeling in the world. Having listened to his music for ALL of my's incredible to be there seeing him and hearing him live!
Paul admires his fans at Fenway

When I hear him play songs like Band on the Run, I got a Feeling, Let me Roll it ...and Baby you can Drive My Car, The Night Before, I've just Seen a face (and I could go on and on...) ..well, I literally leap for joy. No kidding. My spirit soars and I can not stay in my seat. It's this incredible natural high and I am as happy as a human can be!
I was having so much fun leaping through the crowds that security actually put a person in front of me to keep me as close to my seat as possible. And here she is...

With tens of thousands of screaming fans in the stadium eventually she went to another area and I twisted and shouted the rest of the evening entertaining my entire section. The woman next to me said "Don't worry, I'm a lawyer. I'll represent you!"
Fan on the Run...

I'ts really too bad there isn't a video of me dancing in full glory, and carrying on the way I did. I think it would be very funny to watch. But, I was simply transfixed on the music and so in and into the moment I just didn't stop to ask anyone to film me.  (if anyone did please let me know)!!!
I was just lucky to be there.  And, even luckier to get the last two tickets! Remember, I wasn't even supposed to be in that section.

Just another day in the life. Maybe next time I will come in through the bathroom window...
Whatever it takes to be near a Beatle!!! And, for the last few moments of the show I made a mad dash closer to the stage. And, being that close to Paul McCartney, like I was recently to Ringo (see post from October 2015) represented something significant to me. I heard that voice inside saying you are getting closer to your dream....

Stay tuned. I really am.... 
I predict one day soon I will put my product in the hands of
Sir Paul himself!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Niece Madison and her Beau Z

Summer is in full swing and as I look around right in my own family I see so much love.
And that is what I focus on. Because what we focus on expands!!!!

Niece Jesse with Hubby 

Aunty's great granddaughter  (my niece) Jeana Renee is in love with John and vice versa!

And Jeana's late Grandmother, Jeanie (Auntys daughter) was in love with Joe! They went to prom and then got married!
Aunty's living room circa 1956

It's summer time, who do you LOVE?!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2016


We want YOU to have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY