Monday, September 26, 2011


If your read my last blog post, you know I am going through the toughest period of my life. My vivacious and vibrant Aunty (whom I literally adore) is slowing down due to a diagnosis that may not give her too much longer to live. I am grateful she has lived well into her 80's and with so much enthusiasm and vibrancy. She continues planting the seeds of what will become her legacy (making everyone around her happy). Nobody can get enough of that wondrous Aunty spirit...most especially me.

As I write this I can hear her breathing while she sleeps in the next room. In a few minutes I will get her up and ready to go see one of her three grandchildren and four of her six great-grandchildren. My darling Aunty could not be happier. Aunty's grandchildren & great-grandchildren have not been able to see her for some time now. I expect a glorious reunion!

Also, these days, more than ever, Aunty and I make sure to step out into nature and in general, gravitate towards lovely surroundings. I am cleaning up my act around the house; clean out my car, re-arrange my office, and organize Aunty's bedroom. Aside from being with her family and friends, nothing makes Aunty happier than a clean and organized home. I will do whatever it takes to create that for her, just like she did for me.

We have been venturing out to the waterfall (mentioned in last post), and spend time at places like The Center at Westwoods featured in this post. We spent Friday evening there and soaked in all the good vibrations and healing energy.
reap some benefits just by looking
Our dear friend Tonia Pinherio was there to embrace Aunty with all the positive energy she had.  The healing bell, chimes, and chants felt miraculous. With a crystal angel above us, Aunty and I clapped hands, closed our eyes and sat side-by-side showered in loving energy.

No matter what is going on in your life...make whatever effort you can to spend some time outdoors, and in dwellings with good karma. I guarantee you will feel more free. You may even connect with some inner radiance. You may even get healed!

Please be sure to check out one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Van Morrison, singing....Did Ye Get Healed

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just like that....the person I love most in the world is very sick. Yes, our dear precious Aunty, full of life and goodness, is sick. I can say it is the worst diagnosis you ever want to hear. Her disease is a cruel one. I find it ironic that the person who is the kindest, most loving and generous of all, gets the worst possible diagnosis. We know that sometimes life just isn’t fair. But....

Aunty’s God-like spirit is deeply profound. I cannot even begin to tell you (at least not here right now) all the ways the angels have been showing up, even before she went into the hospital. They have come out in full force, and I can see and feel the Holy Spirit working overtime. Everyone recognizes and appreciates Aunty's gift of pure love, even Mother Nature.
My precious girl remains full of life and in good spirits. She loves looking over this blog. This blog turned out to be a blessing. These pages and pictures are making her happy. Her spirit is the star! I hope you will scroll around and enjoy seeing a woman and her loving and devoted niece enjoying life. And we will continue to do so until Aunty’s last breath…
Please stay with us on this incredible journey…miracles are happening moment by moment. And even in the hospital, with her shimmery slippers,  Aunty is making everyone around her happy. She is dancing with the nurses, playing cards with the sitters, and together we are touching everyone deeply as they witness the bond of a deep committed love between a mother and daughter. Technically she is my great-aunt (my grandmothers' sister) but, by all accounts I am like a daughter to Aunty and she certainly is more than a mother to me.  We have not ever been apart from each other for very long ever since I was born! I am always by her side. If I leave she always asks for me. I can’t ever go too far.
This picture shows where aunty and I sit to take in the splendor and beauty of nature. Aunty enjoys the birds, the water, the bunnies, and the fresh air. We were here right before she went into the hospital on Wednesday morning September 14th.  I hope to take aunty here again and share more of our zest for life (even in the most challenging of times) as soon as she comes home…
So much is happening every day, every moment. I have so many stories and lessons to share with you. And I will when I am able to.
Please spread the Ageless with Aunty message and location with everyone you know. there are a mulititude of blessings to go around.
I appologize for any errors... I am grief-stricken and on my way to the hospital. But wanted to reach out to our readers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I first started this blog I was thinking of calling it Ageless with Jerry! Jerry is a hoot and he's cute too. But....then there's Aunty!

Here she is well into her eighties with her black hat, mirrored shades, and her version of the peace sign. How could I resist? Thus the name
Ageless with Aunty
she is the best part of who I am!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


One noteworthy concoction…

Here at Ageless with Aunty we are glad to declare: According to the Farmer's Almanac, summer is not officially over until 5:04 AM September 23. That means we still have 19 days left!

I celebrated Labor Day this past Wednesday, since I knew I'd be working on Monday. I took a much-needed day off and headed for the beach. I brought my friend Lori along. For the hour-long drive to the shore we listened to some of our summertime favorites. Songs like, Spill the Wine, Summertime by War, and my ultimate favorite, the late Gil Scott Heron’s, In the Bottle. The only way our ride could have been any cooler was if we were driving in a convertible instead of an old Honda.
It may have been the last day of August, but summer was alive and well. We swam, we had a little picnic on the beach, we did our meditation, and we engaged in  some fun girl talk. My psyche was blissed out. When I look back on the summer of 2011, it will be remembered as the summer of MAJOR COMPUTER AND PRINTER PROBLEMS, AND THE SUMMER OF WORKING HARDER THAN I HAVE EVER WORKED IN MY LIFE as I s-l-o-w-l-y  become an entrepreneur (while still being Aunty’s sole and full-time caregiver)! So, needless to say, the beach day went a long way to improving my health and spirit. I had left lots of work, unreturned phone calls, and two months of mail behind.

After a few hours with our feet in the sand, I wanted to treat Lori to a special summer cocktail. Since Lori and I both cherish Sugarplums, when I found out about a drink called Dancing Sugarplum Martini, I knew I would have to get one for Lori. Well, you would've thought I gave Lori a million dollars. The presentation alone wowed her.  The sparkling martini glass had its rim decorated with extra fine sugar, a cherry in the middle, and the prettiest shade of pale pink to the drink. It not only looked enticing, but it tasted exactly like a sugarplum. Lorrie and I sipped, swooned, gushed, and enjoyed this delightful concoction. Sitting before a panoramic view of the ocean, our feet still a little bit sandy, we were oozing summer! And there is still time left for you to marinate yourself in a little more summer (incase you haven't).

If you're ever in Rockport Massachusetts, head over to Bracketts Ocean View restaurant on Main Street. The owner will whip you up this enlightened cocktail. As far as I know, she created this herself. I see so-called sugarplum drinks online, but nothing like this! Just remember to drink and think responsibly. And….Always see things the way they are. 

Be sure to check back: with the owner’s permission I hope to post the soon-to-be famous recipe here.