Sunday, August 28, 2011


She lives up to the "Amazing" in Amazing Grace

I was spared by hurricane Irene. But I was hit by another strong force. Her name is Grace Kelly. This extraordinary jazz performer just blew me away. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

I cannot sing her praises enough. I was enraptured with every note during her snazzy set at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston this past Thursday night. While most people were preparing for the storm the entire Art audience was wrapped up in a whirlwind all our own thanks to the extraordinary talent of Grace Kelly. She embodies every letter of the word J-A-Z-Z. At the end of the set we all naturally jumped to our feet for a much deserved standing ovation! For this music lover, it will always be a special moment…as I sat awestruck discovering a star. There is no doubt Grace’s ability and talent will soon take her into the stratosphere. I hope she remembers me as one of her early fans!

Miss Grace is 19 years old. She plays the sax, and is also a bandleader, arranger, composer, and singer. At age 14 she played alongside Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops. She has shared the stage with Esperanza Spalding, Wynton Marsalis, and the band James Farm. All things considered, her talent is unmatched.

Lee Konitz, one of Charlie Parker’s contemporaries who recorded with Miles Davis in the “Birth of the Cool” sessions, became one of her closest teachers. She is now unstoppable. Wynton Marsalis says “She has a great amount of natural ability and the ability to adapt that is the hallmark of a first-class jazz musician.” She has even played with Dave Brubeck among countless other greats!

If all the winds, the rains, and the bad news have you down, do something uplifting. When you are not reading Ageless with Aunty, check out this mega-talent Grace Kelly. She is everything a great musician should be AND MORE… She is so swinging cool…

AGELESS TIP OF THE WEEK:  for anyone visiting or living in the Boston area, the Institute of Contemporary Art is a venue well worth any effort to get to. It’s stunning and stimulating. Get away from the tempest…wake up your senses….turn on some Jazz music and check out a vibrant museum….NOTHING LIKE A NATURAL HIGH.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ageless Aunty after her recent doctor's appointment

Her doctor called her "remarkable." He told me I should be "commended" for taking such good care of my 87 year old aunty. I felt a rush of pride and happiness to see Aunty so happy, and to hear a respected doctor say such kind words.

We must give Ageless with Aunty  some credit. "We practice everything we say and do on our blog." I told him. He then said the magic words... "Your blog works." He even took out a picture from one of our posts and told us he used us as an example of  quality elder care, devotion, and good attitude,  in his recent staff meeting. Aunty and I appreciated such an acknowledgement from this sought-after memory specialist.

Ageless Tips: In past visits he had recommended blueberries to possibly help with preserving the memory. We have been eating them almost daily. He emphasized the importance of exercise. Hopefully by now, everyone knows that. Then, he mentioned a little red wine is good too. So, on our way home I stopped in my local wine and spirit shop for a bottle of red. Much to my surprise and utter delight.... I was asked to show my ID! This has not happened in years. I thought the woman was joking, but she was serious. After she looked at it, she told me, "You  look much younger." She than asked "What's your secret?"  I told her it's my blog. "I have a blog called Ageless where Aunty and I live out our secrets to staying young and happy."  She took a look at the two of us beaming and immediately asked for my blog card.

I'll be darn....this blog works!!!! It works if you work it, so work it cause your worth it!
No matter how old or young you are,here, we are all Ageless with Aunty!
"An how"

Monday, August 15, 2011


Am I famous yet? Not so fast....

Is it really summer....because I am working so hard, harder than I have ever worked in all of my life. When I am not tending to my Ageless Aunty, I am gathering information and doing product/market research because I am serious about developing my idea for a product. Not just any product I must add, a product with the potential to be a sensation all around the world! Judging from all the work involved, and mild exhaustion, I bet that the pictures you see of all those entrepreneurs on their yachts or relaxing at their beach house is  probably the only 5 minutes  of rest they're getting. It's all work, and it's constant. I don’t even have the time to blog any more…but, I will not give up Ageless with Aunty.  I love my blog.  I feel more “ageless” with each post. And, I appreciate all your comments when I see you on the streets, the emails, the comments on the blog, and just knowing that others are enjoying what I have to share. Aunty and I promise to continue entertaining (and hopefully uplifting and inspiring) you at least once a week. 
As far as becoming an entrepreneur (by the way my name is in the word, entrep-r-e-n-e-ur) I have come up with what I call a brilliant idea for a spectacular and most unique item. So, I am creating a  business plan to see where this might lead. For anyone who has put a business plan together, you know the work involved.  My life has suddenly  gone in a whole new direction. The potential for my product is phenomenal….the entire concept is growing at vast speeds. When I actually sit still for a moment and hold my little (mock) prototype, and peruse the ad campaign I have created,  I can sense the staggering potential. It is almost scary. That’s why I am literally holding on to my hat!  
 My instincts have me convinced my product idea could be HUGE! I will still keep up the blog (I am after all first and foremost a writer/screenwriter). I am just taking a little detour. I am slipping into my ruby red go-go boots, strapping on an imaginary pair of dream wings, and soaring over a yellow-brick road to bliss. My readers and followers get a front row seat and all access pass to infinite possibilities galore….
We hear it said countless times each day… “Go after your dreams.” If it’s one thing I know how to do in life, it’s just that. My hands may hurt from all the time on the keyboard, and I have had more than my share of rejection, and even had some of my ideas copied, but, I will not give up! I  write this post for anyone considering doing something that their heart tells them they must. Sure, you have to let go of the fear. And, you can’t make excuses. I have full/sole responsibility for my for my 87 year old Aunty, and I am still going forward! There’s plenty of hard work ahead, but, you can enjoy those beach days so much more when you earn them! See you at the top…

