Friday, April 10, 2015


with Larry Rosenberg (far right)
The names of two of his books are Breath by Breath, and Three Steps to Awakening.

The name of his recent course at CIMC (Cambridge Insight Meditation Center) the meditation center he founded, is Don’t Turn Away. I am talking about the incomparable Larry Rosenberg. Larry is a truly gifted, compassionate, and wise meditation teacher, writer and scholar. I have had the great pleasure of sitting with him, studying with him, and even getting a hug from him!
Simply Being, not grasping, fearing, or worrying
Over the last nine years I have been a student at his center. They are very serious about meditation and the Buddha’s teachings. One thing I can say with certainty is when you truly open your eyes to your own life, and, see all of it fully (the good, the not so good, and the in-between) you will slowly be able to live a more full, vibrant, and awakened life. One thing I learned at CIMC is “Wise View is everything.” 
So many things bother us or get in our way, but, if we step back and truly see, fully see things as they are from a wise perspective, it can and will help us. The cause of our suffering usually leads back to us. Self-awareness is crucial to living a happier and less bogged down life. Freeing ourselves up to live a more vibrant life is an extraordinary gift to give ourselves, our family, and ultimately the world. It’s so much  easier to blame someone else for our problems and woes. But, for peace of mind, taking time to sit in silence, truly look at ourselves, and pay attention to how we are actually living, well, it sure seems worth it to me. You will literally breathe easier…and moment by moment appreciate life so much more as you fully bloom as a human being. What could be better than taking full  responsibility for your own life?! Not always so easy to do and that is why Larry titles the class, Don’t Turn Away.
Throwing fear aside and taking my Ideas to Harvard
The only secret is practice, practice, practice and be extremely kind to yourself every step along the way as you cultivate the extraordinary art of living well...

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