Sunday, June 1, 2014



This glorious morning as I sipped my tea I saw a happy face! I literally saw our beloved Aunty smiling back at me…
Shortly after she passed I had her image placed on a coffee mug. Aunty LOVED coffee more than anyone I have ever known. And, that was one of our best rituals, sitting across the table each morning relishing our brew.
Just now as I held the cup to take a sip it was if she was saying Good Morning, Renee. I love you.
I heard it. I felt it. I saw it! I kissed the cup!
I cried.
I smiled.
I took a sip. I kissed the cup (again). Church bells rang.
I put the cup down. I wrote to you…..

With love! 


polysix2chem said...

Hi from Joy

brianamet said...

Re, don't miss me, I'll never leave. Love u!

Renee Gold said...

Thanks so much! I am getting a great email response to this!
And Bre...If you send me a picture of you…I will put you on a mug and kiss you too!!! I appreciate the comments!

Trisha said...

Our Magical Auntie is such an inspiration to all of us...I love that we get reminders of her endless Agelessness! I love that you are just like her, in that regard.

Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

It suddenly occurred to me - we should all get 'mug-cups' of ourselves and send them to Miss Ageless! Keep on smiling!

Michael said...

This is very sweet and cute. We should always kiss our loved ones both alive and passed because we care and cherish them. Let them know we love them and are always thinking about them.

Renee Gold said...

This little impromptu post from the heart is touching many. I am still receiving emails too. Thanks again and again, and again for all your love and comments! They keep Ageless with Aunty Alive and Well!

Anonymous said...

How smart and cute! Your cup runneth over with ageless aunty's love. I suppose you drink from this cup when you need or want to see her. Love the ingenious idea.

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