Tuesday, June 24, 2014



 The summer of love returns…

Are you looking to experience something truly splendid and memorable this summer? Do you want to truly transcend the ordinary and expand your mind and psyche? Well, to start just get to the beach. I mean it. Here at Ageless we get to the seashore any way we can and any chance we get.

Take a peek at the above photo. Here we are on Cape Cod just last weekend. The Cape is magical. You are surrounded by beaches. The ocean is exhilarating and healing.  And, it’s free (well you might have to pay to park but it’s worth it, even just for that first full relaxing breath). Ahh……
A Bad Hair Day is Still a Great Day on the Cape

Harwich, Mass

Next, I am so thrilled to announce a profound and moving happening like no other anywhere. Go see the Hanumen! Before someone like Oprah discovers them this is your chance. I have been right before with discoveries like this (remember Snatum Kaur, well now you see her with Oprah). The Hanumen are a soulful and compassionate group of men who can sing, chant, drum, elevate, and move you as high as you want to soar! I could not sit down the first time I saw them. Wear your love beads and let loose…open your heart and you will float away and smile to your core. I can’t wait.

The Hanumen  with Mike Houlihan
Sat Date: 7/19/2014 From: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Sponsor Roots to Wings Yoga Byfield Ma.
Event  Held at Newburyport City Hall….
For more info go to: yoga@RootstoWings.com

Here is a description from their website.
4th Annual Evening of Peace, Love, and Healing for greater Newburyport with Gaura Vani, John deKadt, Benjy Wertheimer, Purasartha Dasa, and the Call and Response Foundation.  This will be the music event of the summer in greater Newburyport and a wonderful opportunity to mingle with the yoga, healing, meditation, and music community on the North Shore.

Utterly amazing… I have seen The Hanumen before and was determined to track them down! And share them with followers of Ageless…
Buy the CD

More Summer love ….and suggestions for the BEST SUMMER EVER to follow….here at Ageless we don’t get older we simply allow ourselves to open up to live with more ease and grace and more happiness…

Light up your summer from the inside out

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Picnic Perfect...
Dear Friends of mine are new proud parents. We celebrated their first Father's Day in nature...with a baby, a blanket, and lots of homemade food!
 And I fell in love...
Looks like it's reciprocated!
Something tells me it's going to be a wonderful summer~


Monday, June 9, 2014


Bob Weir where are you?
As promised, there was a fabulous sixties event this past Saturday in Topsfield Massachusetts.
I was there! IT was a gas. And, the closest thing to going back in time….
To begin with I was with one of my best friends from High School. Then, mixing the past with the present I brought my new friend Lorie along. The three of us danced the day away under a stellar, perfectly blue sky! What made this celebration so groovy was the music…
The sounds of the sixties carried us away and if you closed your eyes you were there. I grooved to songs like Grazing in the Grass, Happy Together, Off of my Cloud, A Hard Days’ Night, and even one of Aunty’s favorites, Hey Jude! AS a dear friend would say, “Renee, you were in your glee.” And most of the hip, bell-bottomed, flower powered crowd around me was too.
So, all you “far out” Ageless with Aunty friends… heed the word. Come on down and join me in my travels, adventures, frolicking, prancing, skipping, hula-hooping sojourns, and magic carpet rides.  I had so much fun I literally jumped for joy! Next time maybe you’ll join me in the actual event. You never know where we might end up…another galaxy, a faraway place, just down the road…or around the corner. WE have mega-fun galore no matter where we are. Remember, I was taught by the Master of purity of heart, Aunty. And when your heart is light and full of love you simply cannot go wrong. That Good Karma sets the stage for a harmonious life. Agelessness and a Natural High follow you wherever you hang your love beads. Blessings abound…. And I am A lively Grateful.
Tomorrow night Martini’s and Masterpieces…. (See below or last blog post) www.reneegold.com

Sunday, June 1, 2014



This glorious morning as I sipped my tea I saw a happy face! I literally saw our beloved Aunty smiling back at me…
Shortly after she passed I had her image placed on a coffee mug. Aunty LOVED coffee more than anyone I have ever known. And, that was one of our best rituals, sitting across the table each morning relishing our brew.
Just now as I held the cup to take a sip it was if she was saying Good Morning, Renee. I love you.
I heard it. I felt it. I saw it! I kissed the cup!
I cried.
I smiled.
I took a sip. I kissed the cup (again). Church bells rang.
I put the cup down. I wrote to you…..

With love!