Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am not clowning around

I recall my disco days. The moment I stepped into my glittering platform wedgies (about nine inches high) I became a dancing queen. When I was a child, as soon as I slipped on my pink satin toe shoes, I became a ballerina. And when it’s cold outside, my fury, Tecnica boots still make me feel like a snow bunny.

Back in the heyday of the world-famous Studio 54 night club in New York, I distinctly remember the elusive doormen making the decision on who to let in by what shoe the person was wearing.

Even the most beloved stories of our times involve shoes as a significant element…Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were a pivotal part of the story. In Cinderella, the glass slipper is what the prince uses to find his true love, his soul mate. Pop culture has an affinity with shoes…. those Sex in the City girls… love their Manolo’s. Lady GaGa and Jay-Z sing about the sexy footwear. And, I know many women in every day life who look at a man’s shoe before anything else.

Last week, the moment I pranced out of the store in a new pair of chunky, funky, black boots, I got three complements in five minutes. The gushing remarks made me feel good. I have noticed, I take on a whole new persona when I wear them.

Since shoes carry us through life, can define our style, make an impression on others, and even on some level connect with our psyche, we should choose them, like anything else, with care. Because, as silly as it sounds….Shoes Matter…

And for those who prefer to go barefoot, there is a shoe for you too…try the Vivo Barefoot ….

Monday, March 29, 2010





Friday, March 26, 2010


Aunty and her healthy bouquet

Thank you for returning to the blog Ageless with Aunty. However, there are still many of you who ask what a blog is, and why I have one…

A blog is a 21st century tool for communicating, entertaining, ranting, raving, getting political or informing. One goal for most, I would imagine, is to attract readers.

As for me, a writer who wants to get her books published, a blog is one way to get people reading your work (although my blog is not necessarily what my books are about) it can give agents and readers a little taste of who you are. These days a writer must stand out and get noticed. A blog is just one way to do that.

But, this blog has become much more than just wanting to get noticed. I truly enjoy making people laugh, entertaining them, and sharing Ageless Aunty and her antics. Here she is with her bouquet of broccoli (we do practice what we preach). Our blog Ageless is an extension of who we are and what we do. We are sharing our life with you. Due to the response we have been receiving, it really makes us glad to know that we are touching other people’s lives in an upbeat way.

This blog helps me count my blessings even more, by accentuating the positive. When I look at all the pictures just like you do, I say wow, is that really us?! I see a colorful and happy life. Yes, Aunty and I are happy. But, we have been through a lot. The blog is one little way of giving back by sharing our spunk. So in essence, a blog is just a reflection of yourself, what’s on your mind, and in your heart.

I have come up with some new terms to help you understand the Blog World better….

Blog Hog: That would be someone like Aunty who loves to see their face all over someone’s blog.
Blog Blurr: That’s when I can’t see the computer screen because I have been sitting in front of it for twenty five hours preparing these posts. So I apologize in advance for an occasional typo.
Blog Snob: Someone who reads only certain blogs and won’t go near anything with a name like http://www.hickchick.blogpsot.com/.
Behind the Blog: That’s my funky office (with feathered pens, smoky incense, and pictures of moonbeams and Japanese gardens) where this blog begins…

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If Jim Carrey can do it, so can I…

I remember hearing the story about how actor Jim Carey wrote out a ten million dollar check to himself. He believed that one day it would materialize. And we all know it did!

That act of positive thinking and visualization helped make his particular dream come true. Jim’s motivational trick inspired me to do the same. Shortly after I started writing (with the hopes of one day being compensated for my work) I went to the local craft shop and bought a gold star. I put it in my new leather brief case (which was purchased to make me look and feel more like a professional writer) and its’ been there ever since (along with its original receipt and brown bag). I had planned to expose my symbol of success when I sold my first book or screenplay. However, I took the star out today for this picture and to remind myself it’s there. Then, while preparing this post, something pretty amazing happened…

I realized that I should put the star on my door now, so I can see it! What good is it doing in the case? Besides, I am the one who is always saying, live as if you are already there.

Once I place the star in clear sight, like a vision board, maybe my lucky break will come sooner then later. I have already increased the odds of that happening by balancing my dreams with plenty of hard work (including starting a new book, polishing my manuscript, and maintaining and promoting this blog).

