Sunday, December 6, 2015


Bought for Aunty and Uncle D circa 1980's
I LOVE Christmas so much I just want to scream!!!  And, I all I want to do is share my joy for the season with you.  There truly is no better time of year to connect with loved ones and dear friends. There are so many ways to pause and reflect, and make the most of the holidays.
First of all just keep it simple. I am thrilled just to have a cup of Christmas Tea or Ho Ho Joe Christmas Coffee with my friends and neighbors. I make the time. It’s easy. Just take a deep breath and remember last year at this time when you got so overwhelmed and you promised yourself not to do it again. Well, here is your golden opportunity. So many of us rush, rush, rush, and for WHAT? The season is about giving and spreading joy. It’s about being happy and light at heart.  I think that is why I am so happy at Christmas time. I feel the rest of the world has an opportunity to feel like I do all the time. So, everyone is aligned, and it’s a spectacular feeling. Even those old Christmas Carols that you hear over and over and the cloves in my tea make me giddy! Not to mention tacos, pretzels, and gum drops on my friend's tree.
 Some festive suggestions: Stop by Partridge in a Bear Tree in Newburyport Mass. (And, they are having a grand opening for their second fabulous shop, complete with free champagne punch, at Pickering Wharf in Salem this Saturday, December 12th). It is a guaranteed delight! Tell Kevin Renee sent you.

Just take a look at this place. It is my favorite of favorites…. Partridge in a Bear Tree is so magical you may swoon upon entering…
Decorate your home with love.. For most of us this is easy and so much fun (once it’s done). Order some REAL, original Christmas Tea at Upton Tea. Then sit back and enjoy being home for the holidays….
Christmas inside and out

Custom Design your own Christmas Cards. I do this every year and it’s become a favorite tradition of mine.  Here is one with my beloved late Aunty from the year she passed into heaven. I signed it with love from Renee and her Angel Aunty!
Christmas Card 2011
Sleigh Rides, Strolls, and Horse and Buggy Rides are the best…. Bring your own soundtrack and create what my friends have come to call, “Real Life Movie Moments,” or “Renee-A-Pal-OOZA Christmas.”  

With just a tiny bit of effort and releasing your inner child, Christmas time can really be so much fun and a lot less stressful.  Just pay attention to how your pace yourself and make sure to take some time and a few deep breaths to relax and enjoy what Christmas is really is all about.  I promise you from my heart, you will be glad you did. You may not want to go as over the top as I do, but, rise to the occasion just a little bit and your spirits will go along with you! You might even try keeping that open-heartedness and generosity flowing year to year. NOW THAT IS TRULY AGELESS…
Bless us one and all. Amen!