Saturday, February 27, 2010


But Don't Try This at Home

The intoxicating international sensation Donkey Show creates a splash on the cultural scene. The best way to describe this theatrical romp is to say it is Shakespeare meets Studio 54. It’s a wild reinvention of Shakespeare’s A Mid Summer’s Night Dream (a complex farce about the mis-adventures of love). This outrageous presentation stretches all boundaries of theater…and is so much fun!

However we describe it, when I look at this picture from the show, and think of all I am up against as a writer who wants to get published, I consider for a moment, dressing up in glitter, wearing sequin hot pants, and maneuvering something like this on Aunty’s clothes lines. You have to admit, it’s one way to get noticed.

Then I think, no, Aunty should dress up in one of her boas and I will put her in roller skates or on a surf board, while she reads my manuscript aloud…. (take my word for it, it’s not easy to get published these days). One must do whatever it takes to get attention.

Eventually I come to my senses and face reality. I say… this might be “twenty-ten,” and Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, and selfless promotion are required of writers, above and beyond all the time and dedication it takes to simply write the books, but, there is still only one real way to get noticed, and that is through good old fashion hard work.

So, I bid you farewell for the weekend. It may be Saturday, but I am a writer who wants to get published. Communing at my computer until my eyes burn and my hands ache, while my mind stays focused….. That is what will eventually get me published. (Sequin hot pants, on aunty or me, will only get us so far). It’s the work I do that warrants eye drops and wrist braces that will draw recognition.

See Donkey Show if you dare. It’s been extended till August 2010…

Thursday, February 25, 2010


It’s true! Adding Kale to your diet will help you lose weight. For the last several months I have included this cruciferous vegetable to my weekly menu. It’s become a ritual. These days the guys at Whole Foods have the organic Kale waiting for me when I arrive.

Helping with weight loss and curbing sugar cravings are reasons enough to try Kale, but there are many other reasons to include this amazing super food to your diet:
Since Kale is a concentrated form of lutein and zeaxanthin it promotes optimal vision health by protecting the lens of the eye.

It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, and helps keep our immune system strong.

The mighty Kale is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, sleep-promoting tryptophan and energy producing B vitamins, just to name a few. How do you think Aunty gets all that energy to bang the drums (see previous post)? She knows that green leafy vegetables are good for the brain too. She likes to say, “Who needs Yale, I’ve got Kale!

We don’t call it Holy Kale for nothing….we think it turns a meal into a miracle.

Steam it for five minutes. For some fantastic recipes and more nutritional info see

I have to run…Since Aunty’s birthday is only one week away, I am going to see if I can dig up a recipe for a healthy Birthday Cake, or maybe spinach-carrot cupcakes…then again maybe not…She is going to be 86 years young…an Alka-Seltzer on the rocks is an order.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Aunty on Drums

Aunty is going to be 86 Ageless years next week, March 7th, (the night of the Academy Awards) to be exact. We are thinking of ways to celebrate. After 85 birthday cakes, she tells me she wants to try something new. She is thinking of starting a band. Here she is playing the drums…with her fake cig, her purple gloves, and her sunglasses. She’s such a hepcat!

If anyone has any ideas for what to call her new group let us know. I like the name Love-Nest! That gets my vote. But my sister likes the Rolling Bones. As for Aunty, she prefers to do a take on the Grateful Dead, and call herself Grateful 2 b Alive.

We are thinking of sending this pictures to Hollywood. Maybe she can try out for Ageless Idol!!! You never know. She keeps proving to me that anything is possible. And, we do know one thing for sure… this picture validates that it is never too late for ANYTHING! Way to go Aunty… What an inspiration you are…

Rock on>

Sunday, February 21, 2010


You Asked

Okay Okay… Ageless Aunty and I have been asked so many times, what are some products we can recommend to our friends and followers. We like this question because truly, we have tried many, and can recommend some great beauty finds. Aunty is not too far from ninety years young, and her skin is glowing! She inspired this Ageless blog. As far back as I can remember Aunty has been using Oil of Olay. She stared with the pink bottle, and now she is using their Regenerist. Glance over the pictures of Aunty on this blog, and you tell me if you think her skin care regime is working.