Positive thinking and visualization work for everyone. If you have any unfulfilled dreams, put the equivalent of your Gold Star or million dollar check up today…
If Renee Gold & Jim Carrey can do it, so can you!

FYI: In France they call Jim Carrey, Son of Jerry Lewis.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dancing with the cars

Okay, okay, I may not be dancing with the stars, but I am dancing under the stars with the cars! I could not resist this title because tonight is the Season Premiere of the sensational television show Dancing With the Stars.

In keeping with what this blog is about, Where There's A Will There's Renee, and She's Staying Ageless with Aunty... I thought you might appreciate someone just stopping what they are doing to dance on the street! I did just that and what a terrific feeling. My friends followed suit, and soon several of us let our inner child (or is that inner wild woman) free right on the spot. Trish held back, but luckily she captured this picture. The fact that we had lively music streaming from a new car stereo prompted the spree. We pulled over, parked, jumped out, and carried on.

I know not all of you will want to stop what you are doing to go dance on your lawn, or outside your cubicle, but, maybe you could find one of your favorite songs, turn it up, and dance in your seat. Consider, when you get home from work, taking a break from your normal routine with music and movement.

Spring is here, for many of us life is pretty darn great. And if you want to give thanks... put your whole body into it. I have to say, I have not ever seen an old looking dancer. Have you?

From http://www.sixwise.com/
In fact, Mayo Clinic researchers reported that social dancing helps to:
Reduce stress
Increase energy
Improve strength
Increase muscle tone and coordination
Dancing the night away can burn more calories per hour than riding a bike or swimming.
And whether you like to kick up your heals to hip hop, classical or country, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) says that dancing can:
Lower your risk of coronary heart disease
Decrease blood pressure
Help you manage your weight
Strengthen the bones of your legs and hips

Friday, March 19, 2010


Humans in Bloom


I would not be able to do anything that I talk about on this blog, to the depth and degree that I do, like writing, taking care of Aunty, perusing my dreams, and staying Ageless, , if I did not meditate. There are not enough words in the English language to express how deeply meditation touches me. The results from practicing are indescribable.

And, now, only for the readers of this blog, a priceless gift… I am presenting you (on a large silver platter) with the most profound words of wisdom I have come across so far, in my life’s journey… Are you ready… …(Insert Drum Roll, Gong, and Loud Thunder here)…

>*If you go within, you will never go without*<
That’s all I will say for today. I could end the entire blog on that note, but, I won’t. I will be back Monday because I love entertaining you, and I hope to motivate and inspire you too…

Have a mindful weekend. Pay attention how you are living… Don’t be afraid any longer to actually look at things as they are…. Be Compassionate, and try meditation. All you have to do is quiet down for a few moments and simply start paying attention to your breath.

For those already practicing, try even a half day retreat. The results will astound you!

Sat Nam* OM* Peace*

For more information on Meditation:

Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat Zin
Loving Kindness by Sharon Salzberg
Breath by Breath- The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation by Larry Rosenberg
The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


At a recent Fashion Exhibit, to set the mood, at the entrance they had an enormous photograph of Paparazzi. With lots of glaring lights, you couldn’t help but feel like you were famous. It was as if the Cameras were all clamoring for you! They even had the sound of a cheering crowd for the soundtrack. Or was that my imagination? For a moment, I felt like Britney or Madonna…It was pretty surreal. Then, I got an idea…

I took a picture of the Paparazzi Picture. I had it enlarged, and put it on my desk. Talk about the power of Positive Thinking and Visualization! This is as close as you can get to the real thing. What a great way to practice being famous.

When I stare at all these photographers looking at me, imagining being a world famous author on a book tour, I can’t help but think, this has to be what …Fake it Till you Make It Means! How lucky am I to have walked into this picture…

By the way. I will be happy once I start selling my books period. But, world famous author on a book tour sounds better. And, I am being true to myself. I am no shabby dreamer!

Ageless Tip of the Week>Do Whatever it Takes to Start Creating the Life You Want! And don’t Stop Until You Are Living It!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Brit in Blue...
Pictures like this, of Britney Spears in the coat of my dreams, keep me motivated.

