Friday, February 5, 2010


Aunty, Mr. Fran, and his Robe

Because Aunty’s image consultant Mr. Fran (see earlier post titled Be Prepared) also indulges in the pleasure of being at home…he continues to carry on the tradition of wearing a “dressing gown” while lounging and reading. Aunty calls this silk lined bathrobe a “house coat.” No matter what you call the darn thing, I personally find such elegance at the Sunday morning table appealing. Many of the movies in the 1930's and 40's featured men in silk dressing gowns. Gable and Powell come to my mind first.
While we sat and discussed the possibilities for Aunty’s wardrobe, (our stylist in his blue silk dressing gown) it was one of our more refined Sunday Mornings. We were a world away from Aunty's beloved Dunkin’ Donuts. Decked in diamonds and pearls, Mr. Fran’s wife, Marni (he calls “our Marni”) prepared beignets and the finest Hédiard loose-leaf tea, in her all Miele kitchen ( Their ten-year old son played the violin. After a brief montage of old black and white films, Mr. Fran reminded us that the dressing gown was preferred and owned by The Duke of Windsor, Clark Gable, and Fred Astaire to name a few. Garments like this really were the height of elegance and sophistication for men.

Dressing gowns were a product of the times when a man was on stage while lounging in his home. We don't tend to have visitors watch us dress any longer, but, after seeing Mr. Fran in such attire, and the nostalgic and glamorous feeling it gave us, Aunty and I would like to suggest to any man reading this… bring back the dressing gown and keep the old Hollywood style alive! And girls, since many of us (men and women alike) spend a lot more time around the house these days, what a terrific Valentine’s Day gift for your man.

Ageless Tip of the Week: Enjoy the clothes you are in. And, if at all possible, wear something from your past, and be glad that you can.

This post was inspired by William Powell, Mr. Fran, and A Suitable Wardrobe

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Anonymous said...

This vision of gentlemen in a dressing gown on Sunday morning is in stark contrast to pajama pants or a wifebeater! It's amazing how the clothes we wear have an affect on us as well. After all, the way we dress affects the way we think, feel, act, and then how others respond to us.

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