Thursday, November 22, 2018


On this Thanksgiving Day 2018 I am grateful for close to a decade of unequivocal love from a Man named Ming.
My late beloved was kind, generous, compassionate, brave, noble, virtuous and wise.
He gave me, and everyone he met, his full heart! I was cherished and adored. A difficult part for me now is I didn’t fully realize his true greatness until he was taken from me.
I pray on this Thanksgiving Day….Long Live the Spirit of Ming…
And I pray with my full heart that anyone reading this (and please pass this on)
If there is someone who loves you completely, always let them know how much they are appreciated and loved back.
I promise you it’s not ever enough….so give your heart the best you can to those who truly love you most.
The ones who love us most are very often the ones we take for granted. Make sure you make more time particularly for them.

I am truly and fully blessed for having had someone of this highest caliber of humanness love me with his entire being with such depth of loyalty and admiration.
He enriched my life and now he comforts me from heaven…. today and always, always and forever more….
Ming and Me with our friend Baby Nate