In my office, I have the above picture with my face pasted over Britney’s. I see myself wearing that exact coat in my author photo inside my book jacket. This bright, Sky Blue, Designer Masterpiece, sums up my so-called “colorful” personality.
With other images of things I dream about around my home, my life is slowly morphing into the one I have been working hard to create (through years of perseverance and a clear goal). And, when I meet celebrities (like the ones you see, and will continue to see throughout this blog) I have no problem saying hello, because in my mind I am one of them. And with that attitude, soon I will be!

Do you have a vision board? I think they work. Cut out pictures of how you see your life, any dreams, aspirations you have (the more specific, the better). It starts with a vivid image inside of you. Live like you are already there. Then over time, with intention and focus, true confidence and hard work, your dreams will blossom.

When you see me signing books in frilly full feather … you’ll know it works!

BTW: The Dreamy Blue Coat is a Valentino. According to Elle Magazine’s January 2010 issue, the price is “Available Upon Request.” That means I am going to have to sell lots of books….

Saturday, March 13, 2010


You're looking at it!

I opened my refrigerator last night and snapped this picture…

Since you are what you eat…. Aunty and I are nuts (well, not just any nuts, organic almonds and walnuts). We’re granny-smith’s and baby lettuce. We’re sweet potatoes and a bunch of grapes. We’re full of flaxseeds, ripe blueberries, ruby rich grapefruits and passionately pomegranate. We’re supersonic broccoli and plenty of kale. What are you? It matters what’s in there. Open yours and find out.

They call Refrigerators Miracles of Modern Living… So, Plug it in, Fill it up, and … Make it work for you!
You’ll be amazed… We don't look 130 plus do we?


Thursday, March 11, 2010


I Still Can't Believe It

I want to say I met Mega-Star Politician Scott Brown and leave it at that. Do I really need to say more? But, I know my readers, and you will naturally want the whole story. Well, I wish I had one. The way this picture came to be is so straightforward, I almost want to make up something dramatic or madcap. But it went down like this:

My friend invited me to A Rock and Roll Fundraiser (Devi Blue Foundation). The last person we thought would be there was the new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. We were there to see Aerosmith and New England Bluesman James Montgomery. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this tall handsome man. Lucky for us he was headed in our direction. I immediately realized it was Scott Brown. We said hello, made a little small talk. I mentioned the possible basketball game with the President and said he thinks it might happen. Then I just asked him if I could get a picture with him (I knew you might want to see it). He immediately agreed, and my friend took the above shot. Then, he went above and beyond any call of duty, and asked my friend if she would like a picture too. She flipped (she happens to be a Scott Brown supporter)…. And here she is with her man. It is the happiest I have seen Lori in years!!!

Later that evening, when he passed us again, the Senator raised his glass, nodded to us, and gave us a genuinely warm smile. Some might say, oh that’s just politics. But, since this is my blog, I say no, that’s just courteous. Thanks Mr. Brown. You really make us Ageless. Lori and I feel like we are back in high school sitting next to the cutest boy in class. (Will you put us in your memior? The one Harper Collins is going to publish in 2011)

And for anyone wondering what Scott Brown was doing at such an event.... As it turns out, his lovely daughter Ayla sings with James Montgomery.

Monday, March 8, 2010


She is Hogging My Blog...

We all know that sometimes life is not fair…
And that goes for blogs too.

Take this blog for example, here I am a hard working writer (already working endless hours, and seeking representation on my first book, and giving up most of my life to write the second). Due to my animated personality and Chutzpah laden stories (which is what I write about), on the advice of agents, friends, and co-workers, I started this blog (more hard work and effort, not complaining, just stating facts). These days, writers must do more than write. They want us to have an audience before we get published! A blog is one way to do that. And, speaking of an audience, (as far as I have been told) everyone who reads this blog enjoys it. None of this is the unfair part by the way. The problem is…

Once Aunty found out what a computer was and discovered the Internet, seeing those pictures of her all over (what we call a blog) and the reception she gets in the real world since the blog began, she is always asking me to post a new picture and story about her. There is no other way to say it. She has become a Blog Hog! And you heard that term used here first. (Could I have invented it)?

But, since my Motto is Where There’s a Will There’s Renee…my next post will feature me posing with a hot and famous Politician. I may call this blog Ageless with Aunty, but, she is only half of it. The rest of the fun is mine!

