Monday, September 26, 2011


If your read my last blog post, you know I am going through the toughest period of my life. My vivacious and vibrant Aunty (whom I literally adore) is slowing down due to a diagnosis that may not give her too much longer to live. I am grateful she has lived well into her 80's and with so much enthusiasm and vibrancy. She continues planting the seeds of what will become her legacy (making everyone around her happy). Nobody can get enough of that wondrous Aunty spirit...most especially me.

As I write this I can hear her breathing while she sleeps in the next room. In a few minutes I will get her up and ready to go see one of her three grandchildren and four of her six great-grandchildren. My darling Aunty could not be happier. Aunty's grandchildren & great-grandchildren have not been able to see her for some time now. I expect a glorious reunion!

Also, these days, more than ever, Aunty and I make sure to step out into nature and in general, gravitate towards lovely surroundings. I am cleaning up my act around the house; clean out my car, re-arrange my office, and organize Aunty's bedroom. Aside from being with her family and friends, nothing makes Aunty happier than a clean and organized home. I will do whatever it takes to create that for her, just like she did for me.

We have been venturing out to the waterfall (mentioned in last post), and spend time at places like The Center at Westwoods featured in this post. We spent Friday evening there and soaked in all the good vibrations and healing energy.
reap some benefits just by looking
Our dear friend Tonia Pinherio was there to embrace Aunty with all the positive energy she had.  The healing bell, chimes, and chants felt miraculous. With a crystal angel above us, Aunty and I clapped hands, closed our eyes and sat side-by-side showered in loving energy.

No matter what is going on in your life...make whatever effort you can to spend some time outdoors, and in dwellings with good karma. I guarantee you will feel more free. You may even connect with some inner radiance. You may even get healed!

Please be sure to check out one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Van Morrison, singing....Did Ye Get Healed


pam said...

Aunty is an incredible woman. Always happy, always smiling. Could have something to do with the wonderful, kind and loving care she receives day after day. You are both blessed to have each other.

brianamet said...

As are you, an incredible woman, Re. I can't believe the empathy and positivity that is in your new posting. You've made my day...and of course, all my best to Auntie!

Anonymous said...

It is rare to find real, true and affectionate love in a family, that consists of a few who cares. Aunty continues to offer sunshine, joy, and happiness to you and others, while her angelic 'lights' are slowly dimming. Thanks for sharing these wonderful adventures, inspiration, and poignant moments to live a full, contented, and beautiful life from two generations.

Michael said...

Connecting with nature is a way to connect to God. Your grieving process is obvious and heartfelt. Peace and happiness is experienced as I look at those soothing and relaxing photos in this post and the previous post. I wish you many pleasant, happy, peaceful, rewarding and memorable moments.

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