Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ageless Apfel

Eighty-eight year old, Iris Apfel, is a master composer of fashion. Though not a model or designer, she expresses her personal identity through dress. She is so imaginative, words like daring, whimsical, and unique start to describe her. What remarkable panache! According to one of the postings at a recent exhibit of her ensembles, she uses her body as a canvas in unexpected ways. She lives up to the words of Oscar Wilde.. .One must be a work of art or wear a work of art. She is all that and more. According to Iris herself, whether her tastes are zen simple to madly baroque, ethnic or contemporary, serious or amazing…the process of putting things together is what it is all about.

After spending a couple of hours viewing her various wardrobes over the years, in a museum collection titled Rare Bird of Fashion, I can attest she lives up to her words. Apfel's eclectic pieces might come from a Parisian couture house, an American thrift shop, or a North African souk, or they may have been made to her own design in a tiny studio. A selection of audacious accessories also comes under the spotlight: a giant necklace made of bear claws, a turn-of-the-century Indian horse ornament worn as a necklace, a parrot's-head brooch in colored glass and rhinestones. Anything and everything is possible. And it is the end result that wows you!

I have been inspired. There will be some pictures posted of Aunty and me channeling our inner Iris.

What fun to use our creative side with dressing up… And how Ageless…

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