Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Forever and ever and ever...."

(this post was written several days ago)
When I turned on my computer this morning I had received two special emails.
They are worth showing here. It just makes me realize that even in my darkest hour the LOVE that Aunty and I share, and will for all eternity, touches everyone. People really do notice. Here are the emials word for word, exactly as I received them. And, the first one is even from a Big Beatle me.

Hey Renee,
Read your blog. I send my warm and positive energy to you and your loving Auntie. Remember The Beatles and all they wrote and sang about-LOVE. In these trying times, think  of all the love you have shared and will continue to share in your life. You are fortunate to have so much love in your life. I mean, look at me and my about the opposite....hell.
So rejoice in all happy minutes, hours and days and know that you are blessed with the ultimate success...She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah! With a Love like that You Know You Should be glad!

Love to YOU

The day comes when we all get to go Home. Those of us who are left behind grieve the separation and loss of the physical presence. When her moment comes, Aunty will make a glorious exit as her soul is so radiant and full of love and joy. You have been with her to give of your own essence and radiance and to share and sustain her radiance, and so, you too are a blessing.
When I came to her I felt that she was tired and is ready to go Home. The most we can do is try to ease her pain and help her to be comfortable.
I'd like to make an offer to come to visit her and you in early October. If you think this is a good idea we can talk on the phone to figure out what day might be best for all of us.
Love and blessings,

And, one of the many comments I have recieved right on this blog went like this:
Dear Renee&Aunty
I love following your love of life and each other...

Aunty and I feel all the love. We are surrounded by it, enveloped in it, and appreciating it's comforting nectar. The calls, the visits, the emials, and the concern are truly helping me to cope with my Aunty's declining. Each day my Aunty is a bit more tired. But, i can still clearly see her spirit as pure and radiant as ever. And, that is the truth! She wil never die! Her genuine goodness makes her imortal. I adore her!

The Angels Adore Her...


brianamet said...

I wish more people were hooked on your wonderful blog, Renee. It's the once place I can go to find some love (all you need is) and some warmth.

Anonymous said...

I am touched by your loving nature and a life of devotion to aunty. It is admirable and moving. I have always seen this in movies, or read it in books. Now I am experiencing it on your awesome blog. I wish the world would have more aunties/nanas to inspire and enrich little ones like Renee. It is Faith!

Michael said...

As I read this posting, it is the saddest of all. However, in keeping with the theme of your blog, it is still uplifting to feel the joy and love rather than the pain and pending loss. No words can truly express my wishes for you and loving aunty. I can feel that her spirit and memories will never die. Her body will just transcend to another realm, where you can find solace, and can communicate on a higher and psychic/spiritual level. Your precious love is the cord that connects/binds both of you. You will see the light and feel the warmth. Amen!

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