Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone
I want to share a picture of a decadent chocolate cake from my secret Valentine….
Since my middle name is Faith, and this person likes me a lot, I thought it was a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! And how sweet is this….they drew a heart in place of an “I” in the word “like.” I found their confection of affection irresistible!

Don't you think we should keep Valentines’ Day Alive all year long… Send someone you love (or like a lot) the pleasing gift of chocolate anytime of year. May I suggest Tuesher Champagne Truffles, the finest I have found (infused with real French Champagne)….
or Anything from the always impressive L.A. Burdick. And, they may not be chocolate, but, I sent Ageless Aunty Burdick’s heavenly lavender macaroons (hand piped meringue butter cream treats). They come in different colors and flavors…to match the good!

Bon Appetite & Amour....

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