Some of my faves are… Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Confort to cleanse my face. When I wash my delicate facial skin I treat it like I would the finest lingerie… with care. Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Confort (made with nurturing rose hip oil and soothing Rose de France) is like no cleanser ever. My skin feels like velvet every time I use it. It really is amazing.

My number one beauty dilemma is my hair. It just has a mind of its own, and by now it’s got some serious memory issues (it forgets how to look good naturally). And, lets’ face it, most products don’t deliver. One day while visiting the far away island of Nantucket (everything is better there)… I discovered the Moroccan Oil hair product line. They tame frizz and add shine. They are the only hair products I have continually purchased.

And for the hair on my legs … I have come across a product that makes my skin feel like a baby’s, even after shaving. The product I am referring to is Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream. The pearly pink lather (with aloe and vitamin E) cushions your skin from the razor and apparently keeps out irritation period. I have to hide it from Aunty because she thinks its for her face.The results create a Wow factor.

Would anyone like to share some of your favorite beauty finds? Or let us know how you found any of our suggestions. Please comment here. And, I will be sure to continue highlighting some of our secret beauty treasures throughout this blog… wait till you hear about the miraculous masks we use. Ageless Aunty and I have ourselves convinced we will never get old if we keep using them! They are that good.

AGELESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Forget the Sunday drive or newspaper….. Wash your face, Shave your legs, and Smooth out your hair....with these products you will create your own Day Spa! You will have a better Monday too…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:)

Friday, February 19, 2010


fun in feathers...

My friends took one look at me and told me I should be in New York for Fashion Week (which is going on now)…

All I was doing was following my own blog. Remember in the post Bring Back the Dressing Gown, well, that’s when I suggested wearing something from your past.

I also mentioned I would continue to pay homage to Iris Apfel, (see I’ll Show You Ageless). I was just following up on that too. Above is a picture from her recent museum exhibition Rare Bird of Fashion.

As for New York this week, considering one of the First Lady’s favorite designers, Jason Wu, was showing off an Ostrich piece… well, maybe my friends were right. Here I am in Peacock!

Either way, all the fun and feathers are helping to keep me Ageless. And, I am enjoying getting familiar with my wardrobe again.

If this keeps up I may try and get into Fashion Week next year. And Aunty could be my ticket. God only knows what I may find in her closet. She might have something so outrageous, some conversation piece (a la Iris) which might just get us in. Besides, she’d be a most memorable and appreciative guest. Did you see her in her fur? Check out Aunty At the Ashram. She’s always been a stickler for style. She takes great pride in how she dresses. She will not leave the house unless her clothes are perfectly “pressed” and she is in full make up. Even if it is just to greet the mailman!!

Adorn yourself in something….It’s Friday and It is Fashion Week Darling…

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Alicia Silverstone * The Kind Diet

I had to meet Alicia Silverstone for a few reasons. First of all, I love her new vegetarian (cook) book The Kind Diet. Second, she is a celebrity, and third, it’s the Renee thing to do, considering my motto is Where There’s a Will There’s Renee. When you have ten thousand in attendance at a book festival (with most people wanting to meet the featured author/actress Miss Silverstone, and you know only a small portion will) those with chutzpah prevail. Besides, my friends and family anticipate me coming home with a story or a prize every time I go out the door…and I don’t like to let anyone down.

When I arrived at the event Alicia’s talk was sold out, and there were still people in line. I went up to the front just to get a feel for things and it wasn’t looking too good. They had stopped letting anyone in. But, since I really wanted to meet Miss Silverstone, I decided to look for another possible entrance. I found a side door where the organizers had planted a friendly young girl, probably to try and keep people like me out. I mirrored her smile and asked if I could go in when someone else comes out. Before she could answer, when an older gent walked out, I casually walked in. It happened that quickly. And lucky for me, the teeny-bopper at the door didn’t send security in looking for me (which may have happened once or twice before in my pursuit of celebs).

