Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I first started this blog I was thinking of calling it Ageless with Jerry! Jerry is a hoot and he's cute too. But....then there's Aunty!

Here she is well into her eighties with her black hat, mirrored shades, and her version of the peace sign. How could I resist? Thus the name
Ageless with Aunty
she is the best part of who I am!


Anonymous said...

I feel that you are self-reflecting about your blog and aunty. The last photo and statement says it all. Your love for aunty is remarkable and profound. We know aunty is very special and very much appreciated as you have devoted your blog to her, and not so much for your book!
I look forward to know what's coming.

MinistryOfScience said...

Her sprit will live within you forever.

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