Sunday, October 25, 2015


"Oh My God! Oh My God!" Those were the only words to come out of my mouth! I mean what other words are there to express the epitome of joy when you are standing face to face with a Beatle?! Yes, you heard that right…A Beatle!  To be more exact, Ringo Starr of the Beatles...

His show this past Friday night at the Boston Wang Center was sold out. I had no ticket.  I showed up at the box office any way. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity when a Beatle comes to your neighborhood. After forty minutes in the cold, and two minutes before curtain my friend and I scored two tickets for forty dollars each (all we had on us). The catch was we couldn’t sit together. My extraordinarily generous friend gave me the 150.00 orchestra ticket! I was getting closer to the dream (to see one of the Beatles up close) beat by beat…

We could hear the music starting and the fans screaming! Before I even had a chance to tell my friend we can share the seats he was gone…way up to his seat in the last row. But, At least we were in, and so I scurried towards my seat.

The first song was the rousing “Matchbox!” It’s fabulous and I vividly remember it from the Beatles Album “Something New!”  I simply could not contain myself and so, instead of going directly to my seat, I made a fast detour down the aisle and stood a few feet away from the stage. In all the sheer excitement (A Beatle in the house) no one stopped me. There I was. Ringo Starr was looking right at me. I was overcome with pure bliss. It was like my shoes had springs and I was standing on stilts. Any more of a natural high might be illegal. That opening song “Matchbox,” brought me immediately back to my youth and Big Time Beatlemania! Then he went right into “It Don’t Come Easy!” Ringo's good karma permeated the place…
The show was super incredible and his “All Starr Band” was stellar.  Each member of his band is famous in their own right. They played some incredible songs from their own bands like O Ye Como Va, and Rosanna, to Todd Rundgren’s I Saw the Light. I just couldn’t sit down. But, we were all there to see and hear Ringo. And, when I say hear, I would have paid money just to HEAR him speak. He’s RINGO!!!!You recognize the voice instantly and your knees go weak.  When he played “Yellow Submarine” and “I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends”…I made a mad dash and leaped towards the stage! I HAD TO PAY MY HOMAGE. In the realm of songs and superstars this was the Big Band!   
Since I stood only a few feet away from Ringo, (see third picture down) I can actually say he saw me standing there! How could he not? I was jumping up and down. And, when I wasn’t screaming, I was bowing and making peace signs. I was in full glee and glory!  It felt like my entire life and the exuberance and reverence I have for the music were condensed in those few minutes. This phenomenal night was all the more special having seen the Beatles (with Aunty and Uncle D no less) when I was eight years old and stayed a fan for the rest of my life. And , there I was all these years later standing before Ringo, AND, indirectly the Beatles, again! I am so grateful.
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Monday, October 12, 2015


Dear Renee…

You have worked so hard on your product development and I know your name is in the word ENTREPRENEUR so,  I AM glad to announce that I am writing you a check for $100,000 so you can bring your product to life and sell it around the world. I wholeheartedly believe in your message. I have even read all your old blog posts and I must say, I love the connection to your late Aunty. Looks to me like you have an angel on your shoulder as you reach for the stars. Your product and its empowering message will make a lot of people happy. I am so glad I ran into you at Ernie Boch’s party (he’s very cool isn’t he) otherwise I may not have had this wonderful opportunity to invest in someone as creative as you. I know you’ve got a First Class and Spectacular Brand Brewing. Thanks Ernie! By the way, I am thinking of asking him to be my running mate. Many say he’s as popular as I am!
at Ernie Boch's Bash
I will have my secretary send out the check today. And, next time I am in Boston I would love to see how your product is coming along. I am sure before you know it you will be featured in Specialty  boutiques, Barney’s, Neiman’s, Yoga Studios, and select catalogs. Make sure you have enough inventory so I can feature your item in select Trump Properties too. This is surely the NEXT “IT” item! Quite frankly, I think it’s the best darn product I have ever seen! I may end up buying every one myself if Oprah doesn't beat me to it. This will be Oprah’s favorite THING EVER! And, I am so sure of it I would be willing to bet a cool billion...