I grabbed the lone seat up front and listened to Alicia inspire everyone as she raved about the benefits of giving up meat and adding more vegetables to our diets.

As soon as the talk was over, while the audience was still applauding, I ran over to the adjoining room where the book signing was going to be, and nabbed a great place in line. Having already purchased the book I was one step ahead of everyone else, and closer to meeting the actress/author. The line started to move and suddenly I was face to face with Alicia Silverstone. She was so down to earth and approachable, we just started talking about barley tea, the benefits of being vegetarian, about book writing, PR, and how her book had even helped Aunty. Something told me that if there were not eight hundred people in line behind me, we would have sprouted some grain bread together, or at very least, compared brewing temperatures before drinking our organic twig tea.

After our little tete a tete, I walked away to see what Alicia had inscribed to me. When I opened my book, I was completely awed by her kindness…. She wrote: Dear Renee, Thank God for you!

Thank you Alicia, that meant so much to me, and to you my readers, I can’t wait for the day when I am sitting there signing my books for you! I am kicking my motto into high gear to make that a reality soon…

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ode to Iris

Since Aunty always has to get into the act, and always has to have what I am having, or do what I am doing, even wear similar clothes to what I am wearing, here she is paying homage to Iris Apfel, like I did in my recent post, I’ll Show You Ageless! My dear Aunty dons her version of Iris’s trademark over sized spectacles! My camera made a funny noise when I took this shot. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was smiling. I hope you enjoy it too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone
I want to share a picture of a decadent chocolate cake from my secret Valentine….
Since my middle name is Faith, and this person likes me a lot, I thought it was a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! And how sweet is this….they drew a heart in place of an “I” in the word “like.” I found their confection of affection irresistible!

Don't you think we should keep Valentines’ Day Alive all year long… Send someone you love (or like a lot) the pleasing gift of chocolate anytime of year. May I suggest Tuesher Champagne Truffles, the finest I have found (infused with real French Champagne)….
or Anything from the always impressive L.A. Burdick. And, they may not be chocolate, but, I sent Ageless Aunty Burdick’s heavenly lavender macaroons (hand piped meringue butter cream treats). They come in different colors and flavors…to match the good!

Bon Appetite & Amour....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ageless Apfel

Eighty-eight year old, Iris Apfel, is a master composer of fashion. Though not a model or designer, she expresses her personal identity through dress. She is so imaginative, words like daring, whimsical, and unique start to describe her. What remarkable panache! According to one of the postings at a recent exhibit of her ensembles, she uses her body as a canvas in unexpected ways. She lives up to the words of Oscar Wilde.. .One must be a work of art or wear a work of art. She is all that and more. According to Iris herself, whether her tastes are zen simple to madly baroque, ethnic or contemporary, serious or amazing…the process of putting things together is what it is all about.

After spending a couple of hours viewing her various wardrobes over the years, in a museum collection titled Rare Bird of Fashion, I can attest she lives up to her words. Apfel's eclectic pieces might come from a Parisian couture house, an American thrift shop, or a North African souk, or they may have been made to her own design in a tiny studio. A selection of audacious accessories also comes under the spotlight: a giant necklace made of bear claws, a turn-of-the-century Indian horse ornament worn as a necklace, a parrot's-head brooch in colored glass and rhinestones. Anything and everything is possible. And it is the end result that wows you!

I have been inspired. There will be some pictures posted of Aunty and me channeling our inner Iris.

What fun to use our creative side with dressing up… And how Ageless…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let it Go

Okay… if you read my last post, you know my struggle behind the scenes…. I guess we all have our stuff to contend with. It is what we do with the obstacles and challenges that create harmony or sometimes agony. This blog has helped me clearly see what a wonderful life Aunty and I do have despite her memory impairment and in spite of me not being discovered yet as a writer. By focusing on the positive, (here I am throwing my hands in the air and letting it all go) things are actually better for us these days. And I find myself responding in a more favorable way to things rather then re-acting. No, our life is not easy, but we still have a great deal of fun together and I am able to let what my friends call my “indomitable spirit” soar over adversity. Yesterday when Aunty was about to put lipstick on her eyebrows…. I just smiled and I told her if she wants to be famous she can’t do that. After she told me to, “get the hell out of here. You are not my mother,” we laughed, enjoyed a cup of sweet smelling yogi tea together, and carried on our day….

