Saturday, October 22, 2011


follow the light..

Here is a picture of Aunty and me from two years ago...You can see Aunty's glow. She still has it. Today I put a flower in her hair as she slept. She smiled. She told me again  "I love everybody!" I told her the truth, "Everybody loves you."

As her disease progresses, she gets weaker...this is the fourth week without food. She has been drinking green tea, water, and sips of my blended shakes.

She is living with grace and dignity. I am amazed at how calm and relaxed she is.  I can not believe anyone could be so brave and so peaceful as they face death. Those close to my Aunty believe that her late husband and her late daughter are calling her, while on the other hand, I keep holding on. I continue to love my precious girl more each day. I love my Aunty to the depth and degree that I do simply because I know her. I see God when I look at her. I feel the presence of the Divine always. How then, can I let go? Who in their right mind wants to say good-bye to God?! Although, I am starting to embrace the fact that she will be with me forever "and ever."

Aunty is so Godly good! I have to carry on her legacy. I have to rise to the occasion and be as loving, as kind, as forgiving, and as selfless as she is. Once she gets that all access pass to heaven, the best way I can honor her and keep her spirit alive is by being more like her. This will not be an easy task. Aunty is the epitome of selfless humility. But, I love her that much, I will perpetuate her legacy (even if it means forgiving everyone who has hurt me and letting go of all resentment and fear)!

A wise piano playing Reverend from Harvard University (one more person to fall under the Aunty spell) just told me...  "She is passing that loving and vivacious spirit over to you. I can see it."  Aunty is a flower... and like her I will blossom into goodness. You can too...just stay with Ageless. Soon we will have our official resident Angel. Auras, Halos, and Happy Hearts to all who follow Ageless Aunty's light.  She won't ever let us down...A light as brillilant as hers will sparkle for all eternity.
I adore... *´¨

(¸.·´ (¸.·´   Aunty¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)


MinistryOfScience said...


Jane said...

You will be not saying good-bye to God, God is everywhere. And your beautiful angel will not be far away. Many blessings.

brianamet said...

It's not easy to know what to say to you, Re, but
you are having the experience of a lifetime right now...take each moment as it comes...or goes.
Isn't there a book idea going on? Just one more way to keep Aunty alive!!! LUV U!

Anonymous said...

everything you post about Aunty.She will always
be with us.I love her smile,compassion,selfiness,
&the list goes on &on.As you know She has been in my life the last six years. It has been a
wonderful ride! The ride will never end because
Aunty will be with you&me forever! LOVE C.B.C.

Anonymous said...

Renee, We have to marvel at your beautiful soul for the holy generosity, love, positive energy and the graces that YOU have give to your Aunty which have made the last years of her life so full of peace and joy.

Nawang P Phuntsho said...

I can read your heart through this post. Very sentimental piece. And I am sure you will continue to be a good human that you are. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Aunty has already passed the goodness, and torch/light to you! Another one of her legacy to you is FORGIVENESS, and to us. This is above all- the hardest and most difficult to foster in one's life. I pray that others can ACCEPT the forgiveness that is shining their way. Her loving and vivacious spirit is already dwelling in you!!! Amen.

Michael said...

I am moved by your growth and 'strength' as a person on your blog. 'Life and death are but ONE like that of a coin.' We are seeing the light through you as ageless aunty ascends to our Official Resident Angel. Does that mean that the name of your blog has to change to 'Ageless with Angel'? Both of you have given us a lot to enjoy, dream, aspire, be thankful, and to reflect on what really makes us happy and loved. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sentimental post but kindly remember that we never know who will leave the world first, god forbid two of you live forever.

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