Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am not clowning around

I recall my disco days. The moment I stepped into my glittering platform wedgies (about nine inches high) I became a dancing queen. When I was a child, as soon as I slipped on my pink satin toe shoes, I became a ballerina. And when it’s cold outside, my fury, Tecnica boots still make me feel like a snow bunny.

Back in the heyday of the world-famous Studio 54 night club in New York, I distinctly remember the elusive doormen making the decision on who to let in by what shoe the person was wearing.

Even the most beloved stories of our times involve shoes as a significant element…Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were a pivotal part of the story. In Cinderella, the glass slipper is what the prince uses to find his true love, his soul mate. Pop culture has an affinity with shoes…. those Sex in the City girls… love their Manolo’s. Lady GaGa and Jay-Z sing about the sexy footwear. And, I know many women in every day life who look at a man’s shoe before anything else.

Last week, the moment I pranced out of the store in a new pair of chunky, funky, black boots, I got three complements in five minutes. The gushing remarks made me feel good. I have noticed, I take on a whole new persona when I wear them.

Since shoes carry us through life, can define our style, make an impression on others, and even on some level connect with our psyche, we should choose them, like anything else, with care. Because, as silly as it sounds….Shoes Matter…

And for those who prefer to go barefoot, there is a shoe for you too…try the Vivo Barefoot ….

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