Monday, February 1, 2010


photograph by Aunty

Ten reasons I am smiling:

Aunty just told me she has always loved me…

I have a new guru named Mingman…he tells me to “be like water and go with thee flow.”

My good buddy G-bro updated my computer.

Received a sweet email from a dear friend who greeted me with “Hi Chicken…” and signed it xxxxooooo me.

Aunty was eventually able to take this picture by herself (her first time holding a digital camera as you can see).

I Read Roland Merullo’s Italian Summer.

Sipped Rishi’s exclusive Organic Wild Rose White Tea with aunty (a generous gift from a friend).

“One of the leading agents in the country” has my book proposal.

Aunty told me she will always love me…

I found the two Christmas stockings I bought for Aunty and My Late Uncle D many years ago.

Went to church with a heart full of gratitude for all of the above, and more, including YOU! Thank You for following our blog…We ask God to Bless You.

That was eleven….but, this blog is not possible without you...

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