And, last but not least, when your product sells out as I am sure it will, just give me a call and I will send you the cash for more inventory. A hundred thousand dollars is like one buck to me. Or should I say six figures are like ten cents. Either way, I believe in you kid!  You are the hardest working, visionary entrepreneur I have ever met! And, thanks to me, you’ll be bootstrapping and struggling no more. You’ll be tap dancing your way to fame and fortune. Your true destiny! Just don’t forget to give back..

                                                               The Donald

 Thanks Donald, I won’t…..I am working hard, keeping the vision, and following my dream...I plan to uplift, empower and inspire as many people as I can!

This is not a real letter. I do apologize to those of you who may have thought so. It appears TRUE because I clearly visualize someone like Mr. Trump (some smart Angel Investor) coming forward any day now after seeing the Staggering Potential in the Brand I have brewing. However, I did run into Mr. Trump at Ernie's grand party over the summer. And everything about my product is true!

Saturday, October 3, 2015


 I am one of the millions affected by the Pope’s visit to America. Pope Francis (I like to call him Papa Francis) is a man of compassion and humility. He is casting a glow of love and hope all across this country and literally gracing us with his visit. People are moved to tears by seeing him. When I hear his voice I feel like I am hearing the voice of God and goodness. It’s quite humbling and moving. I find myself pulling my chair closer to the TV. I want to be as close as I can get.

This morning I heard journalists praising him. David Brooks said, “Hearts are opened by his visit!” Another declared “Souls are gushing!” And, I heard Andrea Mitchell say we “ Must see his prayer at ground zero.” Pope at Ground Zero

 All this makes me happy. I love to see good energy being emitted across my country and the world. And, something tells me, all kinds of people from all walks of life are being touched by the Holy Father’s presence, actions, and prayers. I am certain, many are making changes in their own lives after witnessing this man’s undeniable goodness and selfless humility. 

What I like best of all about Papa Francis’s visit is what I call the mirror affect. WE can all be like mini-popes. In fact we are. Like him we are human beings. Like him many of us have a strong faith. And like him and most of humanity, we are good at heart. Is there any reason we cannot take it upon ourselves to keep cultivating this love and compassion like he exemplified?  That goodness  and purity DOESN’T HAVE TO STOP when he leaves! Think about continuing where he left off when he boards his plane and waves his holy hand goodbye. Imagine all of us carrying on in our daily lives a bit more Pope-like!" What a wonderful thank you gift to him and each other! Being kind is why we are here. And, for anyone who may struggle or resist becoming a better human being, perhaps we could make a plea to the news stations to continue showing clips of the Pope’s visit to remind us. Seeing is believing.

 Collectively as citizens, human beings, pilgrims, and people, we just have to do more to help each another and take a bit more responsibility for our actions in this life . The Pope brought the word “SERVICE” (a word foreign to many) front and center. He singlehandedly resurrected it!  Now, If everyone who watched the Pope starts becoming more compassionate today, tomorrow, next week, or next year, then that can be our way of continuing the loving momentum that Papa Francis started. He clearly and simply demonstrated that we have the ability of empowering our own humanity. WE cannot leave all the self-sacrificing for him! For me personally, before the Pope’s visit I had already started visiting nursing homes and the elderly and I will continue.  I would like to thank those of you who already are in in synch with the Pope and treating others as you would like to be treated. And, I bow to those of you, like my late Aunty who always put others first! That IS the Holy Spirit...

 Take a moment to reflect on the Holy Father’s voice, his actions, the images, and the goodness in your own heart. My prayer is that we all see the goodness in ourselves and that even more importantly,  we let go of our ego's even a little bit and do more to emulate the Pope by reaching out to those less fortunate. I pray that each one of us can make the world smile in any little or big way we are blessed to do. We can actually raise the good vibrations of this planet. We must keep this glowing goodness going and growing for the sake of every breathing human being in this world today, tomorrow, and eternally. Thank you Papa!

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