Sunday, February 21, 2010


You Asked

Okay Okay… Ageless Aunty and I have been asked so many times, what are some products we can recommend to our friends and followers. We like this question because truly, we have tried many, and can recommend some great beauty finds. Aunty is not too far from ninety years young, and her skin is glowing! She inspired this Ageless blog. As far back as I can remember Aunty has been using Oil of Olay. She stared with the pink bottle, and now she is using their Regenerist. Glance over the pictures of Aunty on this blog, and you tell me if you think her skin care regime is working.

Some of my faves are… Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Confort to cleanse my face. When I wash my delicate facial skin I treat it like I would the finest lingerie… with care. Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Confort (made with nurturing rose hip oil and soothing Rose de France) is like no cleanser ever. My skin feels like velvet every time I use it. It really is amazing.

My number one beauty dilemma is my hair. It just has a mind of its own, and by now it’s got some serious memory issues (it forgets how to look good naturally). And, lets’ face it, most products don’t deliver. One day while visiting the far away island of Nantucket (everything is better there)… I discovered the Moroccan Oil hair product line. They tame frizz and add shine. They are the only hair products I have continually purchased.

And for the hair on my legs … I have come across a product that makes my skin feel like a baby’s, even after shaving. The product I am referring to is Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream. The pearly pink lather (with aloe and vitamin E) cushions your skin from the razor and apparently keeps out irritation period. I have to hide it from Aunty because she thinks its for her face.The results create a Wow factor.

Would anyone like to share some of your favorite beauty finds? Or let us know how you found any of our suggestions. Please comment here. And, I will be sure to continue highlighting some of our secret beauty treasures throughout this blog… wait till you hear about the miraculous masks we use. Ageless Aunty and I have ourselves convinced we will never get old if we keep using them! They are that good.

AGELESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Forget the Sunday drive or newspaper….. Wash your face, Shave your legs, and Smooth out your hair....with these products you will create your own Day Spa! You will have a better Monday too…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:)

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