Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In the lobby celebrating MJ

People close to me say you have not gone to the movies until you go The Renee Way! Just like in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where almost everyone in the audience throws a piece of toast at the screen when the main character says “I propose a toast,” I have always enjoyed audience participation at the movies (even if it’s just me participating). I may not be as outrageous as the Rocky Horror fans (although some might beg to differ) but, I like to enhance my movie going experience as much as possible. Movies, and how I view them, have always had an effect on me. This started when I was just a kid. After waiting in line all day long to finally see the Beatles’ A HARD DAYS NIGHT, I threw my entire box of fresh popcorn in the air when I nabbed a good seat. Then, I stood up for the entire film and cried. My Uncle D had to come and take me out of the theatre I was so mesmerized.

In More Recent Years…
While watching my favorite film, White Christmas (and this one we enjoy at home) I recite the entire script. It helps since I own the screenplay, and have seen that movie over twenty-five times. My friends and family re-enact many of the scenes, and, I have been known to set up my living room to resemble the set.
For Moonstruck, I brought paper plates and pasta into the show, along with red wine in paper cups. Aunty brought a batch of her Italian cookies. Why should the actors be the only ones having fun?
During Love Actually (have you seen that feel good film) I somehow opened a bottle of champagne and handed out plastic flute glasses from my knapsack. My sisters and I sat in the last row and like the film, we celebrated LOVE.
With Mama Mia, (didn’t you just love Pierce Brosnan despite the critics) when everyone met at my house I had my entire front door covered with the New York Times Gigantic Movie poster. The first time I saw that film I literally danced in the aisle exulting with joy! I don’t think I have gotten over it yet.
For any film staring Vince Vaughn, I bring box of Kleenex tissue and Advil because I know we will surely be crying with laughter. The Advil is for my sore jaw due to the corners of my mouth staying up for so long and being bombarded with hilarity.
For the opening night of U2’S Rattle and Hum, I brought in live lads from Ireland (friends of the family) to go with me. There was so much raw excitement in the air, since we were all die-hard U2 Fans. My entourage took up an entire row. To amuse my Irish friends, I even ran up to the screen to try and touch Bono, just like Aunty did recently for U2 in 3D.
And For the highly entertaining Michael Jackson’s This Is It, I posed in the lobby with his life size picture, and let out one excited scream during this electrifying film. My girlfriend put her coat over her face and slid down in her seat when I was moved to yell out… “We love you more Michael!”
I can only imagine how I will carry on when I see one of my scripts playing out on the silver screen…Has anyone done anything similar? Would you want to comment here?

BTW: Aunty loves the movies too. Lately she has been saying to me on the way back to our car, after I ask her if she enjoyed the movie, “I don’t remember what it was about but I know it liked it.”

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