Stay tuned as Aunty and I vie for your attention, and the attention of Rock Stars, Politicians, Celebrated Authors, Agents, Actors, and Anyone famous…

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Aunty turns 86...
Today our precious and lovable Aunty turns 86 years young! She was born March 7th 1924! Here she is celebrating with one of her girlfriends half her age. Aunty started the day singing and dancing to some of her favorite songs like Let Me Call You Sweetheart, It Had to Be You, and Oh, You Beautiful Doll. Like Aunty, those songs are Ageless. I cried tears of pure joy seeing Aunty make it to another year, and in such high spirits. She shows no signs of slowing down.

Last week she was banging the drums (See Post The Next Gig). Today she is headed to the Casino. Next weeks her calendar includes Chanting and more Dancing.

When I ask her how she stays so young, she says, “I love everyone, and I’m happy.”

The kind and generous Ageless Guru (Aunty) has agreed to share some of the products, vitamins, and foods that help keep her full of vim and vigor! Believe me, they work! Part of her health and beauty regime will be posted soon. In the mean time…

Happy Birthday to all the March 7 babies…especially those cutting their 86th Birthday Cake today! ~~~~~~~

Friday, March 5, 2010


Renee Gold

I apologize for the repeat picture. I used this one before in the Where There's a Will There's Renee post. However, since it’s Oscar Week, and this is a real Academy Award, I thought it was fitting.

The point I want to make is this…Every time we think a thought, and every time we speak a word, the Universe is responding to us. How we are being matters. If we truly see ourselves reaching our goal, and believe it can be, little by little we live into it. What we see and feel inside will manifest.

As far as my screenwriting and memoir writing goes, I believe this picture is a sign of things to come for me. I see it, feel it, believe it, and can even sense the feeling of walking the Red Carpet. Since I balance these thoughts and beliefs, and visualizations, with lots of hard work, and remain dedicated to a writer’s life, one day I will be recognized for my work. And the words Best Selling Author will precede my name.

Ageless Tip of the Week …Fake it Till You Make It!
And remember, the clearer your dream, the better the Universe can respond. As you sense it, you start to create it.

~And, to follow Aunty and me as we seek Fame, Fortune, and the Foutain of Youth ... You can now subscribe to this blog via emial...it's that simple and it's FREE (because we like you)! Just click to the right.~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The Messenger

When I recently posted about seeing a movie the Renee Way, (check out post get into a movie) my dear friend Helen said, what about going to a movie the Renee Way….
She went on to gush over the extraordinary experience we had regarding the Academy Award Nominated film The Messenger.

We were at a film Festival and needed a ride to the show. We were running late and had no time to spare. This was not NYC, so there were no cabs in sight. Helen had given up and said, "Let’s just go out to dinner instead." I insisted…

“NO, let’s ask someone for a lift. There has to be someone going our way."

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw some funky film types piling into a car. I grabbed Helen’s arm and rushed over to the group. When it was clear that they were going in our direction, I asked if they could drop us off. One of the people in the group responded, “I think we only have room for one more.” Helen spoke right up and said, “Oh we can fit in.” Before we knew it, we were in their van. Now this might seem a bit forward even for me, but something felt right. Once we were all packed in and on our way, my friend started raving about the Film The Messenger, which she had heard a lot about, and was about to see. When the people whose ride we crashed couldn’t stop laughing, it was revealed that we were in the presence of Ben Foster (above left, who plays the lead in the film) and Oren Moverman, the Director and Academy Award Nominated Co-Screenwriter of the Film! After a burst of sheer delight, Helen whispered to me… “I am going to movies with you more often.”

I will admit that my chutzpah, and anything is possible attitude, doesn’t always get me what I want, but, more often than not, it creates a lot of magical experiences like this, and hopefully lays the foundation for a unique and fun blog.

Woody Harrelson (above right) is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the film...

AND my friend Helen Hennigan gets the Award for Best Supporting Chutzpah!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I was just asking not to be phtographed while dining out last night, but, since it is Oscar week, we can view this as my homage to Meg Ryan's famous scene in When Harry Met Sally...

On Wednesday I will post the story of how I managed to meet the Director and leading Actor for the Academy Award Nominated The Messenger.

You don't have to live in Hollywood to be connected to the stars. Followers...Fasten your seat belt, this blog is about to take off.

Here's looking at you kid...