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Always reaching for the sky...
There is still plenty of summer left for those who see it that wayJ  And, here are 5 ways to keep it Ageless….
     Go outdoors and hear some live music. Yesterday, I attended the Newport Jazz Festival and it was worth every penny, and the effort to get there (including a short and choppy boat ride). The artists are from all over the world. The vibe is laid-back and cool, and the eclectic crowd is always interesting. I meet music lovers from all over the country. Sometimes I think it's the only time I fully relax all year! And boy do I need that. There's nothing like live music to make a summer's day/night even better.
with friends at JVC Jazzfest

    Get to a beach! I didn't realize what an injustice I was doing to myself by not going to the beach during the summers of 2001 to 2009. For one reason or another I made excuses, didn't have the time, did not want the sun exposure, and did not want to make the effort to pack my car. However when I started going to the beach again (covered in sunscreen) what sheer delight. I think it's the single most de-stressing thing we can do. It's pure fun and pleasure. And what adult in this new millennium can't use some of that? I urge all the followers of Ageless to please get to a beach at least once this summer.   

   Make yourself a St. Germain Cocktail. IN THE foothills of the Alps, for but a few fleeting spring weeks, men will gather wild blossoms for your cocktail. The blossoms in question are elderflowers, and the cocktail a stylishly simple creation made with St-Germain, the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner from freshly handpicked elderflower blossoms. It’s tantalizing if you ask me.

Brew up some lavender ice-tea (one variation above). I am a lavender fanatic. There are many great products on the market that really make good use of this relaxing plant. But, my favorite is my own homemade lavender ice tea. Just buy some organic lavender flowers from Whole Foods (they come in a little tea box) and put a tablespoon or two into a pot of boiling water. After ten minutes, strain the tea, and add some raw, organic honey and let it cool. Put it in a pretty pitcher and add ice. It’s that simple. When I bring this summery concoction to parties or serve to guests, people always ask for more.

      What is summer without a good book? I am reading two, and they are equally fantastic. I would like to suggest Roland Merullo’s The Talk Funny Girl, and Tich Nhat Hanh's and Dr. Lilian Cheung's Savor. The former is a great novel, and the latter is a wise and mindful book about eating and enjoying food.  I know you will enjoy them both. Take a good book to the beach with a batch from scratch of ice-tea. Bring your laptop too so you can read Ageless with Aunty from the balmy shore, with the sand between your toes and lavender on your lips. How apropos….

Hug the Ageless Aunty in your life and every day will be summer

Monday, August 1, 2011


This little light of mine...

Have you ever taken the time to see who you really are? Pick up a picture and take a close look at yourself. Let’s take the above picture for example. When I look at this photo I can see myself clearly. The hat alone shows a funky and creative side.  I have heard people say that it takes a bit of confidence to wear hats. The sunflower in the pink vase shows a lot of color and love of nature. The long faux braid exhibits a fun and whimsical style. The white bathing suit represents someone who respects their body and puts an emphasis on staying healthy. The picture on the table of Auntie and Gracie is just a little reminder of love all over the house. I keep framed pictures and books everywhere. The pink and purple barrettes hopefully show a youthful and playful side. Even the mug of white tea shows a dedication to health. The blue cup itself is revealing. It’s from the meditation center I attend. I am able to look at this snapshot and smile because this one random, unplanned, picture captures my true essence of who I am, and what I am all about. That's a good thing because, i have found that life is just that much easier to handle when we know who we are, and feel good about it.  

Why don't you try it? Examine a fairly recent photo of yourself. What do you see? There has to be something that you like. Perhaps you’re holding a child. Does this make you happy? Is the child smiling? What does this say about who you really are? Maybe you are more caring and compassionate than you are aware of. Are you standing next to someone you love? Maybe this has a lot to do with what's inside of you. Are you holding hands? Are you in love with that person? What colors are you wearing? Are you indoors or out? Are you on a wild ride at an amusement park, zipping through the air? Maybe this shows your true sense of adventure. Could you be petting, or tending to your favorite pet? You might be a profound animal lover making more of God’s creatures happy.

It might take a little courage to really look at yourself, but, take a moment to find what's going on inside of you. Capture it! And let it shine…. (and for some reason if you are not happy with what you see, take a dip in the ocean, wash it away, then start over).

When you are more comfortable and at peace with who you really are, you are more comfortable and at peace with everyone around you. This creates a lot more smiles on the planet. So get those digital cameras out and start snapping away… find out where you may have been hiding some of your beauty. And, if it’s already there, embrace it, enjoy it, and then share it. That way, you’ll get even more. That’s just how it works. God is good.