Monday, October 17, 2011


made with love...

In light of my Aunty's shocking diagnosis, here are some recent emails/blog comments Aunty and I have received (exactly as I have received them). Together with the visits, the phone calls, the homemade cookies, the roses....they are sustaining us. But, most of all, the prayers and the love....that is what is keeping Aunty alive. She danced today, at almost 88 years old, and with a life-threatening illness. Everyone reading this can and will make a difference in a person's life. Thank you for making one in ours.

Regarding your last post....How delightful to sit with angels!

Truly you are blessed to have Aunty's spirit with you always. Even more you are a talented writer. You should write a book on this story.
Blessings and prayers,

Dearest Re Re,
I have always admired the way you show your love and gratitude to our aunty. Your recent messages about her are profound. I bought her a little gift in China and hope to be able to bring it to her when I return next week. Take care of yourself as you continue to take care of Aunty.
Be Be

u are blessed with being with your aunt,she gives you so many wonderful experiences and how to appreciate being on this earth. Live in the now when u can enjoy her for all that she can giveyou.
Love,  Helen

Thank you for sharing this very beautiful, faith filled experience. Aunty's gifts are inspirational, having a wonderful ripple effect to those who read your email, spreading the beauty of her love.
peace and Names,

My dear, you've done everything right..Aunty knows how much you love her, and so do her angels.
Share in the peace that is surrounding her now, you need to find comfort... and find the strength to let her go. LUV U!

Aunty is Ageless.  Aunty embodies saintly agelessness. Renee, you are blessed and loved, because your devotion and sacrifice is the legacy that she has anointed you. Peace.

it's perfect and special. How are you? Will call you tomorrow. Good night!

I can feel that her spirit and memories will never die. Her body will just transcend to another realm, where you can find solace, and can communicate on a higher and psychic/spiritual level. Your precious love is the cord that connects/binds both of you. You will see the light and feel the warmth. Amen!

    Hang in there and keep on loving.
From Don Ronaldo... 

Sat Nam....Thank you one and all. Our blog is written for you...but, we get so much in return as you can see and feel in this post. Like my dear friend Don Ronaldo says...
keep on loving.... 

Above drawing from Live Alive Restaurant...Cambridge Massachusetts


Anonymous said...

Your awesome comments from your friends and family are very uplifting. I have never observed this before- someone who is dying of a terminal illness, everyone would tend to be or are sad, but this is not the case here. It is one of praisng G-d, adoring love, admiration,
warm friendship, generosity, inspiration,
kindness, gratitude, rich/memorable experiences, extended/prolonged life, after life, and many more. This is another legacy of aunty which is to celebrate life, and not the pain and suffering of dying for your blog!

brianamet said...

wow--anonymous said it all!

Michael said...

Your friends are also your extended family. To have many friends as you do is to be rich, even if your book has not done that as yet. Many of us cannot boast of having real friends until they prove themselves of being worthy. The same also applies to family. This blog is a testament of real friendship and caring as your readers do express their concern for you and aunty.

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