Thursday, January 3, 2019


The Glow of my cousin's tree
really lifted my spirits..not to mention
she had a White Christmas Party just
for me (including making Aunty's/her grandmother's
homemade cookies!)

How do you have one Holly and pretty Jolly Christmas even though you are heartbroken due to the loss of your cherished fiancee? The answer is in these pictures above and below; Friends and Family!
Our Family Christmas dinner table was perfect

I was utterly devastated with the loss of my long time beau, Ming! He loved me so much. (I was so touched that he read and commented on this blog faithfully.) We had a lifetime of love in the last close to a decade. When he passed in June (suddenly) I didn’t think I would pull though the pain and the loss. But, miraculously by staying connected to him (a story for another time) and with the love and support of friends and family I am making it through. I know his love will never die!
I really dug Aunty's Great-granddaughter's Tree

When Christmas came around I didn’t think I would celebrate this year. But, due to some inner strength, an amazing connection to God, and the pure kindness of friends, this Holiday season turned out to be pretty wonderful. It is all about LOVE anyway.
A dear friend put one of Ming's treasured Dolphins 
under her little tree (left)

In between the tears and the loneliness of not having Ming physically here, I was somehow uplifted, as if carried by angels, and able to enjoy the Season (as best I could). 

Holding an actual cherub (aka my grand niece Avery Grace)
helped a lot too

Everyone knows I ADORE CHRISTMAS….And I hope this can uplift those who have lost a loved one. We can carry on (even during the holidays) while carrying them in our hearts.
with Ming Christmas Eve 2010 

This year was truly bitter sweet given such a profound loss, but when it comes to celebrating the Holidays this is how it usually goes... 
An annual tea at my friend Carroll's

I start the day after Thanksgiving ordering my Santa Claus tea and  sublime Ho Ho Joe coffee. I dig out my red and green Jewelry, line up my Christmas DVD’s, pull out my Christmas Journals, start mulling over Eggnog & festive Cocktail recipes, then stare and share at pictures of Christmas’s past. I Start thinking about making cards and ornaments while fluffing out my reindeer sweater
and puffy hat and boots. 
I could go on. If someone ever wants to make a documentary of just how much one human can be so immersed in the season, you might want to give me a call. Ming for one truly appreciated my Major Christmas Spirit! He had it too!
Our "Puffy Green" 2016
My Godson's Ugly Sweater Party 2018
My friend Lynne invited me to a Christmas Tree Festival, 2 dinners
and Holiday Extravaganza because she calls Christmas time

 And, of course I understand fully what the season is all about and that is why so much love and joy leaps from my heart. 
My friend Karen brought me to a
twinkling Holy Christmas shrine this year
After making me homemade cookies, pasta,
and peppermint bark

My mom likes to say “ Most people feel at Christmas time how you feel all of the time….full of Magical Wonder…”
And, I dedicate this post to my late adoring Ming man, who told me  early on, “I love Christmas trees, mangers, and more!” Now he is with me forever more at Christmas time and all the time.
"Mingman and Sweetie"

Here is a picture of my tree this year which was lovingly put up in his honor. We would always call our tree “ Puffy Green,” but this year I simply called it the Ming Tree….
Eternally Ming....
I love you forever....