Ageless tip of the week> Try responding to things that might upset you rather then re-acting! That might be a better way to handle things.

P.S. To all those who read my Get Into a Movie post and asked if I am going to paint myself blue when I go see Avatar this weekend, the answer is I probably will not have time to. But, it’s a great idea! I will paint my nails blue though…

And to those who asked again for my luxury for less tips by saying “You always seem to know what the latest, greatest in girl luxury is, and then you kind of sample it all. You seem fairly opinionated about this stuff. You know the best place for this or that, and how to get the best price. I would like to see more of that on your blog.”

I promise to share more of that including my well researched Ageless/beaty tips too….so you have to promise to come back! And please tell your friends….

*´¨' )
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Renee *¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Aunty & Renee

My closest friends have just helped make my blog even better. Like many, they have been entertained and amused by my postings, but, they say one thing is missing….and I will spell it out for you…T-H-E

“Renee the way you care for Aunty is truly an inspiration. You know it’s not easy at all.” Aunty has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I have devoted myself to giving her a great quality of life. Skimming this blog you might not even know she has been hit with such awful disease. If I am not in the bathroom with her in the morning, she will put her make-up under her arms, and brush her teeth with hot water. And then there is the rest of the day. She can not be alone for long. My work is never done. Yet, as she dances in and out of her doctor’s appointments, the doctors assure me she is doing fantastic, because in so many ways she is. They also look at me and say, “I know it comes at a price.” The docs may be right, but when aunty tells me “You give me a happy life,” it’s all worth it. Besides, I adore her, and I know unequivocally she would do the same for me.

In addition to being the only caregiver for Aunty, I am a writer. And, since it is not the easiest profession to break into, (they say you must give a pound of flesh) I have been paying my dues for quite some time now. I am probably a few pounds over! But, no matter what, I will not quit and I do not hear no. I believe in myself and my talent. I believe in you. That is why I started this blog. The path I have chosen may be bumpy, but it's also colorful (yellow brick to be exact). I can clearly see my Emerald City. And since I am wearing a pair of sparkling ruby slippers (at least metaphorically) I know I will reach my destination.

I hope to keep putting a smile on your face and warm your heart as I follow my dream, share my zest for life, encounter celebrities, and help keep Aunty (and anyone interested) Ageless and entertained. Lot's more to come.

Where There’s a Will There’s Renee!
*´¨' )
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Renee Gold¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

Sunday, February 7, 2010




Friday, February 5, 2010


Aunty, Mr. Fran, and his Robe

Because Aunty’s image consultant Mr. Fran (see earlier post titled Be Prepared) also indulges in the pleasure of being at home…he continues to carry on the tradition of wearing a “dressing gown” while lounging and reading. Aunty calls this silk lined bathrobe a “house coat.” No matter what you call the darn thing, I personally find such elegance at the Sunday morning table appealing. Many of the movies in the 1930's and 40's featured men in silk dressing gowns. Gable and Powell come to my mind first.
While we sat and discussed the possibilities for Aunty’s wardrobe, (our stylist in his blue silk dressing gown) it was one of our more refined Sunday Mornings. We were a world away from Aunty's beloved Dunkin’ Donuts. Decked in diamonds and pearls, Mr. Fran’s wife, Marni (he calls “our Marni”) prepared beignets and the finest Hédiard loose-leaf tea, in her all Miele kitchen ( Their ten-year old son played the violin. After a brief montage of old black and white films, Mr. Fran reminded us that the dressing gown was preferred and owned by The Duke of Windsor, Clark Gable, and Fred Astaire to name a few. Garments like this really were the height of elegance and sophistication for men.

Dressing gowns were a product of the times when a man was on stage while lounging in his home. We don't tend to have visitors watch us dress any longer, but, after seeing Mr. Fran in such attire, and the nostalgic and glamorous feeling it gave us, Aunty and I would like to suggest to any man reading this… bring back the dressing gown and keep the old Hollywood style alive! And girls, since many of us (men and women alike) spend a lot more time around the house these days, what a terrific Valentine’s Day gift for your man.

