Wednesday, December 31, 2014


There is an old saying:
A Bayberry Candle Burned to the Socket
Brings joy to the Home and
Gold to the Pocket!

Burning bayberry candles is a tradition dating back to colonial times. Early colonists came upon the bayberry shrub growing in the sand belt of the Atlantic coast, as well as the shores of Lake Erie. The berry-type fruit is crusted with a greenish-white wax, settlers found that boiling the fruit created a wax residue on the surface of the water. The wax had a fragrant aroma and burned magnificently. Many berries had to be boiled to get enough wax to make a candle, these candles burned longer, cleaner, and brighter than did the traditional candles of the time. Therefore, bayberry candles were saved and burned on special occasions only! One such special occasion was the celebration of the New Year. (New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve)

Over the years, the burning of bayberry candles on New Year's became a tradition, creating a saying by who, no one knows, yet the tradition continues today:

"Bayberry candles burned to the socket, bring health to the home and wealth to the pocket!"

 The wax was believed to have medicinal uses, and honoring someone by burning a bayberry candle had a special meaning, perhaps creating a closer partnership and therefore better dealings!

Keep the tradition alive by burning a bayberry candle during the holidays, or better yet, give one to a close friend as a gift to ensure a close relationship.

 I hope that you will join me in my annual tradition on New Year's Eve by burning bayberry scented tapers. May it help bring you and your loved ones a peaceful, plentiful, and rewarding new year.

Aside from the blessing above, the information in this post was complements of
Where they offer bayberry candles made from the wax of real bayberries!

Happy New Year.....
and Let's Keep Tradition Alive!


Thursday, December 25, 2014



It's not what's under the's what's around it......
Let us do our best this coming year and beyond, to spread Joy and Love...
That is not only Ageless, It's MIRACULOUS!

Monday, December 8, 2014


The Magic of Christmas Lies in Your Heart
Many of you contacted to ask me to please continue this. So, here is part two of Ageless with Aunty’s Best Christmas Gifts of 2014. We say 2014, but, these presents are Ageless and Timeless!  
Qi-Gong is the secret to a healthy life. Okay, that might just be my opinion but I truly feel it’s magical. I have witnessed miracles happen in my own life when I practice qi-gong. And, its’ a martial art form that I also practiced with our late beloved Aunty! She was a natural at it.
I promise you an improved EVERYTHING when you do qi-gong. Just try it and see. It’s so good for you. Give yourself or someone you love a simple way to practice. Qi-gong DVD’s make sublime gifts for Christmas, and there are many. Lee Holden (seen on PBS) has some great ones.  I have promised myself to continue my qi-gong practice eternally….it’s that good! And it keeps me connected to Aunty, nature, and the entire Universe!

Books are always a great gift. And, I personally love holding a book in my hand. I am proud to say I am friends with that fantastic author, Roland Merullo (ABOVE). I met him at one of his readings and after sharing my own little writing journey we became friends. We also share a place we both hold dear, Revere, Massachusetts. (That’s where Roland is from and where Aunty and Uncle D lived). I highly recommend all his books! Just go to his super website and see for yourself. Roland also happens to be a top notch human being. And a huge fan of Aunty’s!!! Need I say more?! WE LOVE RM and all twenty of his books!

Tammy Fender….Tammy is one gorgeous woman who knows how to help the rest of us look good too.
I can recommend anything in her skincare line. All the ingredients are chemical free, 100 percent natural and organic. Best of all they are effective. As a quality skin care devotee I would just adore any gift that had Tammy’s name on it. So, consider for something extra special. Even just one product in her line is enough to take your skincare regime to a whole new level. But, I dream of the entire collection. Tammy is the fountain of youth!
We love Christmas so much we have added a part three this year…so, come back tomorrow for more great gift suggestions. WE know they work, and all our gift suggestions are Aunty Approved!
P.S. My friends say wearing Santa Caps, Jingle Bells, and Enjoying Christmas Cookies may help one stay youthful too!
 The Anti-Grinch Strikes Again...
 The Spirit of Christmas is Ageless...

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Here is AGELESS WITH AUNTY’S 2014 Guide to the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER…..(in alphabetical order)


A friend came over for a holiday sleep over.  I had on my red and green leggings. We sipped Christmas Tea from porcelain cups with candy canes, and watched all the Christmas Classics including Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life. We shared ribbon candy and sugarplums! However, the best part of all was her slippers. She only wears Acorn. I fell in love with how cozy and inviting they look. Now, I can’t stop dreaming of having a pair for myself. Take a look at these. They come in many color and sizes. I do hope Santa Brings me a pair. acorn slippers
I WAIT ALL YEAR FOR THIS AND IT’S WORTH THE WAIT. I HAVE YET TO TASTE A BETTER ROASTED AND (LIGHTLY) BUT PERFECTLY FLAVORED COFFEE. These guys are coffee purists. The aroma alone is divine and worthy of song and praise. I wish they had TV commercials for this because I could write some great copy for them. But, even so, you  simply need to taste it to experience this perfection in a cup. Ho Ho Joe is my all-time seasonal favorite….and best part of all, it was Aunty’s too! Brew some for your favorite friends, while you write out your Christmas cards, or make people really happy and just give them a bag or two for themselves.

FRAGRANCE BAR OF NEWBURYPORT: Wherever I go I am always asked “What perfume are you wearing?” I just love to smell good. But, let’s face it there are just too many fragrances to choose from. So, imagine a shop where they will make a fragrance just for you. Or, make a much less expensive version of the fragrance you already wear. That’s exactly what the Fragrance Bar of Newburyport does (and online too). One of my very favorites (and I am only sharing with the readers of Ageless with Aunty) is the Fragrance Bar’s White Tea Fragrance. I have renamed it after my favorite movie White Christmas! And, for those of you who live in Massachusetts, the next two Friday nights the town of Newburyport will be having their now famous INVITATION NIGHT 6-9pm. It’s a perfect Jingle and Mingle along the old cobblestone streets. Highly recommended. Make sure to stop by the Fragrance Bar. Located on Prince Place behind the library.
And, while you are in Newburyport (going out of Alphabetical order for a moment) you MUST go to see Kevin at PARTRIGDE IN A BEAR TREE! This store is exactly what my mind looks like at Christmas Time…colorful, happy, and ultra Christmassy!!!!! I simply cannot say enough about this shop. Nowhere on earth expect for maybe the North Pole will you find more glee, joy, and AMAZING Christmas ornaments, objects, gifts, candles, and pure enchantment!! Depending on the night, people may stand in line to get in. And, I would wait all night if I had to. No one does Christmas like Kevin. He makes people feel so good, and you will make the people on your list jump for joy with a gift from Partridge in a Bear Tree. An extra added bonus: during Invitation Night they serve bubbly Christmas Punch out of a silver bowl! But, even without the punch you will GLOW out of there….I am all lit up just thinking about it! Christmas Galore
This post will be continued….MUCH MORE TO COME, SO STAY TUNED! And, STAY MERRY!