Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Things are getting bigger and better

I was driving down a country road with a trusted friend. We were talking about my "BIG" plans. I will be sharing them with my readers soon. But, I promise more excitement then ever brewing. When he heard all about my upcoming entrepreneurial goals he said, "You really think Big don't you?|" I said, " I certainly do!" And, just then we noticed the worlds largest beach chair in front of a little store!

He pulled over. I got out and started getting comfortable with things getting Bigger & Better.

When you remain positive like I talked about in my last post things flow in the right direction. Your world opens up. The right people, places, and even things appear. That last post is worth repeating. What goes on inside our mind creates our reality. The brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good.

The red shoes....Well, for anyone who has ever owned a pair, you know how great it feels when you wear them. They add color, zest, and fun. I feel even more positive and confident when I wear red. As a blooming entrepreneur in an often crazy, competitive, and overwhelming must do whatever it takes to stand out.

If you've got a good idea on your mind....Think Big and Wear Red Shoes! And don't forget to follow this blog. The GPS on my new Galaxy phone knows how to find Stardom! (Posing like the Statue of Liberty is optional.)
Notice the Red Stars behind me

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Higher Ground

Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer and positive thinking. There's a saying that I keep going back to… Ask – Believe – Receive! And, if you hold what you have already (no matter where you are at or what is happening to you) in deep gratitude, things will have a way of working out for you. I say these words for you. I say them for me.
By now everyone knows of my struggle and even loneliness at times, without having Aunty physically present. I'm looking for a job, and a place to live, while still grieving Aunty. Needless to say, it hasn't been the most exciting summer. However, when I look at this picture (and I may even frame it for emphasis) I realize that deep inside I do have an optimistic view. I never give up hope. I am living out everything this blog represents with my glass half-full – always! I smile even when things are not going that great. I pray even in the darkest of times… And then the sun appears. Shortly before this picture was taken it was a cloudy day and many expected rain. When I arrived at the Abbey full of gratitude with shimmering memories of Aunty sparkling in my mind, and, in anticipation for better times ahead, the sun suddenly appeared.
Even now on a glorious summer day I sit alone in a room with no air-conditioning, tired hands (from so much time on the computer) still no job, money almost gone, trying to figure out where I will be living three months from now, I am fully okay. I pray. I breathe deep and pray. I smile, and I even make plans for a day at the beach. Somehow I know that I have everything I need right here inside of me. Thoughtful and quiet prayer, deep meditation and real gratitude will undoubtedly put you in good place/space and allow you to carry on strong.
This blog post is dedicated to anyone who feels lonely today, to anyone who feels overwhelmed, and to anyone who feels unappreciated, or just a bit glum. Not everyone is happy all the time… Even your “upbeat” faithful blogger…. RenĂ©e Gold! See if you can make a few minutes for prayer, meditation, and gratitude today. Be in the moment and appreciate just that. Miraculously this creates more to feel grateful about and somehow transcends you (little by little) to higher ground.
I didn’t realize it till now, but, the results from prayer, meditation, gratitude, and even positive thinking are all cumulative. I just think that's wonderful news. And the view is more beautiful and clear the higher up you go.
 Did I mention that one of the things I had been praying for and visualizing was to have "more of my family around me."

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I am in a Michael Phelps state of mind...
He is one of my all-time favorite athletes and Olympians. It was thrilling to hear about his glory in London. Now he has a World Record for most medals ever…22!  His trophy says, The Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time." I am just floored by that!

Unfortunately for me I did not get to watch him. I have no TV these days. I had to make a choice: a new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone or Cable TV. I chose the former especially since I have not had a cell phone for over two years (I had been lugging around an old borrowed phone the size of a brick). Besides, I have to start looking and feeling the part of a successful business woman who carries the world in the palm of her hand. With a phone that feels like it has spaceship capabilities I can do that.  I will elaborate more on my entrepreneurial endeavor in my next post since many have been asking what exactly I was referring to in my last post.
Getting back to Mr. Phelps for a moment, all this talk of the Summer Olympics and Michael Phelps has encouraged me to do something I have wanted to do for a long time….get into the water.
The last two nights (the temperature had exceeded ninety degrees) I went for a summer evening swim.

Ahh…let me say that again…. A summer~ evening~ swim ~.

 I had not felt so relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and alive in a long time.

IN the water is the place to be. They don’t call it the Fountain of Youth for nothing.
somewhere water awaits you
The people I know who do swim regularly are not only thin, but, they glow.

So, if I want to do my job well and hopefully inspire you to “live well, have fun, and remain ageless….” Then I MUST PLEAD with you to GET THE HECK IN THE WATER TODAY, somehow some way! And, while you let your cares and woes, any aches and pains disperse into the H2o…I will check out YouTube and watch Michael Phelps bring home the Gold! I might even envision that is me on the podium proudly holding my product up with the world cheering on. Given all I have up my sleeves this glorious scenario could easily happen! Just be patient….Mr. Phelps trained for over twenty years to get all those medals. I started paying my dues back in the mid-nineties. I am starting to feel poised for my own success.

 FOR THE RECORD: one year ago today I took Aunty to the beach! She loved it….

Ageless Tip: if it’s chlorine you are diving into simply rub oil on your body before you swim. You will emerge with soft moist skin and a clearer mind.

What is your Golden Quest….And how are you preparing? TAKE A DIP AND THINK ABOUT IT...