Ageless Tip of the Week: Enjoy the clothes you are in. And, if at all possible, wear something from your past, and be glad that you can.

This post was inspired by William Powell, Mr. Fran, and A Suitable Wardrobe

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In the lobby celebrating MJ

People close to me say you have not gone to the movies until you go The Renee Way! Just like in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where almost everyone in the audience throws a piece of toast at the screen when the main character says “I propose a toast,” I have always enjoyed audience participation at the movies (even if it’s just me participating). I may not be as outrageous as the Rocky Horror fans (although some might beg to differ) but, I like to enhance my movie going experience as much as possible. Movies, and how I view them, have always had an effect on me. This started when I was just a kid. After waiting in line all day long to finally see the Beatles’ A HARD DAYS NIGHT, I threw my entire box of fresh popcorn in the air when I nabbed a good seat. Then, I stood up for the entire film and cried. My Uncle D had to come and take me out of the theatre I was so mesmerized.

In More Recent Years…
While watching my favorite film, White Christmas (and this one we enjoy at home) I recite the entire script. It helps since I own the screenplay, and have seen that movie over twenty-five times. My friends and family re-enact many of the scenes, and, I have been known to set up my living room to resemble the set.
For Moonstruck, I brought paper plates and pasta into the show, along with red wine in paper cups. Aunty brought a batch of her Italian cookies. Why should the actors be the only ones having fun?
During Love Actually (have you seen that feel good film) I somehow opened a bottle of champagne and handed out plastic flute glasses from my knapsack. My sisters and I sat in the last row and like the film, we celebrated LOVE.
With Mama Mia, (didn’t you just love Pierce Brosnan despite the critics) when everyone met at my house I had my entire front door covered with the New York Times Gigantic Movie poster. The first time I saw that film I literally danced in the aisle exulting with joy! I don’t think I have gotten over it yet.
For any film staring Vince Vaughn, I bring box of Kleenex tissue and Advil because I know we will surely be crying with laughter. The Advil is for my sore jaw due to the corners of my mouth staying up for so long and being bombarded with hilarity.
For the opening night of U2’S Rattle and Hum, I brought in live lads from Ireland (friends of the family) to go with me. There was so much raw excitement in the air, since we were all die-hard U2 Fans. My entourage took up an entire row. To amuse my Irish friends, I even ran up to the screen to try and touch Bono, just like Aunty did recently for U2 in 3D.
And For the highly entertaining Michael Jackson’s This Is It, I posed in the lobby with his life size picture, and let out one excited scream during this electrifying film. My girlfriend put her coat over her face and slid down in her seat when I was moved to yell out… “We love you more Michael!”
I can only imagine how I will carry on when I see one of my scripts playing out on the silver screen…Has anyone done anything similar? Would you want to comment here?

BTW: Aunty loves the movies too. Lately she has been saying to me on the way back to our car, after I ask her if she enjoyed the movie, “I don’t remember what it was about but I know it liked it.”

Monday, February 1, 2010


photograph by Aunty

Ten reasons I am smiling:

Aunty just told me she has always loved me…

I have a new guru named Mingman…he tells me to “be like water and go with thee flow.”

My good buddy G-bro updated my computer.

Received a sweet email from a dear friend who greeted me with “Hi Chicken…” and signed it xxxxooooo me.

Aunty was eventually able to take this picture by herself (her first time holding a digital camera as you can see).

I Read Roland Merullo’s Italian Summer.

Sipped Rishi’s exclusive Organic Wild Rose White Tea with aunty (a generous gift from a friend).

“One of the leading agents in the country” has my book proposal.

Aunty told me she will always love me…

I found the two Christmas stockings I bought for Aunty and My Late Uncle D many years ago.

Went to church with a heart full of gratitude for all of the above, and more, including YOU! Thank You for following our blog…We ask God to Bless You.

That was eleven….but, this blog is not possible without you...