Monday, February 8, 2010


Aunty & Renee

My closest friends have just helped make my blog even better. Like many, they have been entertained and amused by my postings, but, they say one thing is missing….and I will spell it out for you…T-H-E

“Renee the way you care for Aunty is truly an inspiration. You know it’s not easy at all.” Aunty has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I have devoted myself to giving her a great quality of life. Skimming this blog you might not even know she has been hit with such awful disease. If I am not in the bathroom with her in the morning, she will put her make-up under her arms, and brush her teeth with hot water. And then there is the rest of the day. She can not be alone for long. My work is never done. Yet, as she dances in and out of her doctor’s appointments, the doctors assure me she is doing fantastic, because in so many ways she is. They also look at me and say, “I know it comes at a price.” The docs may be right, but when aunty tells me “You give me a happy life,” it’s all worth it. Besides, I adore her, and I know unequivocally she would do the same for me.

In addition to being the only caregiver for Aunty, I am a writer. And, since it is not the easiest profession to break into, (they say you must give a pound of flesh) I have been paying my dues for quite some time now. I am probably a few pounds over! But, no matter what, I will not quit and I do not hear no. I believe in myself and my talent. I believe in you. That is why I started this blog. The path I have chosen may be bumpy, but it's also colorful (yellow brick to be exact). I can clearly see my Emerald City. And since I am wearing a pair of sparkling ruby slippers (at least metaphorically) I know I will reach my destination.

I hope to keep putting a smile on your face and warm your heart as I follow my dream, share my zest for life, encounter celebrities, and help keep Aunty (and anyone interested) Ageless and entertained. Lot's more to come.

Where There’s a Will There’s Renee!
*´¨' )
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Renee Gold¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

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